50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #21

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Kenny and another stud to be named later form a two-headed monster that could be the best in Division 1
  • It’s been a long journey of growth for him and it doesn’t seem like the end is even in sight
  • He started 2018 in the 18’s and moved into the high-16’s as a sophomore, but exhibited some extreme progress between his sophomore and junior years
  • Kenny dropped his State Meet time from 17:08 to 16:04 and in the process, dropped 134 spots to nab that last All-State prize
  • He can win big races, evidenced by his 1600m win at SVL over another runner to be named
    • He can peak at the right time, his PB coming at MIS, something only 19 of the top 100 boys in Division 1 accomplished
  • His regional meet didn’t go so hot as he was spiked in the 1600m and I believe he lost his shoe, but I’m sure that experience has fueled his summer training

  • Eliza has shown she both has the speed and endurance to make a mark at the HS level
  • Her 2:24 800m in track ranks #26 nationally amongst 8th graders and is #15 in Michigan over the past 5 years
  • Her 19:05 at the Meet of Champions lends evidence to the fact that she can move up in distance
  • And she’s been purely dominant at the 2 mile cross country distance when compared to her peers
    • Her 12:28 at Sharp Park is the fastest girls MS time that I can find, the only one coming close was Meg Scheske, who broke 19:00 as a freshman and was a 3x All-Stater
    • At the Hudson Mills South Course, she was the 2nd fastest athlete of both girls AND boys

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