September 29th Meets

Only two to go over here (well, Tracy Strom up in Ishpeming as well, but I’ll get to that when I sweep through the UP results), Mackinaw Club and the make up MAC Red Girls race.

MAC Red Girls Adjusment: +17
Mackinaw Club Boys Adjustment: +6
Mackinaw Club Girls Adjustment: -3

12Cal Benjamin16:30Harbor Springs191.0
11Trevor Clarke17:55Harbor Springs162.7
11Logan Kihnke18:02Harbor Springs160.3
9Henry Kruzel18:29Harbor Springs151.3
9Adam Furguson18:40Harbor Springs147.7
12Grant Mason18:42Manistique147.0
12Lars Huffman18:43Mackinaw City146.7
10Russell Vandermus18:44Petoskey St. Michael146.3
11Tyler DeYoung18:45Ellsworth146.0
10Ben Gilroy18:56Manistique142.3
9Cole Brege18:59Rogers City141.3
11Patrick Puroll19:03Ellsworth140.0
12Cooper Whipkey19:09Mackinaw City138.0
10Teddy Krieger19:12Harbor Springs137.0
9Max Vroman19:22Harbor Springs133.7
11Jadin Mix19:37.1Onaway128.6
12Timothy March19:37.2Boyne City128.6
Joe Heckroth19:38Boyne City128.3
10Dakota Taylor19:45Engadine126.0
10Brady Bearss19:49Boyne City124.7
12Noah Valot19:54Mackinaw City123.0
11Corbin Smith19:58Boyne City121.7
9Carson Kiefer20:04Cheboygan119.7
11Trystan Swanson20:08Mackinaw City118.3
11Quinn Socia20:26Pickford112.3
10Logan McMullen20:32Indian River Inland Lakes110.3
9Ayden Cady21:18Boyne City95.0
12Jacob Berry21:34Manistique89.7
9Andrew Kiefer21:36Cheboygan89.0
12Gavin Wallace21:49Pickford84.7
10Blake Mason21:58Manistique81.7
12Zach Vallier22:06Engadine79.0
9Drake Stec22:07Pickford78.7
11Elijah Parker22:12Engadine77.0
9Brayden Durecki22:15Gaylord St. Mary76.0
12Nicholas Sponable22:17Ellsworth75.3
11Jonah Riddle22:18.1Rogers City75.0
11Connor Wallace22:18.2Indian River Inland Lakes74.9
12Austin Mischell22:24Manistique73.0
11Brendan Mead22:35Manistique69.3
8Jack Puroll22:40Ellsworth67.7
10Beau McKervey22:45Wolverine66.0
9Ben Strittmatter22:48Mackinaw City65.0
12Landon Mertz22:53Rogers City63.3
9Ronan Weed22:55Petoskey St. Michael62.7
12Jeffrey Siebigteroth22:58Mackinaw City61.7
9Ashtin Vincent23:04Manistique59.7
11Everett Baetens23:08.1Harbor Springs58.3
12Adam Ondrak23:08.2Brimley58.3
9Alex Hudson23:09Cheboygan58.0
9Braxton Esper23:42Cheboygan47.0
11Steven Ramsby23:57Cheboygan42.0
10Isaac Valot24:19:00Mackinaw City34.7
9Russell Wiser24:28:00Harbor Springs31.7
12Alex Ziemba24:29:00Manistique31.3
12Henry Bair24:33:00Boyne City30.0
12Andrew Drake24:39:00Wolverine28.0
9John Tillotson24:42:00Petoskey St. Michael27.0
9Evan Blaskowski25:32:00Cheboygan10.3
Caden Veeneman25:42:00Brimley7.0
10Remington Bollinger25:47:00Indian River Inland Lakes5.3
12Sam Patrick25:55:00Cheboygan2.7

