2021 Ratings: CAAC White 1

Got a few special requests to get this one out tonight. I kinda love these obviously short courses, it’ll give me a leg up in my MIXCSR vs. athletic.net hypothetical battle at regional/state time.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?

For all of these mid-week jamborees, I’ve been using the reference runner method. Graphing it out requires a good blend of D1-D4 teams, conference meets are usually segmented by division or enrollment.

On average, comparing against their ratings throughout the year, runners here ran about 95 seconds faster. Taking out anomalies, finding the most accurate line, emitted ratings of:

Girls Adjustment: +68
Boys Adjustment: +67

11Hannah Pricco18:51.6Lansing Catholic120.1
11CC Jones18:52.3Lansing Catholic119.9
10Tessa Roe18:52.5Lansing Catholic119.8
12Maddie Hanulcik19:16.3Ionia111.9
11Emmie West19:40.2Lansing Catholic103.9
10Sydney Thompson19:43.5Eaton Rapids102.8
11Clara Deeren20:38.6Ionia84.5
12Alyssa Williams20:52.7Charlotte79.8
12Hailey Prokop21:21.8Lansing Catholic70.1
9Isabel Doerr21:41.1Lansing Catholic63.6
9Zoe Hankey21:50.3Eaton Rapids60.6
9Taylor Crow22:00.5Eaton Rapids57.2
10Sienna Eaton22:06.2Eaton Rapids55.3
12Elise Crossman22:18.5Charlotte51.2
11Megan Leneman22:19.2Ionia50.9
12Hannah Rouse22:26.6Eaton Rapids48.5
10Aubrey Norder22:38.7Eaton Rapids44.4
11Zee Simpson22:44.1Lansing Catholic42.6
10Hailey Alward22:47.8Charlotte41.4
11India Doerr23:02.0Lansing Catholic36.7
12Adela Migan23:09.5Lansing Catholic34.2
11Anna Guerin23:11.7Charlotte33.4
10Evey Arleth23:11.8Portland33.4
9Isabelle Goodrich23:17.7Charlotte31.4
12Nora Coffey23:22.1Lansing Catholic30.0
9Megan Schulte23:43.7Lansing Catholic22.8
12Elaina Volk23:52.5Portland19.8
11Elaine Kutas24:05.3Lansing Catholic15.6
11Maya Estell24:09.4Portland14.2
11Hailey DePeel24:20.2Eaton Rapids10.6
10Eva Quimby24:30.7Charlotte7.1
12Paige Campbell24:33.1Ionia6.3

12Josiah Magley15:20.7Ionia190.8
11Koda Brandt15:47.2Charlotte181.9
12David Pruder15:58.6Lansing Catholic178.1
12Heath LaPointe16:16.4Ionia172.2
10Jacob Montgomery16:28.5Ionia168.2
12Cameron Haraburda16:46.6Lansing Catholic162.1
12Josh Frary16:55.1Lansing Catholic159.3
12Andrew Gerdes17:06.6Ionia155.5
10Ellis Yokom17:10.9Ionia154.0
9Jack Huntington17:32.7Eaton Rapids146.8
10Tyson Evans17:42.8Ionia143.4
9Drew Holevac17:50.0Eaton Rapids141.0
9Carter Buckingham17:50.1Eaton Rapids141.0
12Chris Copeland17:51.3Eaton Rapids140.6
10Stephen Fair17:55.0Lansing Catholic139.3
9Drew Tolfree18:09.2Lansing Catholic134.6
9Brandon Huntington18:09.2Eaton Rapids134.6
10Elijah Nevins18:12.4Lansing Catholic133.5
11Hudson Schinkel18:13.6Eaton Rapids133.1
12Sam Bruinsma18:17.4Charlotte131.9
9Danny O’Brien18:22.5Eaton Rapids130.2
12Riley Husted18:33.6Ionia126.5
9Noah Worden18:34.3Eaton Rapids126.2
12Demetri Davis18:40.3Ionia124.2
11Gabe Chapates18:42.4Eaton Rapids123.5
12Xander Lange18:44.2Ionia122.9
12Tommy O’Brien18:44.3Eaton Rapids122.9
12Andrew Frary18:45.4Lansing Catholic122.5
11Peter Dudley18:56.3Lansing Catholic118.9
12Jonathan Williams19:01.6Charlotte117.1
12Jake Martinez19:02.9Eaton Rapids116.7
11Tomas Rampe19:07.1Lansing Catholic115.3
10Brody Collins19:23.2Eaton Rapids109.9
10Lucas Chamberlin19:27.7Charlotte108.4
11Logan Weicht19:32.0Charlotte107.0
9Daniel Rodriguez19:34.1Charlotte106.3
12Cody Sobleskey19:34.2Charlotte106.3
11Alex Pratt19:39.3Charlotte104.6
12Ben Wasmus19:39.7Portland104.4
11Frederic Moreau19:49.2Lansing Catholic101.3
11Avery Jones20:11.7Eaton Rapids93.8
12Owen McManus20:12.4Eaton Rapids93.5
10Alex Bushee20:13.3Ionia93.2
9Brody Sandborn20:40.6Portland84.1
9Brenden Slanker20:41.4Charlotte83.9
11Malachi Shakoor20:42.0Lansing Sexton83.7
9Cody Bencovsky21:24.8Eaton Rapids69.4
11James Childs21:41.9Lansing Sexton63.7
11Drew Linsley21:57.5Charlotte58.5
10Lincoln Denis22:02.7Ionia56.8
10Devin Spitzley22:33.4Portland46.5
9Justin Nelson23:33.9Charlotte26.4

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