Thursday Roundup

Here’s six athletes who have made some strides this track season:

Maddy Bean, Richmond

2018 Track: 5:34/12:03

2018 XC: 19:36 (Algonac Regional), 123.5 rating

2019 Track: 5:32/11:43… 20 second PR in the 3200.  Would expect that 1600 to drop as well.

Sam Yoder, Midland

2018 Track: 2:23/5:10

2018 XC: 18:21 (Delta College Regional), 138.4 rating

2019 Track: 4:58/11:11… 3200 time may seem modest, but compared to XC results, show someone who will continue on that low 18 trajectory.  Potentially a senior season in the 17s.

Cierra Guay, Benzie Central

2018 Track: 74/2:39/5:49/12:18

2018 XC: 19:44 (Benzie Central Regional), 115.1

2019 Track: 66/2:37/5:40/12:15…  I know Benzie has some great coaching, but PRs in 4 events is impressive.

Ashton Brennan, Zeeland East

2018 Track: 5:04/10:58

2018 XC: 17:48 (Hudsonville Eagle), 162.9 rating

2019 Track: 5:15/10:13… Steady drops his three years of XC, from sub 20 as a freshman to sub 19 as a soph, to sub 18 as a junior.  3200 time shows that’s still going on.

Anna Petr, East Grand Rapids

2018 Track: 2:25/5:15/11:38

2018 XC: 18:36 (Allendale Regional), 139.6 rating

2019 Track: 63.7/2:21/5:21/10:44… Fairly similar to last year in events below 3200.  3200 obviously carries the most weight in comparison to XC.  I don’t think anyone will challenge Theis next year but definitely in the race for second.

Jozef Meyers, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix

2018 Track: 4:34/9:31

2018 XC: 16:05 (Portage Regional), 192.6

2019 Track: 4:27/9:23… Times are from indoor, but that 9:23 is really really good.  Meyers started last year’s XC season strong, but didn’t drop times at the rate that others did.  Hopeful that we see some 9:1x performances later this year.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was looking into a method for regional assignments.  My god is that painstaking.  Kudos to those on the site selection committee.  There might be a time where I can contribute to that, but not now.  I knew it was complex, but too much work for me now (and not knowing where the regional sites would be, somewhat pointless).  Instead I’ll just critique the assignments when they are released.  Hope you all enjoy this rainy week.

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