2022 Ratings: Concord

A good ol’ Region 23 preview on the girls side, Onsted vs. Leslie. Leslie came out ahead this time, I wonder what’ll go down in two months?

Boys Adjustment: -31
Girls Adjustment: -35


Tyler Bays, Reading: From my perspective, Tyler has always been a guy to chill early in the year and rip it late. That strategy has worked to the tune of two All-State finishes, last year grabbing the 7th spot. Well now he’s running sub-17 in August, can you imagine where he’ll be at in November?

Emmry Ross, Onsted: We can no longer wait for the other shoe to drop. Emmry Ross is real and a sudden contender near the top of the standings. We began to know her towards the end of her freshman cross year, where she won the LCAA League Meet. She became a D3 household name with her 400m State Title in track. Now she’s extending that talent to the grass, with three consecutive sub-19’s.

12Tyler Bays16:55.4Reading191.9
12Cameron Pierce17:01.8Leslie189.7
12Austin Rybolt17:48.1Eaton Rapids174.3
12Adair Artis18:00.3Concord170.2
10Mitchell Hiatt18:02.9Onsted169.4
10Jack Huntington18:07.9Eaton Rapids167.7
12Brody Amthor18:30.2Onsted160.3
10Diego BoCole18:35.5Jackson Preparatory158.5
9Ben Gautsche18:38.2Union City157.6
10Drew Holevac18:51.7Eaton Rapids153.1
12Ethan Lubahn19:01.8Leslie149.7
12Isaac Waldron19:04.6Concord148.8
10Brandon Huntington19:15.7Eaton Rapids145.1
10Jason Shoop19:41.3Union City136.6
10Malachi Payne19:49.4Union City133.9
9Grason Weber19:59.0Leslie130.7
10Aidan Taylor20:02.4Union City129.5
9Peyton Fowler20:04.8Reading128.7
12Erik Dexter20:07.0Leslie128.0
10Danny O’Brien20:09.1Eaton Rapids127.3
12Avery Jones20:13.3Eaton Rapids125.9
11Kutter Vanaken20:17.0Reading124.7
10Landon Vanwormer20:28.0Mendon121.0
10James Bayes20:28.7Onsted120.8
11Brody Collins20:38.1Eaton Rapids117.6
10Drew Clingerman20:52.0Jackson Northwest113.0
10Kyan Isham20:59.7Leslie110.4
10Noah Worden21:07.1Eaton Rapids108.0
10Ben Iobe21:10.1Mendon107.0
9Maddox Hutchinson21:11.4Concord106.5
11Ethan Grulke21:23.8Onsted102.4
11Logan Hile21:41.6Leslie96.5
10Lleyton Bauman21:47.4Concord94.5
9Carson Dubose21:48.3Leslie94.2
10Mason Hawthorne21:49.1Union City94.0
12Jesse Cabrera21:59.2Reading90.6
10Cody Bencovsky22:00.3Eaton Rapids90.2
9Corey Dubnicki22:01.1Jackson Preparatory90.0
10Jordan Watkins22:07.8Onsted87.7
9Trenton Monahan22:18.7Jackson Northwest84.1
10Hudson Cooper22:19.6Jackson Northwest83.8
9Connor Stevens22:25.2Concord81.9
10Addison Stanton22:47.5Athens74.5
10Cohen Burdick23:16.0Union City65.0
9Cole Bates23:21.1Concord63.3
12Joe Dubnicki23:31.4Jackson Preparatory59.9
11Noah Blondke23:41.6Jackson Preparatory56.5
9Dylan Hile23:48.7Leslie54.1
11Trey Howland23:49.7Jackson Northwest53.8
9Drake Bosse23:52.9Onsted52.7
12Dylan Gloar23:55.3Jackson Northwest51.9
11Sam Hallenbeck24:00.2Onsted50.3
10Bo VeenKant24:00.9Tekonsha50.0
11Maddox Miller24:18.2Union City44.3
9Ethan O’Conner24:30.4Athens40.2
10Ashton Easterwood24:38.4Concord37.5
10Brendan Wood25:10.1Union City27.0
10Montana Connell25:11.1Union City26.6
10Donovan Myers25:31.4Jackson Preparatory19.9
9Jacob Gallagher25:42.8Leslie16.1

10Emmry Ross18:42.1Onsted157.6
12Kara Terakedis19:25Onsted143.3
10Presley Allen19:47Mendon136.0
9Hailey Creisher20:40Leslie118.3
10Erin Lubahn20:57Leslie112.7
9Rowan Allen21:38Mendon99.0
9Chloe Khon21:39Jackson Northwest98.7
10Jaidyn Smith21:49Leslie95.3
11Sydney Thompson22:01Eaton Rapids91.3
9Cieara Barrett22:14Concord87.0
10Skyler Fraley22:38Union City79.0
9Savannah Arnett22:49Leslie75.3
9Kennedie Crow22:56Eaton Rapids73.0
12Dani VanLente23:00Tekonsha71.7
12Sofia Kingsley23:26Eaton Rapids63.0
11Jalynn Schmelter23:27Leslie62.7
12Olivia Ortell23:28Jackson Preparatory62.3
10Zoe Hankey23:30Eaton Rapids61.7
12Allyson Robarge23:37Onsted59.3
10Alissa Skirka23:41Union City58.0
12Kyla Burdick23:57Union City52.7
10Jordyn Taylor24:02:00Onsted51.0
9Elizabeth Arlt24:10:00Union City48.3
9Murcie Wallen24:10.2Union City48.3
11Sienna Eaton24:19:00Eaton Rapids45.3
10Allie England24:51:00Onsted34.7
9Raegan Brosamer24:52:00Onsted34.3
10Sophia Falater24:53:00Reading34.0
11Cairo Schinkel25:02:00Eaton Rapids31.0
12Stacia Hedrich25:04:00Jackson Northwest30.3
12Liz Hill25:05:00Onsted30.0
11Aubrey Norder25:07:00Eaton Rapids29.3
11Riley Adams25:11:00Concord28.0
11Kariana Carpenter25:27:00Jackson Preparatory22.7
11Kayla Creisher25:31:00Leslie21.3
9Emma Grulke25:37:00Onsted19.3

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