2021 Ratings: Alliance League 1

I plan on using jamborees and other league meets (but no duals/tris, often too small a field) this year, which should add to the number of kids covered here.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?

Girls Adjustment: -18
Boys Adjustment: -20

10Emma DeVries20:06.4GR West Michigan Aviation123.9
11Belinda Vrielink21:05.7GR West Michigan Aviation104.1
11Kayla Barna21:30.4GR West Michigan Aviation95.9
11Lily LaBurn21:37.1Holland Black River93.6
10Ivy Andreas22:00.0The Potter’s House86.0
10Tatum Dykstra22:11.4Fruitport Calvary Christian82.2
9Hannah Geaney22:17.7The Potter’s House80.1
12Jadyn Comer22:52.9Grand River Preparatory68.4
9Desiree Huitron23:19.4Wyoming Lee59.5
9Ava Wilson23:23.8Fruitport Calvary Christian58.1
11Meigan Lanning23:31.7GR West Michigan Aviation55.4
10Nora Ballard23:32.8Holland Black River55.1
12Amber Fenton23:41.0Wyoming Lee52.3
11Makenna Tryko24:04.4GR West Michigan Aviation44.5
11Camille Wolbrink24:29.7Holland Black River36.1
11Addison Turk24:46.8GR West Michigan Aviation30.4
11Cheri Dykstra24:57.7Holland Calvary Christian26.8
11Marysol Vega25:15.3Wyoming Lee20.9
11McKena Wilson25:16.3Fruitport Calvary Christian20.6
10Samara Suwyn25:17.0The Potter’s House20.3
10Rebecca Evenhouse25:44.0Grand River Preparatory11.3
9Savannah Thelen25:47.7Holland Black River10.1
10Sydney Amondson25:50.5The Potter’s House9.2
9Ayla Meier26:01.6Holland Black River5.5

11Lezawe Osterink17:01.6The Potter’s House186.2
11Jack DeVries17:43.4GR West Michigan Aviation172.2
12Nolan Meier18:21.0Holland Black River159.7
11Logan Swiney18:43.6The Potter’s House152.1
11Roger Hernandez18:45.8Holland Black River151.4
12Ethan Cammenga19:06.5Fruitport Calvary Christian144.5
10Connor O’Donohue19:13.9GR West Michigan Aviation142.0
12Caleb Ewald19:24.9Holland Black River138.4
12Charles Dann19:35.2GR West Michigan Aviation134.9
9Luke Hemker19:42.0GR West Michigan Aviation132.7
10Noah Finton19:46.1The Potter’s House131.3
12Elijah Kloosterman19:51.5GR West Michigan Aviation129.5
12Nicholas James19:52.6GR West Michigan Aviation129.1
10Trevin Flynn19:53.1GR Wellspring Prep129.0
12Jack Davis19:54.0Holland Black River128.7
12Matthew Koeman20:04.6Holland Black River125.1
11Caleb Kooyer20:10.2The Potter’s House123.3
10Blake Huitema20:10.8GR West Michigan Aviation123.1
11Luke VanderGriend20:12.8The Potter’s House122.4
9Nathan Oki20:44.8GR West Michigan Aviation111.7
10Bryson Van Ryn20:45.4GR West Michigan Aviation111.5
11Oscar Sosa20:55.0Wyoming Lee108.3
12Daniel Fenton20:59.9GR West Michigan Aviation106.7
12Abram White21:00.8Holland Calvary Christian106.4
9Owen Stimer21:02.8Holland Black River105.7
10Junior Tovar21:12.9Grand River Preparatory102.4
11Carlos Hernandez-M…21:16.6Wyoming Lee101.1
11Zechariah Rubingh21:27.6The Potter’s House97.5
9Isaac Edgington21:43.1Holland Black River92.3
9Reed Osterink21:44.8The Potter’s House91.7
11Ethan Uminn21:51.0Grand River Preparatory89.7
9Oscar Armijo21:52.9Grand River Preparatory89.0
11Robert Fletcher Tu…22:03.8GR West Michigan Aviation85.4
10Timothy Olson22:05.4Fruitport Calvary Christian84.9
9Gabe Van Baale22:06.3Fruitport Calvary Christian84.6
11Brandon Lopez-Rebo…22:14.0Wyoming Lee82.0
9Bond Smith22:33.3GR West Michigan Aviation75.6
9Jack Brown22:35.3GR West Michigan Aviation74.9
12Vinny Vielma22:39.9Grand River Preparatory73.4
9Nicholas Wynsma22:48.6GR West Michigan Aviation70.5
12Hayden Kimble22:51.1GR West Michigan Aviation69.6
11Jonathan Lundberg22:53.7The Potter’s House68.8
9Ethan Belmonte23:01.5GR West Michigan Aviation66.2
12Benjamin Meekhoff23:06.7GR Wellspring Prep64.4
9Abraham Jager23:11.2GR West Michigan Aviation63.0
12Jose Maya23:27.1Wyoming Lee57.7
10Jaiden Baez23:36.2The Potter’s House54.6
9Caleb Thamban23:38.4GR West Michigan Aviation53.9
11Wesley Vis24:16.0GR West Michigan Aviation41.3
9Isaiah Post24:18.1The Potter’s House40.6
12Raekwon Liburd24:30.2Grand River Preparatory36.6
11Bradyn Goossen24:34.1Holland Calvary Christian35.3
9Timothy Waldron24:42.1GR West Michigan Aviation32.6
11Joachim Gilbert25:00.5GR West Michigan Aviation26.5
9Gavin Martin25:03.3Grand River Preparatory25.6
9Nathan Waldron25:03.5GR West Michigan Aviation25.5
12Joel Pablo25:25.5Wyoming Lee18.2
11Max Lawrence25:29.5GR West Michigan Aviation16.8
10Owen O’Droski25:39.4GR West Michigan Aviation13.5
12Jose Pinnacho25:53.8Wyoming Lee8.7
9Adlai Kersey26:02.8GR West Michigan Aviation5.7
9Carlos Flores26:16.6Wyoming Lee1.1

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