District Projections

District 10 Projections

Woodhaven has been flying under the radar all season, especially their girls. In the previous few years, the Warriors have had outstanding frontrunners, but the addition of Scheffler and Arthur complete the team.


Brownstown Woodhaven
Dearborn Edsel Ford
Gibraltar Carlson
Lincoln Park
River Rouge
Southgate Anderson
Wyandotte Roosevelt


Team Projections

1Brownstown Woodhaven44
3Wyandotte Roosevelt78
4Gibraltar Carlson88
5Southgate Anderson102
6Lincoln Park129

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Charlie FrankDearborn207.0
2210Michael MakuchWyandotte Roosevelt185.0
3310Sam RobertsDearborn184.6
4411Adam HaagDearborn180.8
5512Logan LundgrenBrownstown Woodhaven173.6
6611Samuel RankineWyandotte Roosevelt172.3
7710Connor BingeBrownstown Woodhaven168.5
8811Carson BlakeGibraltar Carlson168.1
9911Andrew WhitmanBrownstown Woodhaven157.5
101011Alec PanterGibraltar Carlson157.0
111111Justin RomeroBrownstown Woodhaven154.5
121210Conner BingeBrownstown Woodhaven153.9
131312Connor AugensteinSouthgate Anderson152.6
141412Salvador BarzolaLincoln Park152.5
151512Alec GrzegorekGibraltar Carlson152.5
161612Steven PorterSouthgate Anderson149.8
171712Robert Chris-ObiLincoln Park147.1
181811Ryan BolducBrownstown Woodhaven146.8
191912Connor EccletonSouthgate Anderson142.9
202012Dylan MengeBrownstown Woodhaven142.1
212110Donavon PotterWyandotte Roosevelt137.0
222210Marquis MonjeWyandotte Roosevelt136.7
232310Aidan OakleyDearborn135.9
242411Sergio LopezLincoln Park134.4
25259Quinn BurgeiGibraltar Carlson129.6
262611Alex JewellSouthgate Anderson127.0
272710Riley GreeneWyandotte Roosevelt126.8
282811Tyler FantowSouthgate Anderson126.3
292911Joe RodriguezSouthgate Anderson122.8
303011Richard FirsdonGibraltar Carlson121.2
313110Aiden FergusonGibraltar Carlson118.0
323212Reese CollinsGibraltar Carlson117.3
33339Joshua SotomayorWyandotte Roosevelt116.9
343411Jacob CrainLincoln Park116.7


Team Projections

1Brownstown Woodhaven19
2Gibraltar Carlson70
3Wyandotte Roosevelt75
4Lincoln Park102
5Southgate Anderson131
7Dearborn Edsel Ford188

Individual Projections

111Briana VojinovBrownstown Woodhaven135.2
210Katie DietrichBrownstown Woodhaven120.2
311Brooke BerridgeBrownstown Woodhaven115.9
410Samantha CostWyandotte Roosevelt115.9
59Payton SchefflerBrownstown Woodhaven108.7
611Aubrey MigoskiWyandotte Roosevelt107.2
710Grace NortonGibraltar Carlson91.8
89Delany ArthurBrownstown Woodhaven90.7
99Batoul HamkaDearborn82.4
109Peyton JaniceBrownstown Woodhaven77.9
119Grace BucknerSouthgate Anderson73.1
1212Grace HeckerLincoln Park73.0
139Arianna PateGibraltar Carlson71.9
1412Julia MillsGibraltar Carlson69.4
159Myah GreeneWyandotte Roosevelt56.5
169Lauren GuertinBrownstown Woodhaven52.1
1711Brooke CifaldiGibraltar Carlson49.2
1811Azayla EnsleyLincoln Park46.0
1911Abigail PolakowskiGibraltar Carlson45.4
209Mariah TorresLincoln Park41.7
219Miranda GrantWyandotte Roosevelt38.9
2211Kasandra PanyekLincoln Park37.2
2311Amanda BalinskiGibraltar Carlson33.7
2411Yasmine RababehDearborn32.0
2512Megan FlackDearborn Edsel Ford31.9
2611Natalie PackwoodSouthgate Anderson31.5
2710Paulina RosasSouthgate Anderson29.3
2810Kylie IwaskoGibraltar Carlson27.5
2911Paige ChinavareWyandotte Roosevelt24.6
3011Valeria Lopez-Hern…Lincoln Park24.5
319Lauren MorenoWyandotte Roosevelt18.0
3212Sydney RosburyDearborn17.7
3310Anysia CorreaSouthgate Anderson16.8
3411Maggie StanleySouthgate Anderson7.7
3511Keelyn BlakeDearborn5.8

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