Regional Previews: Division 4, Region 34

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Top Tens

Where: Unknown. I would guess either Hudson or Sharp Park given the location and teams in this region/other regions. Hudson is usually 10-15 seconds FAST, Sharp Park typically has little or no adjustment.

2020 Boys: Concord, Adrian Lenawee Christian, Ottawa Lake-Whiteford

2020 Girls: Hillsdale Academy, Adrian Lenawee Christian, Concord

Top 25 Boys Teams: Concord (Top 10), Hillsdale Academy (Top 10), Adrian Lenawee Christian (Top 10)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Hillsdale Academy (Top 10), Addison (17), Pittsford (19), Concord (21)

Top 50 Boys (Division 4): Jon Mikovits (6), Tyler Bays (16), Joe Bulko (18), Emil Schlueter (31), Kade Spahr (33)

Top 50 Girls (Division 4): Ava Mallar (5), Megan Roberts (9), Averil Miller (23), Ella Walton (26), Brooke Smith (27), Stephanie Hernandez (39), Caroline Roberts (41), Neili Pike (42), Taylor Lautermilch (44)


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