2022 Ratings: Michigan Catholic

I took a drive up to the St. Francis Retreat Center, a course wonderfully tended to by Coach Simpson. Well-run, efficient, no kids meandered the wrong way, I was even able to grab a bite to eat. Loved the course with its rolling hills and the strategy needed to navigate the turns and tangents.

Boys Adjustment: -36
Girls Adjustment: -39


CC Jones, Lansing Catholic: A personal best, three years in the making, on a tough course as well. It’s been a winding road for CC, transferring from Haslett, sitting out a season, now she’s started her senior year in a groove, winning her first two races.

Christopher Russelburg, Allen Park Cabrini: Ahhh, good to see an Allen Parker on here. Chris ran an aggressive race early and held on for second, a D4 kid mixing it up with some of the better teams and individuals in higher divisions. That confidence stemmed from a track season where he placed at State and has now carried over to the tune of 1:30 better than his time here last fall.

Madison Osterberg, Jackson Lumen Christi: I will often tell customers that spikes are worth a good 20-30 seconds compared to training shoes. But I never tell the comparison of wearing a spike on one foot and losing it on the other. Her time will come, when that shoe stays on.

12Michael Hegarty16:21.7Dearborn Divine Child204.8
12Christopher Russelburg16:41.8Allen Park Cabrini198.1
10Logan Mullan16:51.7Detroit U-D Jesuit194.8
12Jack Kelly16:58.4Detroit Catholic Central192.5
12Matthew Atkinson17:07.9Detroit Catholic Central189.4
12Josh Lassaline17:11.2Detroit Catholic Central188.3
11Simon VanderVlucht17:13.0Monroe St. Mary CC187.7
12Michael Ehresman17:13.5Detroit Catholic Central187.5
10Colin Murray17:16.5Dearborn Divine Child186.5
10Jeb Hillary17:16.8GR_Catholic Central186.4
11Ian Richthammer17:22.8GR_Catholic Central184.4
12Pablo Razny17:35.5Detroit Catholic Central180.2
11Sunishthh Singh17:43.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard177.5
11Gannon Shore17:47.5Jackson Lumen Christi176.2
12Ejijah Jorgenson17:51.4Dearborn Divine Child174.9
12Dylan McGrath17:53.1Dearborn Divine Child174.3
10Thomas Watson17:55.0Detroit Catholic Central173.7
9Cole Wisniewski18:04.9Orchard Lake St. Mary’s170.4
10Owen Ryan18:08.4Detroit Catholic Central169.2
10Aiden Kasprzak18:09.6GR_Catholic Central168.8
11Declan Foley18:18.1Detroit U-D Jesuit166.0
10Eugene Haley18:27.0Detroit Catholic Central163.0
11Grayson Johnson18:27.0Detroit U-D Jesuit163.0
9Marek Butkiewicz18:28.3Kalamazoo Hackett162.6
11Stephen Fair18:38.4Lansing Catholic159.2
12Ben Kinkade18:42.5Pontiac Notre Dame Prep157.8
10Charles Brooks18:43.1GR_West Catholic157.6
10Maximiliano Juarez18:44.7Dearborn Divine Child157.1
11Joshua Simpson18:46.3Orchard Lake St. Mary’s156.6
9Gavin Tisch18:46.5Detroit Catholic Central156.5
9Lucas Gates18:53.1Lansing Catholic154.3
10Isaiah Dinverno18:59.9Jackson Lumen Christi152.0
12Andrew Bajdek19:01.0GR_West Catholic151.7
12James Benz19:04.7Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard150.4
12Luke Foster19:06.5Monroe St. Mary CC149.8
12Dominic DeFelice19:12.2Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard147.9
9Matthew Wright19:12.2Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard147.9
12Evan Kinter19:14.6Detroit Catholic Central147.1
