2022 Ratings: Marquette County

Championship meets this early? I love it!

Boys Adjustment: -60
Girls Adjustment: -72


Adam White, Marquette: A perfect score in a championship meet is something else. Heck, they didn’t stop at five, the Redmen swept the top-8. Any week, any meet, you could pick out an outstanding performance. This time it was Adam, consistent with his 18:10’s this year, primed to finally slip into the 17’s as the year wears on. I’m anxious to see what this crew can do at Spartan next Friday.

Endla Harris, Negaunee: 3rd as a sophomore, 2nd as a junior, now The Champion. Endla did so beating two athletes that were ahead of her two weeks ago at Queen City.

12Carson Vanderschaaf17:05.3Marquette198.2
12Brady Ketzenberger17:56.7Marquette181.1
11Cullen Papin18:04.4Marquette178.5
10Chase Thomsen18:11.3Marquette176.2
12Adam White18:17.3Marquette174.2
9Peter Argeropoulos18:36.0Marquette168.0
11James Kraeg18:36.0Marquette168.0
12Kai Chouinard18:38.0Marquette167.3
12John Plaxco18:48.9Negaunee163.7
12Drew White19:11.1Marquette156.3
10Seppi Camilli19:16.6Marquette154.5
12James Dank19:26.4Negaunee151.2
10Evan Balko19:51.4Marquette142.9
9Simon Jaklin20:04.4Negaunee138.5
9Beepsee Teeple20:09.3Marquette136.9
9Boden Moore20:47.9Marquette124.0
Frantisek Tupec20:58.3Marquette120.6
10Jack Parent21:00.0Marquette120.0
9Carson Wernholm21:06.1Marquette118.0
10Thomas Jenkins21:06.7Gwinn117.8
10Levi Nicholls21:24.4Ishpeming111.9
12Jace Moore21:35.5Marquette108.2
10Marlow Quigley21:37.8Marquette107.4
9Ben Khul21:38.9Marquette107.0
9Austin Byczek21:48.2Marquette103.9
11Matthew Jenkins21:52.2Gwinn102.6
10Michael Slawinski22:02.6Negaunee99.1
12Judge Anderson22:31.3Negaunee89.6
11Logan Katona22:33.4Negaunee88.9
12Joe McCollum22:58.4Negaunee80.5
11Alex Ossenheimer23:15.9Negaunee74.7
11Patrick Klumpp23:17.9Ishpeming Westwood74.0
12Devin Santilli23:50.8Negaunee63.1
10Caden Steede24:40.8Negaunee46.4
10Reid Frustaglio25:20.1Ishpeming Westwood33.3
11David Cox25:21.5Ishpeming32.8
10Carter Clark25:47.4Negaunee24.2
12Joe Rosten26:02.9Negaunee19.0
11Blake Holmgren26:23.3Negaunee12.2

12Endla Harris21:28.7Negaunee114.4
11Abby Harma21:34.6Marquette112.5
10Monet Argeropoulos22:22.5Marquette96.5
9Ella Fure22:28.9Marquette94.4
10Tessa Bruns22:55.7Marquette85.4
10Marlee Plaxco22:55.9Negaunee85.4
11Retta Boburka23:30.9Ishpeming Westwood73.7
10Laynie Korpi23:50.9Ishpeming67.0
12Courtney Larson23:57.4Marquette64.9
10Maija Maki-Warne24:12.8Marquette59.7
12Anna Grzelak25:06.7Marquette41.8
10Elisa Malherbe25:28.3Marquette34.6
10Julia Moyle25:36.6Marquette31.8
11Seere Helms-Gleason25:51.2Negaunee26.9
12Emmi Kruhak25:52.4Marquette26.5
10Violet Papin25:54.2Marquette25.9
12Baux Truckey26:10.5Marquette20.5
11Amara Rasmussen26:47.8Negaunee8.1

1 thought on “2022 Ratings: Marquette County”

  1. which course did they use? Presque Isle Park?

    John Carlson, Spanish Teacher Belding Middle School Cross Country and Track & Field Coach ________________________________


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