50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #18

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Pioneer has finished in Division 1’s Top Ten for each of the past three years and in each of those years, Owen has competed for them at MIS
  • Individually, those races may not have gone the way he’s hoped, but his running has helped them with their immense team success
  • His past two years on the cross course have just been rife with superb times, four times he’s broken 16:00
  • And he’s finished top 5 at both Regionals and SEC Red those years
  • His outdoor season was cut short by injury, but he was able to nab a 4th place finish at the MITS 3200m in March

  • Clara is here because of her sheer dominance and legendary training
    • Seriously, head out to the beaches of Bridgman this summer and I guarantee you’ll find her running hill sprints on those sand dunes
  • Part of what gives a runner a high rating is what they run in relation to their competition, and Clara’s closest(!) race had a 37 second gap between her and 2nd place
  • In terms of time, she’s got that, with that 8:53 effort at Berrien County and low-12 efforts at New Buffalo and Riverview Park
  • Historically, she stacks up as well, as my quick athleticnet research shows that no one has touched her times at:
    • River Valley – her best 8:53, others best 9:28
    • New Buffalo ES – her best 12:03, others best 13:32
    • Riverview Park – her best 12:10, others best 12:37 (and this one goes back 8+ years)
  • Bridgman has a rich recent history and I’m excited to see how she performs for the Bees

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