Thursday Roundup

Dual meets have began to heat up and the weather is trying to follow the same course.  We’ve had some invitationals over the past weekend and times have been dropped, and of course I’m using my day off to look at some 9th-11th graders that will impact this track and upcoming XC season.

Jenna Locricchio, Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard

2018 Track: 63.6 (400)

2018 XC: 20:49, 89.4 rating

2019 Track: 64.4/2:31.8… 400 pretty consistent with last year, 2:31 shows some range.  Had a slower race at regional last year, hopefully track can pave the way to some redemption.

Terry Emeigh, Allen Park

2018 Track: 57.0/2:09/4:47

2018 XC: 18:12, 152.7 rating

2019 Track: 53.9/2:05/5:02… had to include someone from the hometown.  His family has been a part of the Allen Park running scene for awhile, good to see it start to come together.  Maybe they’ve found something in that 400/800, but I’m sure that mile time will drop as well.

Emma Stasiuk, Three Rivers

2018 XC: 20:50, 91.4 rating

2019 Track: 2:54/6:15/12:03… the 12:03 is outstanding in a dual meet.  Of course it’s rare that you’re chasing a ringer like Makenna Veen, but for a freshman who’s already run a mile?  I like it.  Extrapolating from this, one would think she’ll smash her best from XC last year.

Christopher Villaire, Macomb Dakota

2018 Track: 2:30/5:09/11:36

2018 XC: 17:30, 161.0 rating

2019 Track: 2:15/4:48/10:46… it appears Villaire’s improvement came last fall, but it has continued into track.  Ran 17:3x multiple times in cross, a nearly 2 minute improvement from his freshman year.

Lilly Rodriguez, Capac

2018 Track: 2:46/5:58/12:55

2018 XC: 22:22, 62.3 rating

2019 Track: 2:46/6:01… I realize the times are consistent with last year, but Rodriguez hadn’t even had a meet at this point last year.  If the timeline is similar to last year, expect some PRs.

Zach McEvoy, Saginaw Heritage

2018 Track: 6:25

2018 XC: 19:53, 101.8 rating

2019 Track: 2:29/5:20/11:15… there’s some definitely some expletives you could throw around for this guy.  In the fall, Zach finally broke 20 minutes after years of trying.  He’s carried that over into a track season where he’s knocked a minute off his 1600, and ran a 3200 that’s in the range of a 150-155 xc rating.  So yeah, keep doing what you’re doing.

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