District Projections

District 16 Projections

At the store, I’ve had the pleasure of helping out more than half of this field. It may not be the fastest race this week, but it’s full of dedicated kids. Jenna Sass, Annaliese Thomas, Brandon Canty, Abraham Abouljoud, amongst many others, all athletes that have a passion for the sport. Sometimes I feel like I’m a celebrity in this state, but most of the time, I feel I’m the lucky one.


Grosse Pointe North
Grosse Pointe South
Royal Oak
St Clair Shores Lake Shore
St Clair Shores Lakeview
Warren Cousino
Warren DeLaSalle
Warren Mott
Warren Woods Tower


Team Projections

1Grosse Pointe South34
2Royal Oak68
3Warren Cousino71
4Warren DeLaSalle77
5Grosse Pointe North100
6St. Clair Shores Lakeview207
7Warren Woods Tower212
8St. Clair Shores Lake Shore233
9Warren Mott252

Individual Projections

112Preston NavarreGrosse Pointe North196.8
212Dominic SulimanWarren Cousino192.7
312Preston EarlWarren DeLaSalle183.9
412Abraham AbouljoudGrosse Pointe South182.9
512Charles RulisonGrosse Pointe South181.1
610Logan DetwilerGrosse Pointe South181.0
711Carson DychWarren Cousino177.9
810Brendan DowneyGrosse Pointe South174.3
911Connor MyattRoyal Oak173.2
1011Peyton RossWarren DeLaSalle172.8
1111Jack HurstGrosse Pointe South171.6
1211Weston SchroederRoyal Oak169.5
1310Alex AgiusGrosse Pointe North169.5
1411Julio JaimeRoyal Oak169.2
159Robert TrebnikWarren DeLaSalle169.1
169Sebastian RamirezRoyal Oak165.5
1712Ruark WickaRoyal Oak164.5
1812Jacob SchangWarren Cousino162.0
1912Ryan GieleghemWarren Cousino157.3
2011Donovan DavisWarren DeLaSalle155.7
2111Ronak ParikhGrosse Pointe South155.4
2212Brandon CantyRoyal Oak153.7
2311Matthew WebbRoyal Oak153.5
2412Patrick GreenSt. Clair Shores Lakeview148.7
2512Ryan GlantWarren Cousino147.0
2611Chaz Mathis-Baliat…Grosse Pointe South146.3
2711Max KlugeGrosse Pointe North145.8
289David RochonGrosse Pointe North144.7
2912Mark Tanot DevereauxWarren DeLaSalle143.2
3011Abishek Nirmal-KumarWarren DeLaSalle142.8
3110Charlie BomgaarsGrosse Pointe North142.7
3211David KohlSt. Clair Shores Lake Shore142.2
3311Anthony YoungbloodWarren DeLaSalle142.0
3412Gavin ShoobridgeWarren Woods Tower141.3
3511Noah BaierSt. Clair Shores Lake Shore140.4
3612Caleb GoodwinSt. Clair Shores Lake Shore140.0


Team Projections

1Royal Oak17
2Grosse Pointe North65
3Grosse Pointe South82
4Warren Mott119
5Warren Woods Tower146
6St. Clair Shores Lakeview158
7Warren Cousino178
8St. Clair Shores Lake Shore245

Individual Projections

19Cecilia IrwinRoyal Oak98.3
211Kate MeineckeRoyal Oak98.0
312Nicole MorehouseRoyal Oak96.2
412Annaliese ThomasGrosse Pointe North94.3
59Anna SchroederRoyal Oak93.6
69Sarah BarnettRoyal Oak92.4
710Isabelle FairlessRoyal Oak84.2
89Kloie RoyGrosse Pointe South81.0
912Hannah DeanWarren Mott80.9
1010Jane BarnettRoyal Oak80.0
119Amelia StrebergerGrosse Pointe North75.7
1211Marla BerryWarren Mott70.3
1312Mayra EgerGrosse Pointe South69.8
1412Jenna SassWarren Cousino69.3
1512Anna Lisa LynchGrosse Pointe North68.4
169Penny RoustemisGrosse Pointe North67.3
1710Ava CarrGrosse Pointe South66.9
1810Grace WiningerGrosse Pointe South65.8
1911Becca MoinGrosse Pointe North60.9
2010Drew LovellGrosse Pointe North59.1
2111Samari FinneyWarren Mott57.5
229Isabelle HannaWarren Woods Tower56.9
2311Dani LubienskiGrosse Pointe North54.2
2410Grace HallWarren Woods Tower52.2
2512Alyssa SutterfieldSt. Clair Shores Lakeview51.2
2611Becca KochGrosse Pointe South48.9
2712Kayla CarpenterWarren Cousino48.2
2810Marrin HarrisGrosse Pointe South48.0
2910Selga JansonsGrosse Pointe South44.2
3010Taliyah DawsonWarren Woods Tower38.6
3112Chloe BoyerSt. Clair Shores Lakeview35.9
3210Alexandra DreffsSt. Clair Shores Lakeview35.4
3311Jillian KaferleWarren Woods Tower30.7
349Abbey ResslerSt. Clair Shores Lakeview29.8

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