2022 Ratings: Queen City

The Upper Peninsula ratings take a bit of a different course than the Lower Peninsula ones. In a way, they’re based on the Lower Peninsula ratings, in a way, they’re separate. They are derived from last year, where come October, I was able trace back UP teams that competed in LP meets, then work my way around through all the various invites and championships. I’m already strapped for time as is, and waiting until October to work through Upper Peninsula meets is a disservice to those athletes.

The rating for last year’s early season meets at Presque Isle was a solid, consistent -55 for both genders. Given the similar fields at last year’s Queen City Invite and this year’s version, I was able to compare graphs from both days. I should be able to do the same for this week’s Dale Phillips Invite, then it’ll be a season’s worth of referencing runners until I’m able to get numbers on athletes spanning from the Porkies to Drummond Island.

Boys Adjustment: -43
Girls Adjustment: -38


Kai Chouinard, Marquette: The Redmen were projected to be dominant, dominated here, and all one can see is dominance. It would be easy to dismiss individual runners and their progress in the midst of their impressive string of wins, but easy ain’t my mode. Kai wasn’t projected to be in their varsity before the season, the 12th guy by my count. And that’s backed up by his performances in 2021, having gone sub-20 once. He showed progress in the long sprints during the spring, sub-60 in all of his 400m races, 5th place in the Great Northern Conference. But from my point of view, nothing that could have foretold his 18:15 and role as Marquette’s 6th man. Many in the state are anticipating Potter’s House in the Spartan Elite race. Marquette is making the trek down here as well, given these early results, they’d be a prospect for a top team in the Lower Peninsula’s Division 1 as well.

Lola Korpi, Ishpeming: It’s been a career of success for Lola. Of her 18 races at the high school level, she’s won 15 of them. She finished 2nd in 2020’s Division 2 Finals and attained the victory last year. Last fall, it was a debate (was there a debate? I surely dropped the ball here) whether her or Ingrid Seagren was the better runner. This fall, it appears she’ll get a challenge from the east side, Newberry’s Samantha Taylor coming in hot here. But the winning spirit prevailed early, a 20:40, her best August mark yet, a win in the quest for this queen to defend her crown.

12Carson Vanderschaaf16:51.2Marquette197.3
12Drew Hughes17:07.4Gladstone191.9
12Colin Vanderschaaf17:10.5Marquette190.8
12Brady Ketzenberger17:36.3Marquette182.2
10Chase Thomsen17:51.4Marquette177.2
11Cullen Papin18:07.8Marquette171.7
12Kai Chouinard18:15.1Marquette169.3
12John Plaxco18:16.1Negaunee169.0
12Judge Anderson18:21.4Negaunee167.2
9Peter Argeropoulos18:21.6Marquette167.1
10Trevor Nolan18:23.9Munising166.4
11James Kraeg18:32.1Marquette163.6
12Cyrus Hamlin18:44.1Houghton159.6
12Drew White18:51.8Marquette157.1
12James Dank18:56.5Negaunee155.5
10Birk Seagren19:00.7Houghton154.1
11Tanner Howes19:03.5Gladstone153.2
10Seppi Camilli19:23.2Marquette146.6
9Simon Jaklin19:29.8Negaunee144.4
12Tom Knewtson19:41.0Houghton140.7
10Isaiah Lawson19:41.4Houghton140.5
10Aaron Hughes19:43.7Gladstone139.8
10Evan Balko19:45.2Marquette139.3
Ethan Congdon19:45.4Unattached139.2
10Jack Parent20:08.4Marquette131.5
12Brian Belkowski20:21.9Marquette127.0
9Colin Van Karsen20:24.6Houghton126.1
9Boden Moore20:28.8Marquette124.7
10Carter Campioni20:34.3Houghton122.9
12Nick Hamlin20:39.3Escanaba121.2
12Daniel Smith20:40.7Escanaba120.8
10Levi Nicholls20:49.0Ishpeming118.0
9Carson Wernholm20:52.0Marquette117.0
12Jace Moore20:55.3Marquette115.9
11Ben Smith21:01.1Escanaba114.0
12Brett Ceane21:06.7Houghton112.1
12Michael Mulligan21:13.8Kingsford109.7
10Joey Lundholm21:15.9Kingsford109.0
11Matthew Jenkins21:16.5Gwinn108.8
10Michael Slawinski21:29.3Negaunee104.6
9Beepsee Teeple21:34.7Marquette102.8
11Nathan Lanaville21:38.1Escanaba101.6
9Ben Khul21:39.9Marquette101.0
12Ben Hiller21:47.3Houghton98.6
9Austin Byczek22:03.3Marquette93.2
9Ben Hemmer22:03.5Houghton93.2
12Derek Bowler22:11.9Newberry90.4
9Tylor Soderman22:14.6Gladstone89.5
11Eli Gardner22:16.1Escanaba89.0
10Carter Clark22:19.8Negaunee87.7
9Grady Nelson22:22.2Gladstone86.9
10Joey Giroux22:31.0Ishpeming84.0
12Alex Eilola22:32.3Gladstone83.6
11Logan Katona22:40.8Negaunee80.7
9Teagon Reynolds22:41.7Gladstone80.4
11Patrick Klumpp22:59.6Ishpeming Westwood74.5
12Joe Mccollum23:03.9Negaunee73.0
11Alex Ossenheimer23:16.1Negaunee69.0
12Devin Santilli23:30.2Negaunee64.3
11Ian Evans23:42.2Houghton60.3
9Max Beauchamp23:43.9Gladstone59.7
10Sam Rahilly23:48.2Newberry58.3
10Caden Steede23:53.8Negaunee56.4
10Reid Frustaglio24:04.7Ishpeming Westwood52.8
10Donald Jourden24:21.0Gwinn47.3
10Joshua Cameron24:25.5Kingsford45.8
9Daniel Xie24:35.4Houghton42.5
12Joe Rosten24:54.1Negaunee36.3
10Drew Lafave25:10.1Gladstone31.0
9Evan Massaway25:10.5Houghton30.8
10Nathan Petersen25:49.9Munising17.7
11Aidan Erickson26:02.5Ishpeming Westwood13.5
12Griffin Johnson26:04.3Houghton12.9
9Cole Williams26:05.5Gladstone12.5
10Brett Gaff26:20.9Houghton7.4
9Riley Lovern26:25.2Negaunee5.9
9Brandon Brown26:26.4Newberry5.5

