District Projections

District 42 Projections

Grandville Calvin Christian is a team to watch on the D3 Girls side. We’re all aware of Hart and I’ve placed a ton of attention on Ithaca (rightfully so), but the Squires will be right in the mix. They have depth, frontrunners, and a history of rising to the occasion late.


Delton Kellogg
Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian
Grand Rapids Wellspring Prep
Grandville Calvin Christian
Holland Black River


Team Projections

1Grandville Calvin Christian23
4Holland Black River98
6GR NorthPointe Christian146

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Luke WitvlietGrandville Calvin Christian189.4
2212Grayson RasmusSaranac185.1
3310Nathan JenkinsGrandville Calvin Christian180.9
4411Logan ManionGrandville Calvin Christian177.8
5511Dan KehoeGrandville Calvin Christian176.0
6612Derek HopkinsSaranac171.7
7712Micah OrdwayDelton-Kellogg169.4
8812Jonathan MendozaFennville162.8
9911Nolan MeierHolland Black River162.7
10109Ben WertzGrandville Calvin Christian159.1
111110Elijah PowellSaranac156.9
121210Peter AupperleeGrandville Calvin Christian155.7
131310Roger HernandezHolland Black River153.5
14149Hunter HelminskiSaranac151.8
151510Hector JimenezDelton-Kellogg149.6
161610Ben SluiterSaranac141.6
171712Seth BroekhuisGrandville Calvin Christian140.1
18189Luke BraymanGR NorthPointe Christian137.6
191911Austin BlockerDelton-Kellogg133.1
20209Mason GardeaFennville132.8
212111Matthew KoemanHolland Black River128.2
222210Micah MartinDelton-Kellogg125.7
239Trevin FlynnGR Wellspring Prep121.5
242311JJ VanderKuylFennville120.3
252411Andrew YerkeSaranac118.5
26259Tre CooperFennville115.9
27269Brady ThomasSaranac115.8
282711Caleb EwaldHolland Black River115.7
292812Henri Holland-Ande…Holland Black River110.9
302910Nathan DapprichGR NorthPointe Christian109.7
313010Brett HarsevoortDelton-Kellogg102.8
32319Austin BagleyDelton-Kellogg102.6
333211Connor SchmidtGR NorthPointe Christian101.6
343311Caden HemingerGR NorthPointe Christian94.6
353410Jack MancheskyGR NorthPointe Christian94.5


Team Projections

1Grandville Calvin Christian16
3Holland Black River78
5GR NorthPointe Christian125

Individual Projections

112Catherine KortmanGrandville Calvin Christian142.3
212Kate WitvlietGrandville Calvin Christian130.2
311Leanne KrombeenGrandville Calvin Christian121.5
410Jonathah BouwmanGrandville Calvin Christian116.5
510Madeleine HillSaranac115.9
612Hanna KroezeGrandville Calvin Christian106.8
712Sarah AlferinkHolland Black River105.3
812Chloe HoekstraGrandville Calvin Christian101.4
911Lauren StaalGrandville Calvin Christian90.9
1010Lily LaBurnHolland Black River89.8
1111Angelica MendozaFennville79.1
1212Kiarra LambertSaranac76.4
1311Aubrey AukermanDelton-Kellogg75.7
1412Mia PhillipsHolland Black River74.5
1511Halena PhillipsDelton-Kellogg74.0
1610Anna TubbergenGR NorthPointe Christian66.7
1712Abigail PriceSaranac60.1
189Merissa MendozaFennville54.0
1912Caroline RudolphGR NorthPointe Christian52.5
2011Megan ChipmanSaranac49.8
2112Calista ChadwickSaranac49.2
2210Becca ThomasSaranac45.3
2310Camille WolbrinkHolland Black River45.0
249Nora BallardHolland Black River41.1
259Madison TrahanSaranac35.0
2610Kasey KapteynDelton-Kellogg33.4
2711Hannah UekertGR NorthPointe Christian30.9
2810Joelle WhiteDelton-Kellogg27.7
2910Nathali ArizmendiFennville27.0
309Brea ChandlerDelton-Kellogg22.2
319Margaret RudolphGR NorthPointe Christian22.1
329Brenna GeiselGR NorthPointe Christian14.4
339Lily UekertGR NorthPointe Christian0.3

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