50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #15

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  • I’m not sure what happened to Madison between the fall of 2019 and fall of 2020, but I know her precipitous time drops weren’t on accident
  • During her first two years in HS, she learned the ropes from vets such as Brooke Hinkelman and Bella Johnson, where she was the 4th/5th runner on a squad that twice made it to MIS
  • In 2020, she burst into the lead runner role for Bedford and never looked back
  • She opened the season with a PB, broke 19:00 soon after, then shattered 18:00 soon after that
  • In the end, she ended up dropping over 1:30 from her previous best (as a freshman) and on the way, garnered a top-10 finish at State
  • That same trend continued into track, where she knocked almost 30 sec. off her 1600m and exactly a minute off her 3200m best
  • Will we see more progress?  I wouldn’t be shocked.

  • Last summer, Tyler Pritchett messaged me with a bold prediction – that Matt was gonna shock some people
  • Lo and behold, he was right, all the way to a 17th place finish at State
  • Matt is another example of a kid who must’ve made the most of the lost 2020 spring season
  • As a freshman and sophomore, he was in a similar boat to Madison, running in the 17’s, a solid runner, but nothing that predicted his recent success
  • His junior year began with a PB and soon he was solo’ing 16:0x’s
  • When the competition heated up in late October, so did he, breaking 16:00 in a 2nd place finish to a runner to be named later
  • By the end of the year, he had dropped a whole 1:06 of his 2019 best
  • And as with Madison, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him continue in that positive direction

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