50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #25

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  • Covered the family angle with Jazwinski yesterday, the Sharnas clan has their ties to the running community as well
    • Cousin Trevor was an All-Stater for Romeo, brother Sam the same for Holland Black River, and another cousin *might* be featured on here later
  • Max is another guy who’s had accomplishments all throughout high school
  • As a freshman, he was the 3rd runner on a loaded, state champion Saugatuck squad
  • The past two years, he’s contributed to consecutive Top-10 finishes, all while finishing All-State all the time
  • This year, he’s the lone wolf at the front of the Trailblazers’ pack, hoping to lead the team to another prominent finish, this time at the D3 level

  • If you’ve read a few of these descriptions, you know I’m a fan of consistency
  • Lauren embodies just that, not just in a season, but over her career
  • She’s always been in the lead pack at State and she’s always dominated races in the western Wayne County area
  • You name it, she’s won it, whether that be a conference title, county title, or regional title
    • The one thing eluding her is a state title, but if you judge by last year’s finals, that’s well within her grasp
  • Her track season was halted in late April, but as you can see from her past, she’s run the times that make her competitive on a state level
    • I’m fully confident she’ll get back there


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