District Projections

District 38 Projections

An earlier version of this mistakenly had Kalkaska instead of Mancelona. Which is excusable, they both end in A, they’re both accessible via 131, and they both have a very strong frontrunner on the Boys side.


Boyne City
East Jordan
Elk Rapids
Harbor Springs


Team Projections

1Harbor Springs33
3Elk Rapids104
4Boyne City110
6East Jordan117

Individual Projections

112Tyler McclureMancelona183.1
211Evan BeaneCharlevoix182.9
311Lance SmarHarbor Springs173.4
412Jordan BusseyHarbor Springs172.7
510Cal BenjaminHarbor Springs170.2
611Sam PetersonCharlevoix166.0
712Sam DixonCharlevoix161.9
811Dominic SchweinCharlevoix156.4
912Luke BakerHarbor Springs155.7
1012Lachlan BeebeElk Rapids155.1
1112Gavin CarsonBoyne City153.8
1211Luke ShehigianHarbor Springs153.2
1311Kolton StadtBoyne City151.8
1411John SauerCharlevoix149.9
1512Greg ParsonsMancelona149.9
1611Caleb ZiebarthEast Jordan147.5
1712Phillip NemecekEast Jordan146.8
1812Will MaginityBoyne City143.4
1911Granger KitsonEast Jordan139.8
2012Robbie GilletteHarbor Springs139.7
2110James DescampsCharlevoix138.9
2212Brad FitzpatrickElk Rapids137.8
2310Caleb KerfootElk Rapids135.4
249Christian KerfootElk Rapids135.2
2511Charlie WardElk Rapids134.9
2612Skylar DavenportElk Rapids133.3
2711Jack GaffneyCharlevoix126.5
289Trevor ClarkHarbor Springs125.9
299Seth BrownElk Rapids124.6
309Jaymes WildfongMancelona122.9
3110Guy ChamberlainEast Jordan122.2
3210Jack NeerBoyne City120.6
3311James LakieMancelona117.5
3411Mason MalpassEast Jordan113.4
3510Dan WildfongMancelona110.5


Team Projections

2Harbor Springs46
3Boyne City68
4East Jordan69

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Maye BurnsHarbor Springs120.4
2210Ava MaginityBoyne City117.8
3312Annie BergmannCharlevoix115.1
4412Megan BushCharlevoix104.4
5512Ella DeeganHarbor Springs104.2
6610Rachel DescampsCharlevoix87.9
779Laina SladicsCharlevoix87.1
8811Taylor SheridanEast Jordan78.6
911Sarah ZamaitasElk Rapids77.1
10912Jordan DrayerHarbor Springs69.0
111010Reagan WoodallBoyne City66.6
121110Christine WhitakerEast Jordan66.4
13129Eliah HeiseEast Jordan66.2
141312Christina KooistraEast Jordan64.6
151411Lydia FraszBoyne City55.9
161511Julia RichterHarbor Springs55.5
171610Katelyn DrayerHarbor Springs54.0
18179Emily AngerMancelona52.5
191811Claire HayhurstHarbor Springs51.6
20199Katie RohrerCharlevoix50.9
212012Taylor NobleBoyne City50.8
222110Josie BakerHarbor Springs48.0
232210Rachel ClausenBoyne City47.3
249Eva PrayElk Rapids43.5
252312Makayla OrmanMancelona43.2
262411Lauren ShepardCharlevoix29.8
272511Mycah HeiseEast Jordan29.0
282612Rachel PottCharlevoix23.5
292711Sophia SyMancelona17.3
302812Kari DayBoyne City1.3

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