2022 Ratings: Trent Carter Windmill

Boys Adjustment: +2
Girls Adjustment: -5

The whole field here was blessed by Trent, but I’d like to highlight a few runners:

Jackson Spencer and Connor Wolff, Dryden: Each ran season bests and nearly personal bests, but most of all were essential in ensuring a Cardinal victory. Dryden entered the meet projected 2nd and ended up winning the dang thing. That’s a win in my book.

Miranda McNeil, Morley-Stanwood: In her first two years at the high school level, she’s a had a bit of success. Only a few All-States and a CSAA Silver title. She’s back for more, winning here and at Oiler, running her best time at Pete Moss too.

12Dakota Dykhuis17:08.8Montabella176.4
11Aiden Fitchett17:37.7Dryden166.8
11Sawyer Stoneman17:46.4Breckenridge163.9
11Isaac Humm18:10.6Breckenridge155.8
12Owen Gross18:56.1Beal City140.6
12Shelby Hopkins19:14.8Morley-Stanwood134.4
11Jeffery Harden19:31.2Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary128.9
11Tyler Vining19:33.4Morley-Stanwood128.2
11Jaden Ostrander19:53.5Breckenridge121.5
10Camden Fager19:54.1Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary121.3
12James Wilson19:54.6Montabella121.1
11Carter Follett19:55.8Merrill120.7
12Jesse Jones19:57.6Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart120.1
10Noah Hall20:04.6Dryden117.8
9William Sale20:22.9Dryden111.7
11Elijah Kimbel20:30.3McBain Northern Michigan Christian109.2
12Jackson Spencer20:37.8Dryden106.7
11Connor Wolff20:44.3Dryden104.6
9Isaiah Greenacre21:14.6Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart94.5
9Aiden Sprague21:29.5Beal City89.5
12Caleb Munson21:35.3Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary87.6
11Matthew Hickmott21:48.8Dryden83.1
11Dylan Phillips21:49.2Morley-Stanwood82.9
12Colin DeKam21:49.5McBain Northern Michigan Christian82.8
9Logan Romain21:50.0Dryden82.7
10Matthew Bannick21:52.2Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary81.9
10Austin Gross22:05.5Beal City77.5
10Aimon Humm22:07.3Breckenridge76.9
10Connor Karow22:11.7St. Charles75.4
9Summer Yuan22:15.9Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary74.0
11Tyler Biggs22:31.4Dryden68.9
9Jordan Weber22:38.6Beal City66.5
10Sean Finnigan23:12.0Dryden55.3
10Keion Adams23:23.8Montabella51.4
11Preston Foster23:29.9Breckenridge49.4
11Jadon Mayer23:39.4Breckenridge46.2
10Eli Zeien23:41.2Beal City45.6
12Richard Duynslager23:52.0Beal City42.0
11David Wang24:03.5Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary38.2
10Chase Wezensky24:09.6Beal City36.1
9Kingsley Gu24:14.3Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart34.6
12Sam Scharrer24:17.8Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary33.4
12Jacob Booher24:38.0McBain Northern Michigan Christian26.7
12Oakley Henson25:03.3St. Charles18.2
11Steven Huang25:11.7Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary15.4
9Conner Fenton25:33.1Beal City8.3
12Payton Sheldon25:39.6Montabella6.1
12Joe Kramp25:49.2Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary2.9
11Sergey Collings25:51.2Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart2.3
12Kyle Loeffler25:56.3Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary0.6

11Miranda McNeil19:59.5Morley-Stanwood121.8
12Kaylee Locke22:14.1Beal City77.0
10Avery Westall22:35.5Breckenridge69.9
10Landry Gomez22:37.9St. Charles69.0
11Jacqueline Morton22:41.3Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart67.9
9Ally Schmitz22:44.5Breckenridge66.8
12Hadyn Armstrong22:54.9Beal City63.4
11Audrey Napolitano23:12.8Dryden57.4
10Brianna Locke23:30.2Beal City51.6
11Lily Finnigan23:35.5Dryden49.8
10Lilly Leppert23:48.3Beal City45.6
10Lauryn Licari23:52.3Beal City44.2
11Tori Most24:03.9Breckenridge40.4
10Danica Aldrich24:10.5Breckenridge38.2
10Areyel Weiss24:28.9Breckenridge32.0
10Elizabeth Kolb24:30.1St. Charles31.6
9Laura Bigard24:44.3Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart26.9
10Nataly Vine24:47.9Breckenridge25.7
9McKenzie Houtman25:08.0Morley-Stanwood19.0
12Madeline Miller25:10.8Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary18.1
9Cara Prusakiewicz25:12.6Dryden17.5
9Tabitha Norris25:22.8St. Charles14.1
11Sarah Kober25:24.7Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary13.4
9Grace Supanich25:25.7Morley-Stanwood13.1
12Rachel McCaughna25:27.9Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary12.4
10Bella Davis25:30.9Beal City11.4
10Alexis Graham25:37.0St. Charles9.3

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