Thursday Roundup

Spring break week, a time to relax, find warm weather, and not compete in track meets.  Unless you’re in the Catholic League or a few schools in mid-Michigan.  There wasn’t much to report this week, but I did scour through results looking for any tiny breadcrumb of improvement.  The schedule does seem to pick up soon, we’ll have some Saturday meets where a few traditional powers will compete (Breckenridge, Shepherd, Heritage, amongst others), then will officially pick up the following week.  Anyway, here’s a few individuals that stood out:

Dominic Comfort, Macomb L’Anse Creuse

2018 Track – 2:32/5:42/12:01

2018 XC – 18:26, 122.7 rating

2019 Track – 5:25/11:14… 17 and 47 second improvements, respectively.

Henry Moran, Brother Rice

2018 Track – 2:11/5:07

2018 XC – 17:30 (Metro Beach), 157.3 rating

2019 Track – 2:08/5:01/11:32… I’d expect that 11:32 to drop if he runs it again and 17:30 to be a starting point next year, not a late season revelation

Natalie Wehner, Flint Powers Catholic

2018 XC – 21:52, -24.4 rating

2019 Track – 2:56/5:47… that 21:52 from XC was a 4 min. drop from the start of the season.  Surely her rating is deflated from early results and that mile time is legit.

Kelcee VanBuskirk, Caro

2018 XC – 22:37, 52.5 rating

2019 Track – 2:46/6:12/13:26… I think the 2:46 is the best time and the range is obviously there.  13:26 lets you know the endurance is there for drops this year and into XC.


Now that division cutoffs have been released, my current project is regional assignments.  I realize that regional sites change from year to year, but I’m working on a method to make them as fair as possible, taking into account distance, projections for the following year, and getting the best possible 27 teams to MIS.  From what I understand, MITCA does great work in this regard, but these are two of my favorite areas: geography and running.

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