Regional Previews

Region 30-4 Projections


2White Cloud75
3Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart77
5Beal City133
7McBain Northern Michigan Christian161

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Mason SumnerBreckenridge197.8
2212Matthew NowakMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart188.0
3311Brock LynchMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart184.8
4412Colttion VineBreckenridge172.5
559Alex WantyHale169.3
6610Nathan CiolkWhite Cloud168.7
7710Tristan McHaneyWhite Cloud164.9
8811Trent CarterBreckenridge163.6
9910Dakota DykhuisMontabella163.1
101011Noah HaskellColeman156.6
1112Jared MooreVestaburg154.6
121110James WilsonMontabella153.9
13129Isaac HummBreckenridge153.2
141311Jonas LanserMcBain Northern Michigan Christian151.5
151411Riley DailyMontabella150.1
161511Kobe CanningWhite Cloud147.7
171610Owen GrossBeal City145.6
18178Luke PettengillMcBain Northern Michigan Christian145.2
19189Sawyer StonemanBreckenridge141.5
20199Luke TaylorMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart140.6
219Owen PattonVestaburg140.1
222012Matthew KolbBeal City138.3
232111Jack WigginsColeman137.0
24229Eddie LavereHale135.1
252312Terry TrendelWhite Cloud125.9
262410Christian RinglerWhite Cloud124.8
27259Jaden OstranderBreckenridge122.2
282610Roman AddisonMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart120.3
292710Dennis EganMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart120.0
302811Nikolas Parks-Jose…White Cloud120.0


1Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart29
2Beal City31
3White Cloud74

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1110Kaylee LockeBeal City113.3
29Amelia ThompsonBig Rapids Crossroads Academy109.5
3211Riley HackerMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart106.3
4310Tailor OnstottBeal City105.1
5411Rachal WeberBeal City100.7
6510Olivia ErvinMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart99.6
7611Delaney ScullyMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart92.0
8710Lily DejaMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart91.5
912Makayla HallMcBain Northern Michigan Christian73.3
10810Hadyn ArmstrongBeal City72.2
11911Abby SpencerMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart65.4
121011Stine KristensenWhite Cloud64.1
131112Alexus RichmondWhite Cloud60.8
14129Andrea FeldpauschWhite Cloud60.5
151310Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart58.8
16149Megan GowardBreckenridge58.1
1710Kaylee AultmanColeman53.0
18159Genevieve LasaterBeal City52.7
191612Naomi ThompsonWhite Cloud48.2
201710Olivia MiddletonMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart43.5
211812Kiera GowardBreckenridge32.6
221910Lilly BackusBeal City30.1
239Alivia TalcottVestaburg27.3
242012Angela KoteckiBeal City25.1
25219Tori MostBreckenridge11.0
262210Julie BeckerBreckenridge5.6


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