District 17 Projections

Now is the time to see who can step up as the 5th runner for Stoney Creek. Chaz Huthwaite has performed admirably as a freshman to fill out their 4th spot. Another guy in the sub-17 range puts them in contention for another top-10 finish.


Rochester Hills Stoney Creek
Sterling Heights
Sterling Heights Stevenson
Troy Athens
Utica Eisenhower
Utica Ford


Team Projections

1Rochester Hills Stoney Creek28
5Utica Eisenhower122
6Utica Ford146
7Troy Athens197
8Sterling Heights Stevenson253
9Sterling Heights259

Individual Projections

112Carson NicolettiUtica203.0
212Tristan BrandenburgRochester Hills Stoney Creek199.7
312Kurt KehrenRochester Hills Stoney Creek196.3
412Mike McGowanTroy186.2
512Colin HansonRochester Hills Stoney Creek184.9
610Trent McFarlandUtica178.9
79Chaz HuthwaiteRochester Hills Stoney Creek175.6
812Ethan SeteraUtica171.0
912Matthew LewandowskiUtica Ford169.7
1012Lucas Van HoutenTroy169.4
1112Luke StemmerichRochester Hills Stoney Creek166.3
1211Brendan WashburnRochester Hills Stoney Creek166.2
1312Noah MillerUtica166.0
1412Thomas BoyleRochester Hills Stoney Creek165.6
1512Evan WeglarzRochester163.9
1612Sachit SoniUtica163.3
1710Jacob MaurerUtica Eisenhower157.8
189Ethan MuraszewskiUtica156.1
1910Asher TaylorUtica Eisenhower155.7
2010Nicholas TeknosRochester154.1
2110Logan DavisUtica153.9
2212Primo MotykaRochester153.1
239Vishvaa RavishankarTroy151.5
2412Garrett GambaroUtica Eisenhower151.0
2512Dan BartTroy Athens149.1
2611Liam LeBlancUtica Ford148.6
2710Aryan SinghTroy148.5
2811Martin DeVauxRochester144.9
2911Benjamin DawsonUtica Eisenhower143.8
3012James OhmanUtica Ford143.2
3112Alex KovacsSterling Heights141.0
3212Jamie ResovskyRochester140.0
3312Nikolas TofilovskiUtica Eisenhower137.0


Team Projections

3Utica Eisenhower78
4Rochester Hills Stoney Creek79
6Troy Athens176
7Sterling Heights Stevenson194
8Utica Ford198
9Sterling Heights268

Individual Projections

112Ella FullmerUtica134.4
29Addison JohnsonUtica126.3
312Annalee MischUtica Eisenhower125.1
412Paige AndersonTroy120.9
510Charlotte GullionTroy120.7
610Chloe NixonRochester118.5
710Makenna MusserRochester Hills Stoney Creek116.2
810Meagan VerellenUtica115.0
910Elaina RondeauTroy114.2
1010Lily SolekRochester Hills Stoney Creek111.7
1112Alexandra LutzUtica Eisenhower108.4
1212Emma BowenSterling Heights Stevenson105.7
1311Aileen LiuTroy102.4
1411Madeline RichmanUtica100.2
159Alyssa KoRochester Hills Stoney Creek99.4
1610Maisie KonwinskiTroy99.3
1711Erin SwartzTroy Athens99.1
1812Alicia HoreckiUtica Eisenhower96.5
199Olivia LombardoRochester Hills Stoney Creek94.9
2011Malina DumitrascuTroy Athens91.3
2110Lauren WrozaRochester88.5
2210Alexandra MetzgerUtica Eisenhower88.2
2310Ava RawleyUtica85.8
249Mariana StojcevskiUtica Eisenhower85.4
2512Rachel HoreckiUtica Eisenhower85.3
2612Lucy PottsSterling Heights Stevenson83.4
2710Natalie LangkamUtica Eisenhower82.7
289Sydney GergicsRochester Hills Stoney Creek82.2
2912Anna MachakRochester Hills Stoney Creek80.0
3012Madison KovacicUtica Ford79.5
3110Katie KnishRochester Hills Stoney Creek73.8
329Rachel PhillipsUtica Ford71.7
3312Ashley ShekoTroy69.0
3410Abby FifieldUtica65.4
3512Maria CrociTroy62.8
3611Jenna ArnoldRochester62.5
3710Ivy SwanwickRochester59.9

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