2020 Previews

50 Tickets To Brooklyn (#48)



48. Josh Oom, Caledonia


  • Consistently been the top-15 in his class for his first two years in HS, with improvement along the way
  • Saved his best races for last, although he didn’t have a subpar race (at an invite) all year
  • Curiously no victories on his athleticnet scorecard, the crew over here believes that will change this year
  • Along with a runner not yet named, leaders on a Caledonia team primed for a top-10 finish at MIS

48. Abigail Petr

  • MS career predicted great success for her and she did not let down
  • Remarkable consistency in terms of time, only one major, championship season race not within that 18:50-19:10 window
  • Showed some improvement in indoor, sporting a 3 second PR in the 3200m, one that we know from EGR’s history that would drop in the spring
  • As with Oom, saved her best for last, a major aid in EGR’s successful bid for a state title

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