2022 Ratings: OK Gold 1

Gets a bit boring to write about all this Forest Hills Eastern domination..

Boys Adjustment: -19
Girls Adjustment: -22


Yes, FHE swept both the boys and girls, but I’d like to highlight a few others:

Isaac Dyer, Wayland Union: The first batch of the rankings had the Wildcats at #19, coming in just slightly ahead of South Christian. Based on the results from here at Riverside, a bit more distance has been created. A major part in that was Isaac, running his season best, just missing a mark in the 17’s. This is a bit further ahead of his 2021 pace, where it took until late September to slip under 18:00.

Ava Crews, Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg: MTK has run three times, two of those I’ve gone through: Under the Lights and here. Under the Lights ran curiously quick, yesterday’s meet a bit slower. Ava bucked the trend, racing faster here. She ended 2021 on a roll, consistently in the 19’s and winning the Barry County title. Early returns suggest she’s on that path yet again… and perhaps faster.

Also, can we appreciate the Anderson siblings both picking up victories?

12Benne Anderson16:01.5GR_Ottawa Hills205.8
12Aiden Sullivan16:02.5FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern205.5
11Liam Walters16:27.9GR_Ottawa Hills197.0
12Caleb Boes16:45.2GR_South Christian191.3
11Cooper Jacobsen17:03.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern185.2
12Devin Weaver17:03.5Wayland Union185.2
10Jeb Hillary17:07.0GR_Catholic Central184.0
11Brendan Hoving17:09.9FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern183.0
11Liam Hinman17:13.8FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern181.7
12Alex Parker17:20.3FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern179.6
11Lucas Van Meter17:21.9Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg179.0
12Joseph VanderKooi17:22.9GR_South Christian178.7
10Dylan Pallett17:23.8Wayland Union178.4
11Ian Richthammer17:25.1GR_Catholic Central178.0
12Austin O’brien17:29.2GR_Kenowa Hills176.6
12Espen Wood17:41.2Cedar Springs172.6
10Henry Dixon17:43.7FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern171.8
10Aiden Kasprzak17:44.8GR_Catholic Central171.4
9Ethan Shoffner17:49.6Cedar Springs169.8
12Travis Koon18:00.1Wayland Union166.3
11Isaac Dyer18:00.2Wayland Union166.3
10Nik Williams18:09.3GR_Ottawa Hills163.2
12Ethan Smith18:12.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern162.3
12Gabe Verlin18:20.3GR_South Christian159.6
10Tyler Endres18:24.7FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern158.1
11James Butler18:31.5Wayland Union155.8
11Nicholas Kline18:41.3GR_Kenowa Hills152.6
9Aiden Weller18:44.8Cedar Springs151.4
12Alexander Page18:47.9GR_Kenowa Hills150.4
11Luke Ueland18:50.0FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern149.7
9Thad VanderLaan19:00.3GR_South Christian146.2
9Kelton Hoover19:02.2GR_Ottawa Hills145.6
10Quinton Bell19:10.3Cedar Springs142.9
9Grant Hillary19:11.8GR_Catholic Central142.4
11Zach Reed19:17.4Cedar Springs140.5
11Evan Spronk19:20.1GR_South Christian139.6
12Eli Malon19:23.7Cedar Springs138.4
10Caleb VanSickle19:28.6Cedar Springs136.8
10Henry Jasper19:30.2GR_Kenowa Hills136.3
9Ryan Ladd19:31.5Cedar Springs135.8
10Brennan Lee19:34.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern135.0
9Diego Barnaby19:37.6GR_Ottawa Hills133.8
9Jacob VanVlerah19:44.2FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern131.6
9Elijah Boes19:48.6GR_South Christian130.1
9Rick Hunderman19:55.2GR_South Christian127.9
12Ben Kooistra19:55.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern127.9
12Rene Garcia19:57.7GR_Catholic Central127.1
10Nick Whitmer19:58.5FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern126.8
9Liam Bingman20:09.1GR_Catholic Central123.3
11Heath Soho20:12.5FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern122.2
12Ryan Keen20:17.5GR_South Christian120.5
9Gordie Kaiton20:24.0FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern118.3
10Lucas Kozlowicz20:26.6FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern117.5
10Jonah Howell20:40.8FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern112.7
11Levi VanderMeyden20:49.9GR_South Christian109.7
11Will Hoekstra20:52.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern109.0
10Charlie Laughlin20:52.8GR_Ottawa Hills108.7
10Roben Perez20:56.6GR_Catholic Central107.5
12Zach Ueland21:04.7FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern104.8
11Kaden Hamming21:11.3Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg102.6
12Harley Bentley21:14.8GR_Kenowa Hills101.4
11Lincoln Fox21:17.4GR_Kenowa Hills100.5
9Cooper Donovan21:20.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern99.6
12Brent Smith21:29.0FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern96.7
11Nathan DeVries21:30.4GR_South Christian96.2
11Brady Morrow21:31.8Cedar Springs95.7
10Lucas Sage21:34.4GR_Kenowa Hills94.9
11Luke Fermin21:34.5FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern94.8
9Logan Redes21:35.0Cedar Springs94.7
9Luke Archer21:35.4Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg94.5
9Benjamin Postma21:40.5Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg92.8
9David Jacobs21:43.5GR_South Christian91.8
9Joshua Kortenhoven21:44.4GR_Ottawa Hills91.5
11Jaxon Palmbos21:48.3GR_South Christian90.2
9Rex Jackson21:53.4GR_South Christian88.5
10Christien Miller22:05.4Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg84.5
12Luke DeLange22:06.9GR_South Christian84.0
9Colin Pattison22:08.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern83.6
9Lucas Bruno22:08.7GR_Ottawa Hills83.4
11Andrew Quint22:18.9GR_Catholic Central80.0
11Elijah Peterson22:20.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern79.5
10Joshua Barr22:24.2GR_South Christian78.3
11Kip Tanui22:26.3GR_South Christian77.6
10Evan Liu22:29.7Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg76.4
10Case Dykhouse22:30.4Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg76.2
12Brian Calderon-Ortiz22:34.2GR_Kenowa Hills74.9
10Adam Vander Hart22:42.0GR_South Christian72.3
10Alex Byrnes22:43.5GR_Ottawa Hills71.8
9Sean Davis23:00.2Cedar Springs66.3
10Todd Faber23:06.4GR_South Christian64.2
11Leo Kleff23:13.8FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern61.7
11David Francis23:15.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern61.2
11Carter VanWyk23:18.8Wayland Union60.1
10Christian Momber23:27.6GR_Kenowa Hills57.1
12Aidden Gentz23:29.6GR_Kenowa Hills56.5
9Ethan Manning23:36.3Wayland Union54.2
10Brady Bronson23:45.8GR_Catholic Central51.1
9Levi Boomsma23:50.5GR_South Christian49.5
9Liem Krueger24:04.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern45.0
10Will Gavin24:12.1Wayland Union42.3
9Joseph Butler24:28.5Wayland Union36.8
9Micah Heckathorn24:52.6GR_Catholic Central28.8
12Andrea Boasso24:55.3GR_South Christian27.9
9Noah Donker25:09.0Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg23.3
9Jude VanderWeide25:25.0Wayland Union18.0
11John Edwards25:30.6FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern16.1
11Adam Rhodes25:31.9FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern15.7
9Luke Herder25:47.5GR_South Christian10.5
11Jordan Weers25:47.6Wayland Union10.5
9Aiden Malberg25:48.5GR_Kenowa Hills10.2
10Bradyn Bouma26:19.1GR_South Christian0.0