10Lillian Deskins19:24.7Grosse Pointe North126.1MAC Red 1
12Ava Maginity19:40Boyne City124.7Mackinaw Club
12Grace Thorpe20:09Harbor Springs115.0Mackinaw Club
12Isabella Beck20:01.2Utica Eisenhower113.9MAC Red 1
11Miriam Murrell20:17Gaylord St. Mary112.3Mackinaw Club
11Lauren Thomas20:12.0New Baltimore Anchor Bay110.3MAC Red 1
10Juniper Rodham20:23Harbor Springs110.3Mackinaw Club
10Charlotte Long20:17.5Utica Eisenhower108.5MAC Red 1
11Addison Johnson20:34.1Utica103.0MAC Red 1
11Lucie Leonhard20:35.8Grosse Pointe North102.4MAC Red 1
9Siene Muraszewski20:36.5Utica102.2MAC Red 1
10Savannah Spangler20:41.7Grosse Pointe South100.4MAC Red 1
12Meagan Verellen21:02.9Utica93.4MAC Red 1
9Delaney Little21:16Boyne City92.7Mackinaw Club
10Tara Shouldice21:18Harbor Springs92.0Mackinaw Club
12Ava Rawley21:17.1Utica88.6MAC Red 1
10Chloe Caulfield21:18.6Grosse Pointe South88.1MAC Red 1
12Abby Fifield21:18.8Utica88.1MAC Red 1
12Natalie Langkam21:24.5Utica Eisenhower86.2MAC Red 1
9Brooke McFarland21:27.3Utica85.2MAC Red 1
9Lizzie Bassett21:39Harbor Springs85.0Mackinaw Club
11Morgan Deenik21:33.0Grosse Pointe South83.3MAC Red 1
12Sophia Dragich21:34.4Grosse Pointe North82.9MAC Red 1
11Kloie Roy21:34.8Grosse Pointe South82.7MAC Red 1
10Sophia Aquino21:41.1Utica80.6MAC Red 1
11Zofia Lutoborska21:47.1Grosse Pointe North78.6MAC Red 1
11Emma Babcock21:50.0Grosse Pointe North77.7MAC Red 1
12Ava Carr21:51.4Grosse Pointe South77.2MAC Red 1
10Adelina Parikh21:58.3Grosse Pointe South74.9MAC Red 1
11Maddi McCullough21:59.8Romeo74.4MAC Red 1
10Raelyn Brady22:00.7New Baltimore Anchor Bay74.1MAC Red 1
10Kasie Kalist22:03.0Romeo73.3MAC Red 1
12Caroline Abell22:04.3Utica Eisenhower72.9MAC Red 1
9Liliana Ivanaj22:06.9Grosse Pointe North72.0MAC Red 1
12Larissa Huffman22:18Mackinaw City72.0Mackinaw Club
10Emma Hullinger22:09.0Romeo71.3MAC Red 1
10Sydney Brickel22:11.9Romeo70.4MAC Red 1
9Maya Muskan22:14.6Romeo69.5MAC Red 1
9Jolene Thompson22:14.9Romeo69.4MAC Red 1
12Carlie Woolm22:16.3New Baltimore Anchor Bay68.9MAC Red 1
10Grace Hayhurst22:34Harbor Springs66.7Mackinaw Club
12Lindsay Harvey22:31.9Macomb Dakota63.7MAC Red 1
9Lidia Clancy22:31.9Macomb Dakota63.7MAC Red 1
12Josie Baker22:47.1Harbor Springs62.3Mackinaw Club
12Emma McKinley22:47.2Gaylord St. Mary62.3Mackinaw Club
10McKenzie Bowman22:48Harbor Springs62.0Mackinaw Club
12Anya Rosenthal22:42.6Utica60.1MAC Red 1
12Kyra Shouldice22:56Harbor Springs59.3Mackinaw Club
12Kelly Gavagan22:54.1Grosse Pointe South56.3MAC Red 1
11Eleanor Kroetsch22:55.5Utica55.8MAC Red 1
12Logan Smythe22:56.9Utica55.4MAC Red 1
11Zoe Zeiser22:56.9Utica55.4MAC Red 1
12Kayla Switzer23:09Wolverine55.0Mackinaw Club
10Clair Bacon23:07.3St. Clair51.9MAC Red 1
12Leah French23:19.1Engadine51.6Mackinaw Club
10Samantha Harke23:19.2Cheboygan51.6Mackinaw Club
12Grace Wininger23:12.4Grosse Pointe South50.2MAC Red 1
12Meagan Lange23:28Forest Area48.7Mackinaw Club
11Nicolina Gusmano23:22.0Grosse Pointe North47.0MAC Red 1
