District Projections

District 12 Projections

A few things:

  1. Abbie Haupt is likely underrated. She’s been All-State in the past, but hadn’t shown that form early. Then she ventured out to Grand Rapids on October 10th and ran 19:25.
  2. Hopefully Allen Park can run. They were curiously absent from the Downriver League Meet.
  3. I haven’t rated the Detroit City Meet, but it appears Cass Tech has a possibility of making it out on both the boys and girls side.


Allen Park
Dearborn Fordson
Dearborn Heights Crestwood
Detroit Cass Tech
Detroit Martin Luther King
Detroit Western
Livonia Churchill
Livonia Franklin
Redford Thurston (Girls Only)


Team Projections

1Livonia Churchill41
2Livonia Franklin41
3Allen Park47
4Dearborn Heights Crestwood117

Individual Projections

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Isaiah JacobsAllen Park186.1
2212Troy SchnellAllen Park175.2
311Marawan MarwanDearborn Fordson175.0
4312Joey SeibertLivonia Franklin171.9
5412Cameron KruseLivonia Churchill170.8
6512Landon LathamLivonia Franklin170.4
769Caleb WynnAllen Park169.5
8711Owen SwisherLivonia Churchill167.9
910Fares YabaiDearborn Fordson162.9
10811Justin TrujilloLivonia Franklin157.5
11910Seth PiangaLivonia Churchill154.6
121011Alan CorpLivonia Churchill153.8
131111Thomas AveyLivonia Churchill152.7
141211Gabe CerdaLivonia Franklin151.3
151310George HouseholderLivonia Franklin149.8
161410Alex AljetsLivonia Churchill149.4
171511Tomas PeraltaLivonia Churchill147.2
181612Brady NordbeckLivonia Franklin146.8
191712Ethan PorrecaLivonia Franklin146.3
201812Jerry KephartAllen Park139.6
211910Hadi SalameDearborn Heights Crestwood138.7
222012Jonah GagginAllen Park136.2
232112Daniel RecklingAllen Park135.4
242210Drake SteeleAllen Park133.1
252310Harry KrafchakDearborn Heights Crestwood129.6
262410Moustafa Al-AminDearborn Heights Crestwood124.1
272511Bilal ElayanDearborn Heights Crestwood122.6
282612Morad YassenDearborn Heights Crestwood119.1
2927Hashem AlhabbalDearborn Heights Crestwood110.4
302811Mazen ElayanDearborn Heights Crestwood103.6


Team Projections

1Livonia Churchill39
2Livonia Franklin48
3Allen Park51
4Dearborn Heights Crestwood105
5Dearborn Fordson138

Individual Projections

111Lisa LueckeAllen Park145.0
212Abbie HauptLivonia Churchill112.8
312Mackenzie LadaAllen Park97.4
412Zeina JebaraDearborn Heights Crestwood90.5
59Emerson NordbeckLivonia Franklin87.7
612Hannah MooreLivonia Franklin69.5
711Kailey FlynnLivonia Churchill68.8
811Amber EvanchoLivonia Franklin64.6
99Morgan BrownLivonia Churchill57.6
1010Rebecca RohmfeldLivonia Churchill55.1
1111Whitney RicksLivonia Churchill54.9
1212Brittney WinnLivonia Franklin47.5
1311Lily BourgeoisLivonia Churchill41.0
1411Abby RaftisAllen Park30.7
159Abbie SawickiAllen Park30.1
1612Elaine SeverinLivonia Churchill28.8
1710Emonie BonnerLivonia Franklin26.2
1812Nikki HartleyAllen Park24.4
1910Luci GranataAllen Park20.1
2010Leah KuhnLivonia Franklin19.8
2111Kalin BatesLivonia Franklin17.4
229Nour ChoucairDearborn Fordson7.7
239Sara ShammoutDearborn Heights Crestwood2.2

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