Region 34 Preview

The Great D4 Debate. Concord vs. Hillsdale Academy.

Where: Ella Sharp Park, Jackson.

The Course: Absolutely love this course. Great for spectators, adore the cute wooden course map, and it’s a fast one for runners. Tight turns, rolling, but gradual downhills. About as fair as you’ll get, though my guess is it’s a bit fast compared to other courses this weekend.

What to Watch For: Concord vs. Hillsdale Academy. Hillsdale opened the season with a statement at Holly, Concord returned the favor at Portage. Hillsdale added an 8th grader last week for some depth, but Concord continues to close in. The Yellowjackets are projected to win here, but may dip a little lower at MIS unless a 5th runner emerges. Izzy Freakin’ Brooks took charge over at the Lenawee County Championship to procure her first ever win. We love those championship moments. Can she repeat the feat here at Regionals?




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Hillsdale Academy3616710121315
2Adrian Lenawee Christian69351124263133
6Britton Deerfield132

Ranked Teams: Hillsdale Academy (3), Adrian Lenawee Christian (8)

111Megan RobertsHillsdale Academy112.9
29Ava MallarPittsford112.7
39Izzy BrooksAdrian Lenawee Christian112.4
410Brooke SmithPittsford105.4
512Elizabeth ScharerAdrian Lenawee Christian95.8
69Ella WaltonHillsdale Academy93.7
78Ruth BrownleeHillsdale Academy88.8
812Libby RorickMorenci85.2
99Stephanie HernandezAddison83.6
1011Whitney WilkinsonHillsdale Academy80.9
1111Dalay OjedaAdrian Lenawee Christian75.8
129Caroline RobertsHillsdale Academy72.4
1312Meredith VanderweideHillsdale Academy70.9
149Riley McCumberPittsford67.9
1511Olivia Tritchka-StuchellHillsdale Academy66.9
169Taylor LautermilchCamden-Frontier65.8
1710Sayra HernandezAddison62.0
1812Haylee RinehartConcord60.8
199Aubrey ApplemanBritton Deerfield59.0
2010Neili PikeMorenci56.5
2112Sara BowerBritton Deerfield54.3
2212Kendal MorrisAddison53.7
2310Leah RorickMorenci53.5
2410Riley AdamsConcord52.1
259Priya MericleEast Jackson50.7
2611Zoey BreznikAdrian Lenawee Christian48.9
2711Olivia OrtellJackson Preparatory42.9
2812Jamie StiverBritton Deerfield42.0
2912Rachel PowersAdrian Lenawee Christian37.8
3010Kariana CarpenterJackson Preparatory33.9
3111Ines Movilla-GuillamonCamden-Frontier33.8
3210Gwen BulkoConcord26.0
3311Allie JamesonHillsdale Will Carleton22.1
349Caitlin WrightConcord21.5
3511Aubrey PittsReading17.2
3612Haley HommingaAddison16.3
3712Haylie ShielsBritton Deerfield15.9
3812Kylie SummerAdrian Lenawee Christian15.8
399Averil MillerCamden-Frontier12.6
409Allison MorrisAddison11.7
419Maritiza ZavalaJackson Preparatory8.5

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Hillsdale and ALC are all but locks, but it likely won’t change if either Pittsford or Addison – 20th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Hillsdale Academy45271011151618
3Adrian Lenawee Christian778131419234652
4East Jackson117
9Jackson Preparatory197

Ranked Teams: Hillsdale Academy (2), Concord (3), Adrian Lenawee Christian (11) – side note, ain’t that many 11th ranked teams projected this far back. Love how competitive running is in this area of the state.

112Jonathan MikovitsConcord186.8
212Emil SchlueterHillsdale Academy180.5
312Joe BulkoConcord175.5
411Tyler BaysReading174.9
511Adair ArtisConcord168.2
611Evan SuydamPetersburg-Summerfield164.1
711Kade SpahrPittsford162.1
810Thomas HolmHillsdale Academy160.8
911Grant LongAdrian Lenawee Christian160.3
1011Bryson BachelderMorenci159.5
119Vincent ReagleHillsdale Academy155.9
128Grayson RorickHillsdale Academy152.4
1311Isaac WaldronConcord151.2
1411Lucas LangeAdrian Lenawee Christian149.2
1510Nathan DanielsAdrian Lenawee Christian149.0
1612Paul WhalenHillsdale Academy148.1
1711Caleb DienerHillsdale Academy146.3
1812David LoomisEast Jackson139.8
199Reece PooleHillsdale Academy139.1
209Joel LangeAdrian Lenawee Christian137.2
2110Michael AllenEast Jackson137.2
2210Javin MericleEast Jackson132.9
2312Nolan KormanConcord132.0
2410Josh GreenAdrian Lenawee Christian131.7
2510Kutter VanakenReading127.7
2612Robbie MichalowskiAddison127.6
2710Xavier SumnerEast Jackson121.6
2811Jesse CabreraReading121.4
2912John YarbroughJackson Preparatory119.3
3012Ryan ReynoldsCamden-Frontier117.1
319Lucas MorseAddison113.4
3211Josh JensenPetersburg-Summerfield111.7
339Kevin KaufmanMorenci111.1
349Michael RisingMorenci108.2
3512Donovan CookEast Jackson107.7
3611Bowen BaumgartnerMorenci106.5
3712Logan HensleyPittsford101.0
389Van EkinsMorenci100.1
399Jordan WatkinsMorenci97.5
409Zachary MartinezMorenci95.7
4112Micah OrtellJackson Preparatory92.8
4211Stephen HertzfeldEast Jackson92.6
439Diego BoColeJackson Preparatory91.8
449Theodore GaultPetersburg-Summerfield87.1
458Ryan AndersonWaldron86.0
469Nick GardnerAddison85.6
479Jameson WatsonBritton Deerfield84.6
4811Joe DubnickiJackson Preparatory82.4
4912Cameron GrammAddison80.2
509Liam ShanerPetersburg-Summerfield74.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Deeeep into the field this time. With such quick teams at the top, they’ll take up a ton of the top places. 23rd.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

Gonna have to compare point totals. We eerily agree.


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