50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #24

50 Tickets

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Regional Previews

  • Lola is the second of the terrorizing Thomas twins, running at the front of any Flint area meet
  • As with her sister, she burst onto the high school scene as an instant success
  • She broke 20:00 early in 2019, then finished in the Top 10 at SVL, Greater Flint, and Regionals
  • Lola took that success and ran with it, doubling down with an even more impressive sophomore year
  • She won many championship meets (SVL, Greater Flint, Regionals), while her 23rd place finish at MIS helped Grand Blanc finish 13th
  • She also displayed some mile ability last month, getting down to 5:06 for the full mile at the RunningLane Championships

  • Another second contributor of a two-headed monster, Josh Oom will pair with Jordan Domany (and a host of others) as two low sticks for Caledonia
  • Josh was incredibly consistent last year, especially late in the year, with 5 races at 195+ (16:15 or below)
    • His PR was set at OK Red, which I didn’t rate, but was likely another top performance
  • He’s always been a guy to peak at the right time
    • As a freshman, his PR came at Regionals
    • As a sophomore, his PR came at Regionals (Portage too, not a walk in the park)
    • As a junior, his PR came at OK Red
  • If he continues at the same rate, he’ll be in great position for his 2nd consecutive All-State honor

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