50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #20

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  • When you’re a student of the sport and gradually pour in work throughout time, the results will come
  • Jennie (and Owen) are great examples of that
  • In middle school, she wasn’t spectacular, but as a freshman in track, she showed some promise, running 5:36 in the 1600m
  • That carried over into cross, which carried over to this past season, and boom: consistent mid-18’s
  • Her steadiness was astounding, of her 11 races I rated, only one was below 140 (19:00) equivalent, with a great amount near the 18:30 range
  • She also saved her best for last, running a PB at the Meet of Champions and an All-State performance at MIS
  • That peak also occurred in track, where she ran a 12 second PB on the most blistering day of the year
    • I’ve said this with others, take off 10-15 seconds with the heat, she’s easily sub-10:45 in good conditions
  • She’ll be counted on as a steady hand with a young(er), but traditionally great Northville squad that will surprise many as the year wears on

  • Kids like Owen are why you win state championships
  • Romeo last year was a team that relied heavily on their top 5, and in order to win that way, it puts a ton of pressure on your 4th and 5th runners
    • (If an All-State kid has a bad day, that’s a few places – if it’s your 4th/5th, it could be a death knell for your hopes)
  • What did Owen do?  Personal best and highest rated race of the year
  • After all this, you may think he’s just a glue guy, but then he goes and runs 9:26 in track
  • The 9:26 was no fluke either, as he had 5 sub-9:40 performances (one of those at the State Meet, once again much faster in optimal conditions)
  • Hard to believe that just in 2019, he was dominating the JV races, but Romeo just encourages hard work and develops talent over and over and over

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