50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #23

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Parker has the special combination of always being an exceptional runner, but also putting forth a major breakthrough this spring
  • He’s established a bit of success on the grass – two 14th place finishes at MIS, numerous low-16 performances, and even dipped under 17:00 as a freshman
  • During that freshman year, he was able to show ability in the longer distances on the track, reaching down to 10:09 in the 3200m
  • But in that two year absence, he must have developed some serious speed
  • Parker was able to break both 2:00 and 4:20, the latter of which coming in an exhilarating dual against a runner to be named later
  • Holland Christian is receiving an infusion of young talent this fall and Parker will be counted on to lead them into the D2 fray

  • On the opposite side of the spectrum is Helen Sachs
  • She steps onto a West Ottawa squad rife with upperclass talent and will definitely be a contributor in their quest for November glory
  • Helen first caught my eye as I was doing research for the 2020 season, and was a 7th grader to watch out for
  • Her 8th grade cross year produced numerous results – a few sub-12 races and 2nd place finishes at both West Michigan and Grand Rapids Championships
  • Just as Lambers, she had a breakout track season, reaching times that very few 8th graders reach
  • Amongst her fellow 8th graders, her 3200m was ranked 7th and 1600m 6th

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