50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #43

50 Tickets

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Regional Previews

  • Coming from a lineage of greats (Courtney, Ransom), Parks is well on his way to creating his own legacy at Ithaca
  • Hovered above 17:00 as a freshman, then showed signs of progress in 2020’s indoor campaign, unfortunately we didn’t see that come to fruition in outdoor
  • But with multiple low-16 efforts, we saw the growth when cross rolled around
  • As the 2nd/3rd man on Ithaca’s squad, important cog in their 7th place finish at MIS
  • Established himself in the 3200m in track, finally breaking through the 10:00 barrier with a 5th place finish at State

  • I’ve seen Madi’s name in my spreadsheets, files, you name it, and I’m glad she’s finally on one of these lists
  • She’s had a few breakout performances in her career (like her 18:38 at 2018 Regionals), but her 2020 season was her most consistent
  • She ran sub-19:00 twice and hovered around that mark for the majority of the season
  • Showed considerable progress in track, knocking 14 seconds off her 1600m best and a MINUTE off her 3200m best

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