50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #8

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Drew stepped onto an EGR rich with tradition and success, and contributed right off the bat
  • She was a middle school sensation and wasted no time establishing herself at the high school level, stomping past the 19:00 barrier in her first race at Pete Moss
  • She eventually broke through into the 17’s and finished in the Top 5 at MIS
  • In track, she seemed to have found a home in the 1600m, her 4:55 ranking 9th in Michigan
  • She once again put it together in championship meets, taking home crowns at OK White and Metro Health, along with anchoring a 2nd place finish in the 4×8 and an 8th spot in East Kentwood
  • She’s one of three(!) EGR girls in this top 50, and the lead runner on a squad that looks to reclaim their D2 title

  • You’ll see it this year from names you wouldn’t expect, the sophomore leap in mid-October
  • For Luke, this happened in 2019, when he dropped from 16:30’s to 16:00’s during championship season
  • He narrowly missed an All-State honor that year, but forcefully underwent the same progression last October
  • By the end of his junior year, he was running well into the mid-15’s, winning regional titles and capturing All-State certificates
  • Luke continued that descent into track, hitting 4:15/9:18, and with the continued time drops, I expect him to be in the low-15’s for sure (if not faster)

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