50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #6

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Jack’s had a lot of predecessors that have paved the way
    • His father was a standout runner for Macomb CC
    • His teammates: Schwartz, Wilson, Cobb, Rinke
    • Even those in the area: Nicoletti, Brandenburg
  • But now it’s his time to shine
  • Speedy consistency was his number one attribute in 2020 – of the 9 races he ran, 6 were sub-16
    • And that Hansons Invite was definitely sub-16 quality
  • He ratcheted things down in late October, reaching the low 15:30’s at Regionals, then redeeming himself from the previous year with an All-State finish (and team title)
  • In track, he showed that he’s an endurance god, running 9:12 off of “only” a 4:25 1600m best
  • Romeo’s quest for back to back titles depends on their 4th/5th runners, but you know you can count on him in Brooklyn

  • I observe many interactions throughout the state and I can say one thing for certain – the people of Mason LOVE their Meghan Ford
  • With that support system in place and the talent she possesses, no wonder she had a marvelous freshman campaign
  • In the early season, she quietly went about her business, and then rose to the occasion once October hit, with three sub-18 performances
  • And on a day where many fell apart, she held her own in no-man’s land, running 18:18 to finish 2nd at MIS
    • Which given the heat and conditions, was another sub-18 equivalent
  • The spring saw many more championship level performances, where she picked up crowns at CAAC Red, Greater Lansing Honor Roll, and Region 15
    • And also nabbed a 3rd place finish in the 3200m at State
  • Those championship races will be a great experience that she’ll have in her corner when early November rolls around

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