11Lola Korpi20:40.0Ishpeming119.3
9Samantha Taylor20:42.8Newberry118.4
10Marlee Plaxco21:02.9Negaunee111.7
10Monet Argeropoulos21:31.9Marquette102.0
12Endla Harris21:35.7Negaunee100.8
9Ella Fure21:47.5Marquette96.8
12Monique Brisson21:51.9Munising95.4
11Abby Harma21:59.6Marquette92.8
10Tessa Bruns22:03.1Marquette91.6
10Lily Ross22:14.8Houghton87.7
12Claire Filpus22:41.2Houghton78.9
12Courtney Larson22:46.1Marquette77.3
11Retta Boburka22:48.4Ishpeming Westwood76.5
11Ayla Miller23:05.6Houghton70.8
11Annabelle Neumeier23:14.7Escanaba67.8
12Elodie Malherbe23:40.7Marquette59.1
10Maija Maki-Warne23:47.4Marquette56.9
10Alisha Mabie23:48.9Escanaba56.4
12Gabrielle Bishop23:53.6Houghton54.8
10Laynie Korpi24:13.5Ishpeming48.2
10Elisa Malherbe24:13.6Marquette48.1
10Kiira Niska24:17.7Houghton46.8
12Emmi Kruhak24:19.8Marquette46.1
10Julia Moyle24:22.2Marquette45.3
12Morgan Makosky24:30.1Escanaba42.6
12Sage Resh Chimner24:36.2Houghton40.6
10Katie Sarau24:39.5Houghton39.5
10Lauren Sundquist24:47.5Gladstone36.8
10Dayne Behning24:51.9Munising35.4
9Olivia Cotey24:53.2Munising34.9
10Ida Larsen25:11.6Marquette28.8
12Anna Grzelak25:13.3Marquette28.2
Althea Bruggink25:32.1Marquette22.0
10Kate Mattson25:47.7Munising16.8
12Elizabeth Holloway25:49.5Munising16.2
9Lilli Gast25:51.6Houghton15.5
12Hattie Cota25:55.8Munising14.1
11Julia Prunick25:59.6Munising12.8
11Kayla Farnes26:02.2Gladstone11.9
11Amara Rasmussen26:04.5Negaunee11.2
10Kristy Karl26:10.4Gladstone9.2
10Sophia Weaver26:14.3Escanaba7.9
9Payton Takkunen26:14.3Gladstone7.9
9Zuri Brindle26:35.8Marquette0.7

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