10Drew Abbott19:20.0Detroit Catholic Central145.3
11Alvin Stanton19:21.7Detroit U-D Jesuit144.8
10Isaak Brook19:22.2Pontiac Notre Dame Prep144.6
9Max Foldvary19:23.2Monroe St. Mary CC144.3
12Peter Dudley19:23.6Lansing Catholic144.1
10Andrew Ehresman19:25.9Detroit Catholic Central143.4
11Gianpaolo Patti19:28.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard142.5
9Marek Borgstahl19:28.6Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard142.5
12Rohan Newton19:30.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard142.0
11Gavin Sehy19:30.9Kalamazoo Hackett141.7
10Roben Perez19:32.0GR_Catholic Central141.3
9Tommy Kratochwill19:32.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard141.3
11Tyler Kalchik19:32.3Dearborn Divine Child141.2
12Joe Westemeir19:35.3Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard140.2
12Nathan Padbury19:36.3Jackson Lumen Christi139.9
9Henry Wickenheiser19:36.4Monroe St. Mary CC139.9
12Blake Bendon19:36.7Detroit Catholic Central139.8
11Luke Bounerba19:41.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard138.3
9Jake Yono19:41.5Orchard Lake St. Mary’s138.2
11Michael Haass19:44.7Detroit Catholic Central137.1
9Sean Siems19:49.9Kalamazoo Hackett135.4
9Gibson Shore19:51.3Jackson Lumen Christi134.9
12Rene Garcia19:56.7GR_Catholic Central133.1
11Connor Rayha20:01.2Dearborn Divine Child131.6
10Grant Foumia20:03.0Orchard Lake St. Mary’s131.0
10Ryan Wojichowski20:06.0Pontiac Notre Dame Prep130.0
12Charlie Gates20:07.6Lansing Catholic129.5
12Joe Stopczynski20:08.5Detroit Catholic Central129.2
9Zachary Barringer20:08.9Detroit U-D Jesuit129.0
11Robert Modrzejewski20:09.2Dearborn Divine Child128.9
12Gabriel McDougall20:11.8Detroit U-D Jesuit128.1
10Brandon Thomas20:13.1Orchard Lake St. Mary’s127.6
12Brayden McKay20:13.9Allen Park Cabrini127.4
12Brendan LaFave20:15.0Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard127.0
9Timothy Chamberlain20:17.3Portland St. Patrick126.2
9Grant Hillary20:17.6GR_Catholic Central126.1
9Hayden Richey20:18.7Lansing Catholic125.8
11Sean Pierucci20:18.8Kalamazoo Hackett125.7
9Isaac FoxElster20:21.2Portland St. Patrick124.9
12Tomas Rampe20:22.3Lansing Catholic124.6
12Liam Miller20:22.4Jackson Lumen Christi124.5
10Donald Nurkala20:22.8Detroit Catholic Central124.4
12Kale Howcroft20:23.8Orchard Lake St. Mary’s124.1
12Martin White20:25.3Portland St. Patrick123.6
12Mason Vlademar20:26.4Detroit U-D Jesuit123.2
10Cooper Case20:28.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard122.6
12Daniel Schneider20:33.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard120.9
10Caleb Totten20:34.7Monroe St. Mary CC120.4
9Charles Sweet20:38.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard119.2
10Tamer Zahr20:39.1Dearborn Divine Child119.0
12Michael Vena20:43.5Dearborn Divine Child117.5
11Calen Priddy20:47.1Detroit Catholic Central116.3
9David Krusinski20:49.6Detroit Catholic Central115.5
10Ben Klingbeil20:55.0Orchard Lake St. Mary’s113.7
12Tommy McGreevy20:59.4Detroit Catholic Central112.2
10Grant Niedzinski21:00.6Detroit U-D Jesuit111.8
12Jesse Jones21:01.1Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart111.6
12John Milback21:01.2Pontiac Notre Dame Prep111.6
10Brady Bronson21:01.5GR_Catholic Central111.5
12Tyler Delyon21:05.8Detroit Catholic Central110.1
