50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #26

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  • Race may take the title as the most unheralded (or perhaps least known to me) runner on this list
  • He’s steadily improved throughout his career, breaking 17:00 at the tail end of his freshman year, getting under 16:30 as a sophomore, then sub-16 as a junior
  • His junior year was riddled with golds – winning at Berrien County, Pre-Regionals, and Regionals
  • And when faced with stiffer competition at the State Meet, he battled to place in the top 15
  • Rating-wise, I love his consistent high-level performances
    • Of the 11 races I computed, 7 were 195+ (sub-16:15 equivalent)

  • Jessica is one of the more accomplished incoming freshmen this year
  • She comes from great bloodlines – her mother, a former state champ and U of M standout, but that doesn’t always mean guaranteed success, as in running, hard work beats talent
  • Among her victories at the middle school level: WMC (XC and Track), Grand Rapids MS Championship, West Michigan MS Championship, Mid Michigan Megastar (Track), and just a whole host of sub-12 cross performances
  • She even stepped up in distance at the Meet of Champions, winning her race in 18:12 (and who knows what she’d have ran if she were pushed)
  • And she steps into a great situation, no pressure to be the lead runner on an already great team

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