50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #50

Ohhh, we’re back up and running on these. The title is influenced from the guys at MGoBlog, who use it to sift through the various players projected to start for Michigan. Here, I’m using it to count down whom I project to be the top 50 returners heading into the 2022 season.

This is partially a ranking, but partially not. Yes, there are measurables for how much the typical runner improves from year to year and the same for what ratings a runner can achieve given their track season. Both are factored in here. The runners are ranked from whom I project to be the 50th fastest returner to the fastest.

These posts are about much more than rankings. Consider them a celebration of the sport and a celebration of our great athletes. When August rolls around, it ain’t gonna matter who was ranked where. On the other hand, I can’t let a summer speed by without mentioning the outstanding runners that make up our sport. If you’re not included in the top 50, there’s a very good chance I’ll give you a shoutout in either the regional previews or top teams.

  • One in the line of many Mellings who have taken on the sport
    • Brothers Garrett and Landon are Hanover-Horton legends, All-Staters, Garrett running for Davenport now and Landon making a name for himself in the announcing realm
  • As a freshman, he was a key contributor, the 3rd runner, on their State Title squad
  • Rogan has been extremely consistent throughout his career, you’ll notice very few poor performances in big races, almost all championship races are a season best or close to one
  • His cross times have slowly been trending downwards, reaching his lowest time in the last official race of the 2021 season, a 16:14 at State
  • A similar trend occurred in track by an even greater margin, his 9:42 victory at the Selby Classic was nearly a 20 sec. personal best

Throughout The Years

(Ratings throughout time. You’ll notice that I track more data as the years have gone on, date and actual race time weren’t a thing on the MIXCSR sheets back in the day.)

11Rogan Melling16:50.6189.5Harper Creek OptimistHarper Creek HS28-Aug
11Rogan Melling16:39.6182.8HillsdaleOwen Memorial Park1-Sep
11Rogan Melling16:48.3186.2BathBath HS11-Sep
11Rogan Melling16:33.6196.8SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Rogan Melling16:36.1190.6JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
11Rogan Melling16:18.4192.9BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Rogan Melling16:22.1195.3PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Rogan Melling16:44.3184.6Chris JensenSharp Park16-Oct
11Rogan Melling16:52.6186.5Cascades ConferenceSharp Park20-Oct
11Rogan Melling16:37.5188.823 Sharp ParkSharp Park29-Oct
11Rogan Melling16:14.6189.8D3 StateMIS6-Nov
11Rogan Melling16:27.7189.8MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Rogan Melling171.2Hillsdale AcademyHayden Park11-Sep
10Rogan Melling177.9Harriers for HopePeacock Tree Farm19-Sep
10Rogan Melling171.0Grass Lake/Hanover HortonGrass Lake HS22-Sep
10Rogan Melling175.3Jackson FriendlySharp Park26-Sep
10Rogan Melling169.3Sand CreekSand Creek HS10-Oct
10Rogan Melling179.3PR 45Hudson HS24-Oct
10Rogan Melling178.1D3 Reg 23Sharp Park30-Oct
10Rogan Melling190.0D3 StateMIS7-Nov

9Rogan Melling189.3OptimistHarper Creek HS
9Rogan Melling186.3SpringportSpringport HS
9Rogan Melling175.7BathBath HS
9Rogan Melling166.9SpartanForest Akers
9Rogan Melling175.3JacksonSharp Park
9Rogan Melling186.3BlueJayShepherd HS
9Rogan Melling183.7PortagePortage West MS
9Rogan Melling184.7J Chris JensenSharp Park
9Rogan Melling181.823Sharp Park
9Rogan Melling177.7D3 StateMIS

  • Inconspicuous to some (but noticed by me), Mariah burst onto the Macomb County scene as a freshman on the Dakota track squad, hitting marks such as 2:28 and 5:25
  • She’s had great upperclassmen to look to: the Harveys, Slone, Myziuk and she’s got a pretty good classmate as well
  • Her introduction to HS cross country came last fall and she was able to back up that track prowess, gaining accolades and hitting times that matched the potential shown earlier
  • Among those, dipping under 19:00 on four occasions and nabbing top-5 at both the MAC Division Meet and Macomb County Championship
  • She’s a selfless teammate, part of multiple championship and All-State relay squads, both in the 4×4 and 4×8

Throughout The Years

10Mariah Belmont19:50.2145.6MarinerColumbus County Park20-Aug
10Mariah Belmont19:58.1130.6Budd CiciarelliBloomer Park2-Sep
10Mariah Belmont18:51.1144.3Muskrat ClassicAlgonac HS11-Sep
10Mariah Belmont19:19.6140.1MAC Red 1Eastwood Beach21-Sep
10Mariah Belmont19:01.4144.5JeffersonSterling State Park25-Sep
10Mariah Belmont18:55.1140.6MAC DivisionMetro Beach5-Oct
10Mariah Belmont19:21.5141.2Macomb CountyFreedom Hill16-Oct
10Mariah Belmont20:32.0135.39 Anchor BayAnchor Bay HS29-Oct
10Mariah Belmont18:59.3137.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov
10Mariah Belmont18:30.7147.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

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