50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #33

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  • Romeo keeps churning them out.  Jackson, Wilson, Yarema, Quinn, Malczewski, and now Clor.
  • Maddy has been great ever since she’s donned the Bulldog uniform, as it only took her two races to break 20:00
  • Her freshman year ended just shy of breaking 19:00, and as a sophomore she made sure she was well under that mark, an 18:26 setting the standard high for the next two years
  • Individually she’s been great, but also a steady runner on a team that’s finished in the top ten the previous two years, and has a great chance of doing that again
  • The track season saw her excel across the board, time-wise in the 1600m, accomplishment-wise in the 3200m (and I think her 11:19 at State is at least 15-20 sec. faster in favorable conditions)

  • Nicholas had a good 8th grade cross country season, nothing spectacular, but he really came into his own during 8th grade track, where he ended up breaking 11:00 in the 3200m
  • That continued into his freshman year of cross, where he ran in the 16’s multiple times
  • All that said, he was not on my radar for 2020, and boy was I wrong
  • Nicholas owned championship season, where he set a massive PB on a fast day at Clintonwood, then on a hot day at MIS, bested even that
  • That State performance was 9 rating points higher than his previous best (or the equivalent of 27 seconds)
  • He was 11th at Oakland County, then the 7th Oakland County kid at MIS
  • He didn’t get the chance to show his state meet greatness in track, but a 9:47 3200m is nothing to scoff at

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