50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #3

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  • In Molly Seidel’s post-race interview last night, she mentioned that she stuck her nose where it didn’t belong, and that’s what I see in Lani, dauntless in her pursuit of greatness
  • After her sophomore year of XC, she wasn’t supposed to be here – she was a good runner, but state title winning, probably not
  • But she found a rhythm in training that led to an extraordinary leap in her performances
  • In that sophomore track campaign, she won an indoor State title, broke 10:30, and even went under 60 in the quarter
  • She carried that into cross, with multiple sub-18 performances, Regional and TVC titles
  • And then doubled down on that outstanding track campaign, breaking Ithaca records, winning state titles, and competing at the national stage in Eugene
  • Her MIS performances haven’t gone her way, but there isn’t anyone better suited to face adversity from the past
  • Last thing, take a look at that range – this girl can do it ALL

  • I love that we’ve come to a time in Michigan distance running that a sub-9 returner is unheralded, but here we are
  • Caleb has been a part of a Pinckney squad that’s steadily been reloading and is primed for championship-level success in November
  • He came into his own with that patented sophomore leap, breaking 16:00 for the first time at Portage in 2019
  • Pinckney moved down to Division 2 last fall, and Caleb was able to forcefully make himself known there, finishing 2nd at MIS
  • His track season is a large reason why he’s here, especially New Balance and State
  • That 3200 was one with the usual suspects – Jones, Hough, Walker, Kessler, and it would’ve been easy to hang off that pack and let them go, but he stuck his nose in there as well, and we’re all grateful for the result
  • The State Meet showed his mental resolve, many didn’t triple, and those that did, many didn’t have the races they wanted
  • Caleb was All-State in three events, and I have to imagine the confidence from sticking in there late into his 16 laps that day will benefit him in the final 1000m at MIS

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