Anchor Bay Early Bird

Uh, Lake Orion boys look very good…

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?

Girls Adjustment: -4
Boys Adjustment: -12

12Cora Kolodge19:46.3Anchor Bay125.9
9Addison Verlinden20:58.4Lake Orion101.9
12Alexandra Boes21:06.1Lake Orion99.3
9Grace Grupido21:12.7Fraser97.1
12Emily Plouff21:29.1Fraser91.6
12Catie Dusenberry21:47.8Algonac85.4
11Helana Napiorkowski21:55.5Austin Catholic82.8
11Anna Holloway22:10.2Fraser77.9
10Lauren Dumeah22:34.6Lake Orion69.8
12Kendall Osborne22:43.2Lake Orion66.9
9Raelyn Brady23:01.6Anchor Bay60.8
12Serena Arnold23:11.2Anchor Bay57.6
11Carlie Woolm23:22.7Anchor Bay53.8
12Shannon McMenamin23:38.3Fraser48.6
10Lauren Thomas23:47.6Anchor Bay45.5
12Alayna Tisch23:55.6Lake Orion42.8
10Lydia Martoni24:24.4Fraser33.2
11Hope Conley24:31.3Lake Orion30.9
9Luciana Rodriguez24:37.9Fraser28.7
12Amanda Usrey24:39.7Anchor Bay28.1
10Katie Broth24:48.9Lake Orion25.0
9Katie Cairney24:50.4Fraser24.5
10Remi Flanz25:09.4Fraser18.2
9Gabrielle Miller25:18.5Fraser15.2
11Lauren Radtke25:23.4Anchor Bay13.5
11Lauren Head25:26.1Lake Orion12.6
12Heidi Schuster25:34.0Lake Orion10.0
12Emily Kalaj25:40.9Anchor Bay7.7
11Madison Merrell25:42.6Lake Orion7.1
10Peyton Mikolayek25:53.2Port Huron Northern3.6

12Adam Hafeli16:26.9Lake Orion195.0
12Clayton Kuiper16:37.7Lake Orion191.4
12Hong Bing Tang16:43.7Lake Orion189.4
11Justin Roose16:53.0Fraser186.3
11Luke Peardon17:07.7Lake Orion181.4
12Will Houvener17:11.7Lake Orion180.1
12Ronnie Leonard17:44.1Lake Orion169.3
10Zachary Rubicz17:52.1Anchor Bay166.6
11Eddie Cromwell17:55.7Lake Orion165.4
10Thomas Westphal17:58.4Anchor Bay164.5
9Samuel Lopez18:13.1Lake Orion159.6
10Tyler Donovan18:18.3Fraser157.9
10Aidan Leslie18:26.2Anchor Bay155.3
11Nathan Yee18:31.5Lake Orion153.5
11Connor Steepe18:32.2Fraser153.3
9Blake Peardon18:44.5Lake Orion149.2
10Drake Demaris18:45.7Warren Cousino148.8
12Jacob Corless19:07.8Lake Orion141.4
10Michael Drakos19:08.5Lake Orion141.2
11Ryan Lee19:12.1Anchor Bay140.0
11Brady Harwood19:15.3Lake Orion138.9
9Raymond Lucero II19:15.4Lake Orion138.9
10Jack Logsdon19:18.9Lake Orion137.7
11Ben Filias19:24.5Lake Orion135.8
11Samuel Wenzel19:26.0Austin Catholic135.3
11Horacio Lopez19:30.3Lake Orion133.9
10Alexie Lauren19:32.7Lake Orion133.1
11Andrew Thomson19:35.3Fraser132.2
11Nathan Havrilla19:37.9Lake Orion131.4
10Brady Mayer19:50.2Port Huron Northern127.3

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