Region 36-4 Projections


1Plymouth Christian Academy79
2Lutheran HS Westland90
3Birmingham Roeper97
4Marine City Cardinal Mooney103
5Allen Park Cabrini110
6Southfield Christian113
7Austin Catholic131
8Auburn Hills Oakland Christian134

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Aaron RaffaelliAustin Catholic158.5
2211Spencer MistelePlymouth Christian Academy153.5
3312William HooverBirmingham Roeper152.0
410Merrick MichaelsonWest Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy149.0
549Jeffrey McGuireLutheran HS Westland144.8
659TJ DonnanSouthfield Christian143.6
7611Ethan McFarlandAuburn Hills Oakland Christian142.9
8711Bram WolfAllen Park Cabrini140.9
989Van SaroukhanianBirmingham Roeper140.6
10910Christopher RusselburgAllen Park Cabrini137.0
111010Samuel WenzelAustin Catholic134.0
121111Tyler KowalskiSouthfield Christian132.7
13129Tyler LennMarine City Cardinal Mooney130.0
141311Ryan AlexanderPlymouth Christian Academy127.2
151410Matthew Zammit Jr.Marine City Cardinal Mooney126.5
161510Vincenzo LewanPlymouth Christian Academy122.3
17169Thomas MegieAuburn Hills Oakland Christian118.3
181711Travis KurthLutheran HS Westland116.2
191812Logan BetkeLutheran HS Westland116.0
201911Ashton DemeulenaereMarine City Cardinal Mooney115.8
21209Isaac ZammitMarine City Cardinal Mooney115.7
222111Ryan BaneLutheran HS Westland114.9
232211Jonnie DunneBirmingham Roeper110.6
24239Tommy AbaziSouthfield Christian110.4
252411Caleb GothroPlymouth Christian Academy110.2
262510Adam MoorePlymouth Christian Academy110.1
272610Logan EidenAllen Park Cabrini109.3
282711Brett CoppensAustin Catholic107.8
29289AJ OwenBirmingham Roeper106.4
302910Brayden McKayAllen Park Cabrini106.2


1Clarkston Everest Collegiate26
2Allen Park Cabrini45
3Southfield Christian84
4Lutheran HS Westland101
5Austin Catholic133
6Auburn Hills Oakland Christian149

Ind PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
110Erika Van LotonHuron Valley Lutheran112.0
219Ava TeedAllen Park Cabrini100.0
312Avery McNallyAcad Of The Sacred Heart96.3
4210Caroline CrossClarkston Everest Collegiate94.6
5312Carmela ShorkeyAustin Catholic92.5
6411Avery HerrgottClarkston Everest Collegiate80.3
759Eve HerrgottClarkston Everest Collegiate75.5
810Natalie MalczykHuron Valley Lutheran74.8
9611Lily HeathAllen Park Cabrini73.3
10710Alyse FelixClarkston Everest Collegiate73.3
1112Nicole ReinhartPlymouth Christian Academy70.3
12812Theresa WallerClarkston Everest Collegiate69.6
1312Bailee PfahlWaterford Our Lady of the Lakes69.2
14910Michaela KurthLutheran HS Westland65.1
151011Alexis DonnanSouthfield Christian63.8
161111Ania GhazzawiAllen Park Cabrini62.7
171212Claire HanafeeSouthfield Christian56.8
18139Nicole TeedAllen Park Cabrini54.9
191411Ella NowcAllen Park Cabrini53.8
2012Sarah ReinhartPlymouth Christian Academy53.3
211512Paula FarmerLutheran HS Westland50.9
221612Maddie KragtSouthfield Christian46.5
231712Alana MaffesoliAllen Park Cabrini45.6
241811Angel GhazzawiAllen Park Cabrini45.6
25199Karis KeithAuburn Hills Oakland Christian41.9
262010Stephanie SuranClarkston Everest Collegiate36.5
2711Charlotte CarozzaAcad Of The Sacred Heart29.1
282112Allison BrzezinskiClarkston Everest Collegiate28.0
29229Emma HanafeeSouthfield Christian25.2
3011Naomi FoleyHuron Valley Lutheran13.3

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