Region 23 Preview

Where: Ella Sharp Park, Jackson

The Course: Absolutely love this course. Great for spectators, adore the cute wooden course map, and it’s a fast one for runners. Tight turns, rolling, but gradual downhills. About as fair as you’ll get, though my guess is it’s a bit fast compared to other courses this weekend.

What to Watch For: Lumen Christi’s run toward a state championship. As always, it will depend on their 3rd-7th runners. They think they have a shot and that’s half the battle.

Four teams vying for three spots on the boys side. Bronson and Hudson are more loaded in the back end, Lumen Christi and Hanover-Horton the opposite.

Jacob Walker vs. Rogan Melling. Walker got him at the line at Chris Jensen, Melling won decisively at Jackson. Which is a better indicator, a close victory last week or 10 seconds a month ago?

Leslie and Grass Lake’s girls. They should be equal through 3 girls. Comes down to who wants it more.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Jackson Lumen Christi3212810111924
4Grass Lake1324141737606273
7Sand Creek173
11Brooklyn Columbia Central285
13Michigan Center369

Ranked Teams: Jackson Lumen Christi (2), Onsted (21)

110Madison OsterbergJackson Lumen Christi146.7
212Faith SmithJackson Lumen Christi139.0
311Kara TerakedisOnsted121.5
410Ava ViegelahnGrass Lake120.8
59Erin LubahnLeslie118.2
69Emmry RossOnsted113.8
710Sophia ReynoldsHanover-Horton113.1
89Layla LopezJackson Lumen Christi112.3
99Jaidyn SmithLeslie111.4
109Chloe StalhoodHillsdale102.3
1111Gabrielle OsterbergJackson Lumen Christi98.2
1210Sydney FazekasJackson Lumen Christi95.9
1311Hope WilkesBrooklyn Columbia Central91.3
1412Madison MagdaJonesville86.8
1510Madison BashamGrass Lake86.0
1612Kylee GrovesJonesville81.1
1712Sidney SwickBronson79.8
1812Meredith VontrobaSand Creek73.4
199Grace BullockGrass Lake72.0
2012Kate O’NeilBrooklyn Columbia Central71.8
2112Jessica FurmanJackson Lumen Christi71.2
2211Megan SterlyHomer71.0
2310Kayla CreisherLeslie70.6
2410Madelyn NormanNapoleon67.6
2510Alexis FlintHanover-Horton67.6
2611Sarah AnastasiadisJackson Lumen Christi67.0
279Jayla BrightHudson66.6
2812Cassie BayesOnsted65.6
299Charlotte CrabbsQuincy65.4
309Skyler FraleyUnion City62.7
3111Allyson RobargeOnsted60.7
3210Alexa BurgessNapoleon60.1
3312Emily CzeiszpergerHudson59.3
3411Lydia MeckleySand Creek58.6
3510Sadie MillerQuincy58.0
369Faith BeardmoreSand Creek56.5
379Lauren McLainNapoleon53.8
3810Morgan BakerJonesville53.7
3912Korah DanielsSand Creek53.5
4012Isabel SpencerGrass Lake53.0
4110Julianna DebozyHanover-Horton52.4
4211Marissa BennNapoleon51.9
439Jordyn TaylorOnsted51.1
449Allie EnglandOnsted49.7
4511Kyla BurdickUnion City48.8
4612Emily SmilowskiNapoleon48.7
4712Kamren StewardSpringport45.8
489Ava SchnellHanover-Horton45.5
4910Jalynn SchmelterLeslie44.4
5010Lily MasonHanover-Horton43.0

Projected Individual Qualifer Cutoff: 15th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
4Jackson Lumen Christi1196111734515255
7Grass Lake203
13Union City314
15Brooklyn Columbia Central344
16Michigan Center359
17Sand Creek494

Ranked Teams: Bronson (16), Hanover-Horton (24)

111Rogan MellingHanover-Horton191.8
212Jacob WalkerBrooklyn Columbia Central186.9
311Rhett ReifQuincy182.0
410Alex CzeiszpergerHudson172.2
511Ashton WellsBronson171.8
612Matt HoopJackson Lumen Christi171.3
710Evan ShepherdHanover-Horton164.8
812Matthew RankinGrass Lake163.8
910Nolan GrantHillsdale163.6
1012Tyler HileLeslie163.3
1110Gannon ShoreJackson Lumen Christi162.8
1210Gavin VanKampenJonesville161.2
1311Brody AmthorOnsted160.5
1411Aden HathawayBronson159.5
1512Reagan MayerBronson159.5
1611Austin BrownHanover-Horton157.4
1712Noah DinvernoJackson Lumen Christi156.2
1812Alan KnowlesJonesville155.4
1912Jonah RichardsHillsdale153.6
2011Ethan LubahnLeslie153.6
2110Kyler PequetNapoleon153.2
2212Tristan BolenbaughHudson149.7
239Isaac St. JohnHudson148.6
249Zander StormontGrass Lake147.6
2510Mytchal MorrisonJonesville147.6
2612Brayden RansbottomBronson146.1
2712Jackson MillerHudson144.3
2812Ian AlbertNapoleon143.6
2912Caden HoytHomer143.3
3011Tanner NortonBronson142.4
3112Ben ChildsHanover-Horton141.5
329Miles BrownHillsdale139.9
3312Joshua DarlingNapoleon139.2
3411Nathan PadburyJackson Lumen Christi137.3
359Jose DomecqLeslie135.4
3610Aiden MonroeHillsdale134.5
3710Caleb DickinsonHomer131.5
389Zachery ChildressJonesville130.0
3912Rhys MitchellHudson128.9
4010Maddox MillerUnion City128.8
4111Joshua DelineHudson127.4
4211Brady HarperQuincy127.2
4311Austin BloomerHudson127.0
449Jason ShoopUnion City126.8
459Mitchell HiattOnsted125.6
4610Elijah DyerSpringport125.1
4711Perry LakeBronson122.4
4812Bryant TaylorSpringport121.6
4910Josh PostumaGrass Lake121.3
5011Nick SchuetteHanover-Horton121.1

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

This region might be king of the “On Athletic.net” crowd. I’m excited to see how this turns out!


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