12Leo Ramseyer21:07.3Detroit U-D Jesuit109.6
9Leo Muller21:08.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard109.3
11Mikey Alberty21:09.2Detroit Catholic Central108.9
10Christopher Hunter21:10.2Pontiac Notre Dame Prep108.6
12John LaGarde21:10.5Detroit U-D Jesuit108.5
9Zachary Perkins21:10.7Monroe St. Mary CC108.4
11Edison Imel21:10.8Detroit U-D Jesuit108.4
10Sean Flaherty21:11.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard108.0
10Tim O’Brien21:15.3GR_West Catholic106.9
10Evan Murphy21:16.6GR_West Catholic106.5
12Nino Dioso21:17.2Detroit U-D Jesuit106.3
12Nick Castrogiovanni21:19.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard105.4
10Nicholas Mardelli21:20.3Pontiac Notre Dame Prep105.2
9Samuel Corak21:26.3Dearborn Divine Child103.2
11Nick Doer21:26.9Kalamazoo Hackett103.0
10Dominic Maceroni21:27.2Detroit U-D Jesuit102.9
9Peter Ross21:27.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard102.8
9Christian Hillard21:28.9Detroit U-D Jesuit102.4
11Jacob Smith21:29.0Monroe St. Mary CC102.3
11Conor Morrow21:29.1Dearborn Divine Child102.3
12Dominik Fleury21:33.3Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard100.9
11Blake Hetherington21:36.2Jackson Lumen Christi99.9
9Zeke Shafer21:38.5Monroe St. Mary CC99.2
10Chase Missler21:38.9Monroe St. Mary CC99.0
12Frederic Moreau21:39.1Lansing Catholic99.0
11Daniel Burke21:39.9Detroit U-D Jesuit98.7
10Darren Schalhamer21:40.9Jackson Lumen Christi98.4
12Joseph Rabideau21:42.4Lansing Catholic97.9
9Logan Hetherington21:43.4Jackson Lumen Christi97.5
9Blaise Demko21:43.8Lansing Catholic97.4
10Ralph Kaleniecki21:45.7Allen Park Cabrini96.8
10Christian Estrellas21:47.1Pontiac Notre Dame Prep96.3
12Matt Bouwhuis21:58.5GR_West Catholic92.5
11Charlie Murray21:59.0Dearborn Divine Child92.3
10Matthew Sweet22:03.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard90.8
10Julian Barry22:10.8Kalamazoo Hackett88.4
10Robert O’Brien22:18.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard85.9
10Greg Lapinski22:24.0Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard84.0
9Vincenzo Tartaglia22:27.6Pontiac Notre Dame Prep82.8
10Zach Kremer22:31.0Jackson Lumen Christi81.7
10Jason Babb22:37.7Kalamazoo Hackett79.4
11Owen Turner22:49.4Orchard Lake St. Mary’s75.5
9Andrew Sottile22:51.3Monroe St. Mary CC74.9
9Jack Leuchtmann22:52.1Pontiac Notre Dame Prep74.6
9Jackson Ellis22:56.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard73.1
9Damien Martinez22:58.4Kalamazoo Hackett72.5
9Charles Meade23:00.8Orchard Lake St. Mary’s71.7
10Ben Warriner23:01.8Jackson Lumen Christi71.4
12Phillippe McRae23:06.6Dearborn Divine Child69.8
10Ethan Lewis23:08.0Dearborn Divine Child69.3
9Jack Griffin23:08.1Lansing Catholic69.3
9Carter Russelburg23:21.1Allen Park Cabrini65.0
12Nathan Marchywka23:23.2Dearborn Divine Child64.3
11JT Friel23:24.5Detroit Catholic Central63.8
10Jack Fitzgerald23:36.1Allen Park Cabrini60.0
9Lukas DeGiuli23:41.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard58.2
10Colin Moran23:54.1Jackson Lumen Christi54.0
11Jude Sullano24:03.5Dearborn Divine Child50.8
12Kieran Fix24:05.7Allen Park Cabrini50.1
11Thedore Bohl24:18.3Detroit Catholic Central45.9
11Isaiah Pacis24:21.5Detroit U-D Jesuit44.8
12Todd Perkins24:21.7Detroit U-D Jesuit44.8
9Will Ryan24:38.6Monroe St. Mary CC39.1
