50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #34

50 Tickets

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  • Between Easton Williams and Ryan, Milford should continue in their tradition of being at the forefront of many races
  • Ryan has been a consistent performer for the Mavericks for all three years – Milford doesn’t run many races, but when they do, you can count on Ryan to be sub-17
  • He finished 24th at Oakland County as a freshman, had a bit of a sophomore lull, but came back to finish 15th this time around
  • He followed that up with his best LVC finish, a personal best, then his best State finish
  • Track season showed a break from his usual mid-16 self, with his 9:38 showing he has the capability on the right course to get his way into the 15’s

  • Katie progressed throughout her freshman year from the 21’s to the 20’s, finally finishing with two races sub-20, a solid year, but nothing that would foretell her sophomore explosion
  • In 2019, as the weather turned and the leaves changed, she began dropping copious amounts of times – and the result was more than a minute off her previous best and an All-State honor
  • 2020 was more of the same, as she really just peaks at the right time, setting a personal best in her final race of the year and notching her second consecutive 22nd place finish at MIS
  • Those two races came after a significant gap, in quarantine, and I believe this speaks to her mental toughness
  • Coming off the gap of the missed 2020 track season, she set personal bests in both the 1600m and 3200m, winning championships in both

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