2021 Ratings: TVC West #3

Girls Adjustment: -11
Boys Adjustment: -6


Lani Bloom, Ithaca: She caps her TVC West XC career off with 11 consecutive victories. Would be easy to rest her for the big meets, but she’s out here racking up win after win.

Landon Pestrue, St. Louis: The Sharks have the benefit of relying on a few people for their 5th spot. Gives them added protection in case of a subpar day, but also gives them more chances for a breakout race. Something to watch as championship season rolls on.

12Lani Bloom18:47.9Ithaca147.7
12Libby Munderloh20:18.2St. Louis117.6
12Mikenna Borie20:18.9St. Louis117.4
10Jaiden Dickman20:19.5St. Louis117.2
12Rachael Sierakowski20:32.3Ithaca112.9
10Liliana Lehnst20:59.6Ithaca103.8
10Claire Neumann21:17.9Saginaw Valley Lutheran97.7
9Karisa Deacons21:39.8Ithaca90.4
12Sela Delgado21:55.0St. Louis85.3
9Isabella Curry22:15.9Hemlock78.4
11Jenna Abell22:16.2St. Louis78.3
11Autumn Wakefield22:23.7Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary75.8
10Monika Borie22:45.3St. Louis68.6
11Payton Kuhn22:50.2St. Louis66.9
12Kylea Braman23:07.8Ithaca61.1
9Hayden Whitmore23:10.5Ithaca60.2
12Alexandra Schroeder23:26.3Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary54.9
11Laney Pestrue24:16.9St. Louis38.0
9Emmalee Shankel24:31.5Ithaca33.2
10Sarah Kober24:54.9Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary25.4
9Emma Samborn25:06.9Saginaw Valley Lutheran21.4
12Clara Gross25:15.2Saginaw Nouvel18.6
11Rylee Bentley25:16.7Standish-Sterling18.1
12Madison Martin25:21.4Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary16.5
10Natalie Lemert25:32.7St. Louis12.8
10Amelia Rivera25:42.1Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary9.6
11Cara Eschmann25:46.2Saginaw Valley Lutheran8.3
10Kyrie Rames25:50.6Hemlock6.8
9Grace Steiger25:53.0Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary6.0
9Brianna Smaltz25:55.2Midland Bullock Creek5.3
11Madeline Miller26:04.1Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary2.3

11Parks Allen16:56.2Ithaca183.3
12Espen Lehnst16:59.6Ithaca182.1
10Ben March17:16.8St. Louis176.4
12Nate March17:32.5St. Louis171.2
12Aaron Bowerman18:01.4St. Louis161.5
11Dylan Marr18:20.6St. Louis155.1
9Landon Pestrue18:24.0St. Louis154.0
9Rodney Iamurri18:27.4Saginaw Nouvel152.9
9Colin Kuhn18:35.3St. Louis150.2
12Nolan Woodman18:41.5Ithaca148.2
11Thomas Zacharko18:45.4St. Louis146.9
12Hector Sanchez18:52.3Ithaca144.6
12Conor Mikulka18:52.5Ithaca144.5
12Keegan Ouillette19:08.7Ithaca139.1
12Grant Tilmann19:17.2Midland Bullock Creek136.3
10Brody Davis19:32.3Hemlock131.2
12Craig Bebow19:41.1St. Louis128.3
12Will Erickson19:46.3St. Louis126.6
10Jeffery Harden19:50.1Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary125.3
11Hunter Lalonde19:54.6Standish-Sterling123.8
12Conner Daniels20:09.3St. Louis118.9
11Caleb Munson20:10.4Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary118.5
11Devyn Whitford20:10.6Ithaca118.5
12Walker Aldrich20:31.2St. Louis111.6
9Camden Fager20:37.5Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary109.5
10Mathew Johnston20:42.2Hemlock107.9
11Jacob Inman20:42.5Midland Bullock Creek107.8
12Alex Baxter20:51.1St. Louis105.0
11Dominic Gilman20:52.7St. Louis104.4
9Brent DeSaegher21:02.9Ithaca101.0
9Jake Rodammer21:23.6Millington94.1
12Hunter Salladay21:24.3St. Louis93.9
10Landon Davis21:24.8Ithaca93.7
10Zach LaMont21:45.9Saginaw Valley Lutheran86.7
9Michael Passalaqua21:50.7Ithaca85.1
11Silas Schultz21:54.6Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary83.8
12Demetrius Alspaugh21:55.8St. Louis83.4
11Jesus Ramirez22:03.2Carrollton80.9
12Joshua Hecht22:08.1Saginaw Valley Lutheran79.3
11Dennis Schaffer22:12.8Hemlock77.7
11Gavin Girard22:13.0Saginaw Valley Lutheran77.7
12Kelvyn Kelly22:21.7Midland Bullock Creek74.8
10Ethan Schmidt22:34.2Saginaw Valley Lutheran70.6
9Isaiah Kramp22:50.1Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary65.3
12Alden Rodammer22:57.3Millington62.9
11Carter Wells23:14.0Midland Bullock Creek57.3
10David Hensler23:15.1Hemlock57.0
10Alec Briggs23:25.3Hemlock53.6
11Bryan Schwarz23:34.1Saginaw Valley Lutheran50.6
11Joe Kramp23:37.5Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary49.5
9Tanner Wesener23:50.7Hemlock45.1
11Hayden Rondy23:54.8Hemlock43.7
11Dylan Luft24:23.7St. Louis34.1
11Thomas Kolleth24:39.1Saginaw Nouvel29.0
12Noah Kelly24:46.3Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary26.6
10David Wang25:08.5Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary19.2
11Kyle Loeffler25:13.3Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary17.6
11Sam Scharrer25:13.7Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary17.4
12Daniel Curtis25:53.0Millington4.3
10David Scherschel25:59.7Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary2.1

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