11Keegan Gallagher24:54.2Kalamazoo Hackett33.9
12James Dulzo25:03.1Detroit Catholic Central31.0
9Eagan Greene25:12.7Detroit U-D Jesuit27.8
9Nick Pung25:19.3Portland St. Patrick25.6
12Zachary Thomas25:29.0Dearborn Divine Child22.3
11William Arends25:42.7Detroit U-D Jesuit17.8
9Drew Schofield25:54.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard13.8
9Peter Soltis26:06.4Jackson Lumen Christi9.9
9Peter Blaney26:07.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard9.6
12William Chislea26:07.7Portland St. Patrick9.4
9Xavier Evoy26:18.0Detroit U-D Jesuit6.0
10Daniel Quandt26:35.7Pontiac Notre Dame Prep0.1

12CC Jones18:39.3Lansing Catholic159.9
12Hannah Pricco18:50.5Lansing Catholic156.2
11Madison Osterberg19:20.7Jackson Lumen Christi146.1
11Tessa Roe19:36.2Lansing Catholic140.9
9Bella LaFountain20:01.6Monroe St. Mary CC132.5
11Ava Teed20:15.0Allen Park Cabrini128.0
9Macy Fazekas20:36.3Jackson Lumen Christi120.9
12Gianna-Marie Schubert20:40.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard119.5
10Maria Nunning20:47.2Pontiac Notre Dame Prep117.3
10Mea D’agostino20:59.5Orchard Lake St. Mary’s113.2
10Layla Lopez21:14.2Jackson Lumen Christi108.3
10Elizabeth Ambroggio21:15.3Warren Regina107.9
11Ellayna Meredith21:18.9Portland St. Patrick106.7
12Gabrielle Osterberg21:19.0Jackson Lumen Christi106.7
10Kathryn Kurtinaitis21:19.9Dearborn Divine Child106.4
11Kennedy Roskopp21:20.3Warren Regina106.2
11Kirsten Koss21:21.8Dearborn Divine Child105.7
11Erin Stuk21:21.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard105.7
11Zoe Hoke21:33.1Pontiac Notre Dame Prep102.0
11Sydney Fazekas21:52.1Jackson Lumen Christi95.6
10Skylar Vanhecke21:55.1Pontiac Notre Dame Prep94.6
12Elise Bodary22:07.0Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard90.7
10Alexa Daniels22:10.6Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard89.5
12Sarah Anastasiadis22:18.0Jackson Lumen Christi87.0
10Claire Lisker22:22.2Monroe St. Mary CC85.6
12Lainey Roth22:28.7GR_West Catholic83.4
10Thia Tello22:29.2Jackson Lumen Christi83.3
10Natalie Lentine22:29.8Warren Regina83.1
11Ella Caplea22:29.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard83.0
10Erica Walker22:40.7Clarkston Everest Collegiate79.4
12Ella Slade22:43.6Dearborn Divine Child78.5
10Katie Deisler22:49.0Dearborn Divine Child76.7
10Alex Wickenheiser22:51.7Monroe St. Mary CC75.8
11Gabby Fernandez22:53.0Warren Regina75.3
11Cailynne Flint22:53.5Monroe St. Mary CC75.2
9Avery Faut22:53.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard75.2
12Lucy Cusack22:53.8GR_Catholic Central75.1
12Isabelle Barone23:00.4Dearborn Divine Child72.9
10Tess Scicluna23:00.9Dearborn Divine Child72.7
12Clare Miller23:06.2Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard70.9
12Nathalie Strockis23:12.7GR_West Catholic68.8
9Frances Melinn23:19.0Lansing Catholic66.7
12India Doerr23:19.2Lansing Catholic66.6
11Samantha LaFountain23:19.2Monroe St. Mary CC66.6
10Abby Lechy23:23.6Monroe St. Mary CC65.1
11Eve Herrgott23:24.1Clarkston Everest Collegiate65.0
11Nicole Teed23:26.3Allen Park Cabrini64.2
12Terah Ceccarelli23:28.8Dearborn Divine Child63.4
12Regan Dudek23:35.7Dearborn Divine Child61.1
9Kaya Rose23:36.4Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart60.9
10Kayla Slade23:44.6Dearborn Divine Child58.1
