District Projections

District 18 Projections

Many of you may be aware of Dominic Comfort’s struggle to get a chance to run here. Thankfully he is, and his Crusaders will be in a battle with Anchor Bay and Fraser for that 4th spot. Those teams have faced off quite a bit this year, with LCN emerging victorious in all but one (in which Comfort missed). Can they pull it off one last time?


Clinton Township Chippewa Valley
Harrison Township L’Anse Creuse
Macomb Dakota
Macomb L’Anse Creuse North
New Baltimore Anchor Bay
Port Huron
Port Huron Northern


Team Projections

2Macomb Dakota70
3Port Huron Northern70
4Macomb L’Anse Creuse North124
6New Baltimore Anchor Bay146
7Clinton Twp. Chippewa Valley195
8Harrison Twp. L’Anse Creuse234
9Port Huron257

Individual Projections

111Jack KelkeRomeo204.4
212Zander CobbRomeo202.9
312Joseph RinkeRomeo195.6
412Adam ThomasNew Baltimore Anchor Bay193.2
511Owen SharnasRomeo190.4
611Jack WallaceRomeo187.7
712Jacob HarbertsMacomb Dakota185.7
812Matthew SingerMacomb Dakota178.8
912Elijah DiCerboFraser178.5
1011Carter BelangerPort Huron Northern175.7
119Luke MaherPort Huron Northern173.0
129Connor ClorRomeo170.2
1312Nicholas BryantMacomb Dakota169.7
1412Cole PeyerkPort Huron Northern169.4
1512Alfonso MoceriMacomb Dakota168.3
1610Michael PaolettiPort Huron Northern168.1
1712Gavin LlewellynMacomb L’Anse Creuse North166.8
1811Brendan WiegandRomeo166.7
1912Brandon ZielkePort Huron Northern166.3
209Brandon PenberthyMacomb L’Anse Creuse North163.3
2112Dominic ComfortMacomb L’Anse Creuse North161.1
229Zachary RubiczNew Baltimore Anchor Bay159.4
2310Ben PuzzuoliHarrison Twp. L’Anse Creuse158.7
2410Matt LaFrenierePort Huron Northern158.2
2512Jaylinn WillisFraser157.7
2611Angelo SantiaClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley157.3
2710Jack MathersMacomb Dakota157.0
289Carter FoxMacomb Dakota156.2
299Noah LuftClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley152.0
3012Christopher VillaireMacomb Dakota151.4
3110Justin RooseFraser150.1
329Dylan PenberthyMacomb L’Anse Creuse North149.5
339Luke VanderHeuvelPort Huron Northern148.0
3412Bryce CoburnMacomb L’Anse Creuse North143.0
3511Justin PiejakMacomb L’Anse Creuse North137.9
369Tyler DonovanFraser135.7
3712Lucas SimpsonFraser135.6


Team Projections

2Macomb Dakota46
3New Baltimore Anchor Bay89
4Port Huron Northern119
6Clinton Twp. Chippewa Valley154
7Macomb L’Anse Creuse North188

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
119Jayden HarbertsMacomb Dakota149.3
2210Madison ClorRomeo141.9
3311Rachel FelstowRomeo125.0
4411Amanda FelstowRomeo124.1
5511Sarah GrebRomeo121.0
6611Cora KolodgeNew Baltimore Anchor Bay113.0
7712Emma MyziukMacomb Dakota111.7
8812Rose PaolettiRomeo109.2
9911Emily FelstowRomeo106.8
101012Katelyn SloneMacomb Dakota103.9
111111Brianna WiegandRomeo101.7
121211Emily PlouffFraser94.3
131310Ava LaMilzaMacomb Dakota93.0
141410Therese GeorgiaPort Huron Northern89.5
151510Lindsay HarveyMacomb Dakota88.8
161610Carlie WoolmNew Baltimore Anchor Bay85.7
171712Allison FergusonMacomb Dakota83.2
181811Chelsea HarveyMacomb Dakota81.8
191912Tessa VanderHeuvelPort Huron Northern80.9
202012Grace RagsdaleNew Baltimore Anchor Bay78.7
212110Dylan PasiaPort Huron Northern74.8
222211Casey BoniClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley69.3
232311Serena ArnoldNew Baltimore Anchor Bay59.9
242412Ashley StonemanNew Baltimore Anchor Bay50.6
252512Margaret ChandlerFraser49.7
262612Leyna DoerrMacomb L’Anse Creuse North46.9
27279Grace GutmannClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley42.7
28289Lauren ThomasNew Baltimore Anchor Bay41.6
292910Lauren RadtkeNew Baltimore Anchor Bay34.3
303010Delaina NockiClinton Twp. Chippewa Valley32.7
313111Shannon McMenaminFraser32.1
32329Peyton MikolayekPort Huron Northern24.2
33339Emily EdwardsPort Huron Northern21.5
3412Olivia KliebertHarrison Twp. L’Anse Creuse19.7
353412Emily CairneyFraser18.3
36359Lydia MartoniFraser15.9

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