10Ella Hugh23:26.4Grosse Pointe South45.5MAC Red 1
11Hannah Przybylski23:27.6Grosse Pointe South45.1MAC Red 1
12Journey Hutchins23:42.1Central Lake44.0Mackinaw Club
12Lannah Engler23:42.2Indian River Inland Lakes43.9Mackinaw Club
10Katherine Farmer23:31.3Utica Eisenhower43.9MAC Red 1
10Mimi Trupiano23:31.8Grosse Pointe North43.7MAC Red 1
10Katie Madigan23:32.9Grosse Pointe North43.4MAC Red 1
12Lauren Fenstermaker23:44Indian River Inland Lakes43.3Mackinaw Club
10Isabella MacDonald23:34.0Romeo43.0MAC Red 1
9Grace Askew23:37.1St. Clair42.0MAC Red 1
10Julia Timpa23:40.6Macomb Dakota40.8MAC Red 1
10Mylene Pham23:40.7Macomb Dakota40.8MAC Red 1
12Madison Smith23:52Mackinaw City40.7Mackinaw Club
11Ava Harvey23:41.1Macomb Dakota40.6MAC Red 1
10Leah Durfee23:53Forest Area40.3Mackinaw Club
11Mackensy Wilson23:54Boyne City40.0Mackinaw Club
11Hailee Arnold23:43.9St. Clair39.7MAC Red 1
12McKenna Goike23:44.3Macomb Dakota39.6MAC Red 1
9Ashlyn Boudia23:44.3Macomb Dakota39.6MAC Red 1
9Ryann Smitka23:45.5Macomb Dakota39.2MAC Red 1
10Sarah Koval23:46.5Grosse Pointe South38.8MAC Red 1
10Ellie Crull23:58Onaway38.7Mackinaw Club
10Calista Watchhorn24:01:00Manistique37.7Mackinaw Club
11Emily Przybylski23:51.1Grosse Pointe South37.3MAC Red 1
11Emily Francis23:54.6Grosse Pointe North36.1MAC Red 1
9Cambrynne Giem24:10:00Boyne City34.7Mackinaw Club
10Ava Nightingale24:00.4Utica Eisenhower34.2MAC Red 1
9Chelsey Hertel24:12:00Boyne City34.0Mackinaw Club
9Morgan Scally24:03.5Romeo33.2MAC Red 1
9Emma Christensen24:06.4Romeo32.2MAC Red 1
9Abby Macey24:07.6Grosse Pointe South31.8MAC Red 1
12Alexis Burson24:13.6Grosse Pointe North29.8MAC Red 1
12Sarah McCloskey24:15.0Grosse Pointe North29.3MAC Red 1
12Paige Spence24:21.1Grosse Pointe North27.3MAC Red 1
11Ruby Verlinden24:31.5Grosse Pointe South23.8MAC Red 1
10Allison Tuttle24:43.4Utica19.9MAC Red 1
12Sofia Guevara24:45.5Grosse Pointe South19.2MAC Red 1
8Taya Long25:00:00Wolverine18.0Mackinaw Club
9Taylor Hefele25:09:00Rogers City15.0Mackinaw Club
11Clara Gould25:15:00Engadine13.0Mackinaw Club
10Lilia Moussiaux25:04.5Grosse Pointe South12.8MAC Red 1
12Clara Gilroy25:16:00Manistique12.7Mackinaw Club
11Loriana Mannino25:05.3Utica12.6MAC Red 1
11Juliette Aouad25:08.5Grosse Pointe North11.5MAC Red 1
11Alexia McCarthy25:24:00Cheboygan10.0Mackinaw Club
10Jacky Dunlap25:31:00Boyne City7.7Mackinaw Club
10Kelsie George25:20.1Grosse Pointe South7.6MAC Red 1
10Soren Wierbicki25:20.3Utica Eisenhower7.6MAC Red 1
12Isabelle VanArragon25:23.6Grosse Pointe South6.5MAC Red 1
12Marion Shereda25:23.9Romeo6.4MAC Red 1
12Lydia McNanney25:25.6Grosse Pointe South5.8MAC Red 1
11Sara Gomez25:29.9Romeo4.4MAC Red 1
10Ruby Richards25:43:00Boyne City3.7Mackinaw Club
12Bella Deskins25:32.0Grosse Pointe North3.7MAC Red 1
11Chloe Szymanski25:32.7Utica Eisenhower3.4MAC Red 1
9Sophia Harding25:44:00Gaylord St. Mary3.3Mackinaw Club
11Liberty Proctor25:36.5St. Clair2.2MAC Red 1

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