11Selma Anderson19:40.1GR_Ottawa Hills134.0
12Sarah Dixon20:06.2FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern125.3
10Ava Crews20:08.6Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg124.5
12Ellory Clason20:12.2FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern123.3
11Addison Washler20:14.2FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern122.6
12Larissa McGrath20:16.4Cedar Springs121.9
12Olivia Barabas20:21.3Wayland Union120.2
11Ellia Agar20:42.6GR_South Christian113.1
11Brooklyn Springvloed20:50.0GR_South Christian110.7
11Ashlyn Smith21:02.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern106.5
11Emily Tomes21:23.2GR_Catholic Central99.6
9Chloe Rinzema21:24.6GR_South Christian99.1
11Jayden Turner21:25.9GR_Kenowa Hills98.7
10Rachel Berkenpas21:35.8GR_South Christian95.4
12Erika Posthumus21:36.3GR_Kenowa Hills95.2
9Jillian Clason21:38.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern94.6
12Halle Overmire21:46.0GR_South Christian92.0
10Reese Hansen21:57.0GR_Ottawa Hills88.3
12Emily Langerak22:09.8GR_South Christian84.1
12Noelle House22:09.9Wayland Union84.0
11Elliot Antel22:10.5Wayland Union83.8
11Campbell Hansen22:10.8GR_Ottawa Hills83.7
12Evie DeBlaay22:18.8GR_South Christian81.1
11Lilly Dood22:45.3GR_South Christian72.2
9Jana Kalumbula22:47.0GR_Ottawa Hills71.7
12Lucy Cusack22:54.4GR_Catholic Central69.2
12Lucy VanDemark23:08.1Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg64.6
9Serena Piotrowski23:08.1Cedar Springs64.6
11Annalise Elliott23:11.1Cedar Springs63.6
9Enna Wainer23:19.0GR_Ottawa Hills61.0
12Lydia Tolsma23:21.9GR_South Christian60.0
12Allison Postema23:27.5GR_Kenowa Hills58.2
12Mary Harkema23:29.4GR_South Christian57.5
12Lindsey Velting23:38.9Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg54.4
11Ashleigh Ponstein23:44.0GR_South Christian52.7
9Madison Kietzman23:48.8Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg51.1
12Emma Thompson23:49.1Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg51.0
11Holly Velting23:50.7Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg50.4
11Hannah Reed24:00.0Cedar Springs47.3
12Molly Bentley24:01.9Cedar Springs46.7
11Kaitlynn Brown24:05.2Cedar Springs45.6
12Emma Thayer24:08.2Wayland Union44.6
9Lydia Huisman24:10.9GR_South Christian43.7
9Lili Zondervan24:15.7GR_South Christian42.1
11Nora Huffman24:27.5GR_Catholic Central38.2
9Megan Schuurmans24:31.2Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg36.9
11Riley VanderLaan24:35.9GR_South Christian35.4
10Katherine Ptak24:36.8GR_Catholic Central35.1
10Katence Brown-Holzgen24:42.5GR_Catholic Central33.2
9Grace Kooyer24:52.5GR_South Christian29.8
9Maggie Roelofs24:54.1GR_South Christian29.3
11Addyson Brown25:03.9Cedar Springs26.0
11Katherine Powers25:10.7Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg23.8
11Brianna Agon25:46.7GR_Catholic Central11.8
10Raeann VanLaan25:58.0GR_South Christian8.0
9Elise Eisenhof26:02.2GR_South Christian6.6
11Kaylyn Burgess26:15.6GR_South Christian2.1
11Laine Hinton26:18.7Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg1.1

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