9Leona Knudsen23:45.9Monroe St. Mary CC57.7
12Lily Deja23:50.5Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart56.2
10Jillian Wygonik23:56.7Dearborn Divine Child54.1
11Lauren Postl23:58.5Dearborn Divine Child53.5
12Sydney Schulte24:04.6Pontiac Notre Dame Prep51.5
12Lucy Cousino24:05.3Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard51.2
12Kate Trembath24:06.0Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard51.0
11Nora Huffman24:07.2GR_Catholic Central50.6
9Abby Frederick24:08.2Jackson Lumen Christi50.3
10Kate Paluszewski24:12.7Dearborn Divine Child48.8
12Elaine Kutas24:12.7Lansing Catholic48.8
11Abby Druelle24:14.9GR_West Catholic48.0
12Ruth Adewusi24:15.7Warren Regina47.8
9Maria Narduzzi24:16.3Warren Regina47.6
11Meredith Shannon24:24.4Dearborn Divine Child44.9
9Samira Jraiche24:27.6Dearborn Divine Child43.8
12Elaine Teed24:29.5Allen Park Cabrini43.2
12Anna Hale24:30.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard43.0
9Katelyn Van Es24:32.8Kalamazoo Hackett42.1
10Avery Dent24:33.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard41.7
9Stella Lipinski24:36.0Lansing Catholic41.0
9Paige Kutas24:39.7Lansing Catholic39.8
9Izzy Cogswell24:44.3Dearborn Divine Child38.2
11Madeleine Fleury24:46.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard37.4
10Juliana Classic24:47.1Monroe St. Mary CC37.3
11Maddie May24:49.6Orchard Lake St. Mary’s36.5
11Maureen Smith24:54.2Monroe St. Mary CC34.9
10Mary Larocca25:06.4Pontiac Notre Dame Prep30.9
9Elizabeth Salinas25:13.0Dearborn Divine Child28.7
10Libby Schone25:16.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard27.4
10Morgyn Lafontaine25:20.9Orchard Lake St. Mary’s26.0
11Patricia Bonar25:21.6Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard25.8
10Audrey McKeiver25:22.1GR_West Catholic25.6
11Izzy Kissane25:24.7Portland St. Patrick24.8
10Sofia Switalski25:24.8Warren Regina24.7
11Meghan Koss25:29.5Dearborn Divine Child23.2
12Zoe Bamford25:29.6Warren Regina23.1
12Hannah Glowzinski25:32.1Dearborn Divine Child22.3
10Siena Machak25:33.4Orchard Lake St. Mary’s21.9
10Mia Sanchez25:40.8Jackson Lumen Christi19.4
9Brianna VanZwoll25:43.4Lansing Catholic18.5
9Addison Mikel25:43.8Pontiac Notre Dame Prep18.4
11Brianna Agon25:47.4GR_Catholic Central17.2
11Gianna Switalski25:53.1Warren Regina15.3
12Zee Simpson25:55.0Lansing Catholic14.7
10Cecilia Murray26:01.0Dearborn Divine Child12.7
9Julianne Mounce26:02.4Kalamazoo Hackett12.2
10Olivia Leahy26:04.3Clarkston Everest Collegiate11.6
12Maria Humphreys26:04.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard11.5
12Stephanie Suran26:06.3Clarkston Everest Collegiate10.9
9Victoria Andrzejczak26:07.4Orchard Lake St. Mary’s10.5
11Sophia O’Neil26:10.5Jackson Lumen Christi9.5
9Laura Bigard26:12.1Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart9.0
11Bree Hoffer26:14.9GR_West Catholic8.0
9Bethany Carpenter26:16.6Kalamazoo Hackett7.5
12Parker Kern26:22.7Warren Regina5.4
9Kate Coffey26:24.7Lansing Catholic4.8
12Jillian Essig26:27.7Pontiac Notre Dame Prep3.8
10Zoe Frederick26:31.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard2.4
11Rae Younglove26:32.9Monroe St. Mary CC2.0
11Olivia Pung26:36.7Portland St. Patrick0.8
10Natalie Cross26:38.5Clarkston Everest Collegiate0.2

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