Regional Previews

Region 32-4 Projections


1Kalamazoo Christian28
3Cassopolis Ross Beatty94
5St Philip Catholic Central116
6Kalamazoo Hackett137
7Eau Claire172

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Isaac BosKalamazoo Christian171.4
2211Isaiah BeiterLawrence163.3
3310Isaac BogardKalamazoo Christian162.3
449Luke SpragueSt Philip Catholic Central157.5
5512Charlie NewburryMendon156.2
6612Nathan KoetjeKalamazoo Christian153.0
7712Jacob DudleyMendon150.8
8810Nick MitchellKalamazoo Christian148.1
9910Charlie DeGravesLawrence147.0
101012Sam OffringaKalamazoo Christian146.2
1111Joel ChandlerWatervliet Grace Christian145.7
1210Tucker LaflerColon144.0
131112Robert WardCassopolis Ross Beatty143.8
141212Colin SteinbergerMendon141.4
1511Marco BarronTekonsha140.5
161310Brody AmthorLawrence140.3
171411Tyler ZichtermanKalamazoo Christian138.5
181511Cole MilliransCassopolis Ross Beatty138.0
191610Edward LopezEau Claire133.1
201712William WestphalCassopolis Ross Beatty130.3
211810Dawson LuteKalamazoo Christian128.9
221911Adam BlankenshipEau Claire127.9
239Ryan DehaanClimax-Scotts127.8
24209Max ShugarsSt Philip Catholic Central118.1
252110Cordell Jones-McNallyMarcellus117.5
262212Aidan WardCassopolis Ross Beatty117.4
272311Mitchell EastmanKalamazoo Hackett115.7
282411Jacob ThomeSt Philip Catholic Central114.2
292511Carson CoffmanKalamazoo Hackett112.1
302611Mauricio ManceraLawrence110.0


1Kalamazoo Christian22
2St Philip Catholic Central54
5Kalamazoo Hackett122

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1111Ari PontoniSt Philip Catholic Central110.5
2210Aubrey HerderKalamazoo Christian106.9
3310Hope ZichtermanKalamazoo Christian104.1
4410Annika SytsmaKalamazoo Christian97.6
5510Sydney Van EsKalamazoo Hackett96.5
6610Taylor LeonardKalamazoo Christian95.0
712Ericka LopezEau Claire93.0
811Lauren AndersonCassopolis Ross Beatty87.7
9711Lily OffringaKalamazoo Christian85.6
10810Rachel AllabaughKalamazoo Christian83.4
1110Dani Van LenteTekonsha77.1
1299Macey BurgessColon76.5
131011Giada PontoniSt Philip Catholic Central76.3
14119Emma GaylorKalamazoo Christian71.2
15129Addie CurtisMarcellus64.8
1611Amber HostetlerMendon63.6
17139Mimi HibbardSt Philip Catholic Central63.1
181411Therese CamposSt Philip Catholic Central62.5
191511Azealia LaflerColon61.4
201611Emma ShugarsSt Philip Catholic Central59.1
211710Madeline MadsenLawrence57.6
2211Mckenzie MillerAthens48.0
2310Breanna FranksDecatur46.1
241812Kyleigh SweetColon29.5
2510Alexis MilliransCassopolis Ross Beatty28.8
261911Alex KerstenSt Philip Catholic Central27.8
272012Jenna BrenemanColon25.3
2811Sylvia SwagerClimax-Scotts16.3
292110Nora VanSwedenKalamazoo Hackett12.9
309Cecilia AntkoviakHeritage Christian Academy9.6


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