CoronaBreak Challenge Results

Thanks to all for participating and having fun with this.  I think even a few people got out to run that wouldn’t have if not for the contest. 

The intention was to do this for a week and have different categories each week, but obviously that didn’t happen.  My motivation stalled, I’m human, but that’s no excuse.  Enough about that, the important thing is it was a good distraction and a little fun while it lasted.

A good friend and co-worker of mine, Aaron Greb has been creating photoshops and graphics for runners in the local area.  He’s about as genuine of a guy you’ll find and will undoubtedly make a great coach someday.  So if you’re in the Top 10, please email him at abgreb4002@gmail.com with a photo of you running and let him know your school name. If email isn’t an option, message me and I’ll get that over to him.

For the Top 10, you’ll receive one of his images.  He will be compensated for this.  There are also 5 athletes that continued to submit after a week, and for those along with the the Top 10, I’ll write a special feature on you (even if you’re competing in college next year) during the season previews. 

Here are the results:

Along with those Top 10, there were 5 athletes who continually submitted scores after the week was up. Those are: Ahna VanderWall, Rachel Phillips, Ainslie Vanneste, Maya Harb, and Erin Siver.


Andrew Hylen winning this on the back of his PBJ sandwiches and same color outfits.

All the colorful food:

Ahna VanderWall’s birthday socks:

Happy Birthday!

Braxton Lamey, changing outfits mid-run to rack up points:

Jack Decker and Eli Meder rocking the costumes:

And Bailey Ewen, her artwork, understanding the true essence of it all:

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