2021 Ratings: Sharp Park Regional (34, 23)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 34 Preview
Region 23 Preview

34 Girls Adjustment: -8
23 Girls Adjustment: -4
34 Boys Adjustment: -4
23 Boys Adjustment: -30

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Megan Roberts Hillsdale Academy: Megan has been bringing it come championship season.  6th at Class D State, 1st in the SCAA, and a victory here.  At MIS next week, she’s looking for her 4th consecutive All-State honor.  And she’s only a junior.

Joe Bulko, Concord: The Yellowjackets run through Division 4 is made possible through efforts such as Joe’s.  The battle between Concord and Hillsdale was projected to come down to every last runner, and Joe finished ahead of their first guy.  Every point matters and that attitude will serve them well next week.

Jaylynn Schmelter, Leslie: By most accounts (not me, haha), Leslie was NOT expected to qualify for State.  But to make it, someone needs to step up.  Jaylynn was projected 49th, finished 39th

Austin Brown, Hanover-Horton: There’s a reason you always see Hanover-Horton having late season success.  Austin has gone from running mid-19’s in September to a steady performer in the mid-17’s in October.  Hanover, Hudson, and Lumen Christi were thought to be neck and neck before the race and Austin needed to stay ahead of LC’s #3 and Hudson’s #2.  He ended up knocking back LC’s #1, enough of a factor to clinch another bid for the Comets.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 6/6 Boys, 6/6 Girls; 22/24 Boys Overall, 22/24 Girls OverallAthletic: 5/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 22/24 Boys Overall, 21/24 Girls Overall

11Megan Roberts20:22.9Hillsdale Academy115.0
9Izzy Brooks20:35.3Adrian Lenawee Chris…110.9
9Ava Mallar21:03.1Pittsford101.6
9Ella Walton21:23.8Hillsdale Academy94.7
10Brooke Smith21:36.1Pittsford90.6
8Ruth Brownlee21:38.2Hillsdale Academy89.9
9Stephanie Hernandez21:45.6Addison87.5
12Libby Rorick21:52.0Morenci85.3
12Elizabeth Scharer22:02.4Adrian Lenawee Chris…81.9
9Caroline Roberts22:13.7Hillsdale Academy78.1
9Taylor Lautermilch22:16.0Camden-Frontier77.3
12Haylee Rinehart22:23.2Concord74.9
9Priya Mericle22:29.7East Jackson72.8
11Whitney Wilkinson22:33.7Hillsdale Academy71.4
9Riley McCumber22:46.8Pittsford67.1
10Leah Rorick22:59.8Morenci62.7
12Meredith Vanderweide23:04.4Hillsdale Academy61.2
9Caitlin Wright23:13.3Concord58.2
12Kendal Morris23:34.9Addison51.0
11Dalay Ojeda23:36.8Adrian Lenawee Chris…50.4
11Zoey Breznik23:43.3Adrian Lenawee Chris…48.2
10Riley Adams23:47.7Concord46.8
10Sayra Hernandez23:54.5Addison44.5
12Jamie Stiver24:01.0Britton Deerfield42.3
12Rachel Powers24:20.8Adrian Lenawee Chris…35.7
11Olivia Tritchka-St…24:23.8Hillsdale Academy34.7
9Aubrey Appleman24:25.3Britton Deerfield34.2
11Ines Movilla-Guill…24:26.7Camden-Frontier33.8
12Kylie Summer24:52.9Adrian Lenawee Chris…25.0
9Averil Miller25:01.0Camden-Frontier22.3
12Sara Bower25:20.1Britton Deerfield16.0
12Haylie Shiels25:35.2Britton Deerfield10.9
9Allison Morris25:35.7Addison10.8
9Kailee Kurtz25:40.6Waldron9.1
10Faith Verlinde25:57.6Adrian Lenawee Chris…3.5
10Maggie Frost26:04.8Addison1.1

10Madison Osterberg19:07.2Jackson Lumen Christi138.9
12Faith Smith19:11.9Jackson Lumen Christi137.4
9Emmry Ross20:06.9Onsted119.0
9Jaidyn Smith20:11.3Leslie117.6
9Erin Lubahn20:11.5Leslie117.5
10Ava Viegelahn20:13.3Grass Lake116.9
9Layla Lopez20:20.5Jackson Lumen Christi114.5
11Kara Terakedis20:32.3Onsted110.6
10Sophia Reynolds20:36.7Hanover-Horton109.1
11Hope Wilkes20:55.9Brooklyn Columbia Ce…102.7
9Chloe Stalhood20:58.3Hillsdale101.9
11Gabrielle Osterberg21:34.7Jackson Lumen Christi89.8
12Sidney Swick21:40.8Bronson87.7
11Megan Sterly21:52.6Homer83.8
12Madison Magda21:56.6Jonesville82.5
12Kylee Groves21:59.1Jonesville81.6
12Kate O’Neil22:06.0Brooklyn Columbia Ce…79.3
10Madison Basham22:07.4Grass Lake78.9
9Skyler Fraley22:10.7Union City77.8
12Meredith Vontroba22:21.6Sand Creek74.1
12Cassie Bayes22:24.5Onsted73.2
9Jayla Bright22:27.2Hudson72.3
9Charlotte Crabbs22:30.2Quincy71.3
12Kayla Miller22:32.6Hanover-Horton70.5
9Faith Beardmore22:35.7Sand Creek69.4
11Allyson Robarge22:42.8Onsted67.1
9Allie England22:43.3Onsted66.9
12Jessica Furman22:46.8Jackson Lumen Christi65.7
12Alexandra Soltis23:03.4Jackson Lumen Christi60.2
10Sadie Miller23:03.7Quincy60.1
10Morgan Baker23:07.2Jonesville58.9
11Sarah Anastasiadis23:11.3Jackson Lumen Christi57.6
12Emily Czeiszperger23:12.3Hudson57.2
11Kailey Allman23:16.1Quincy56.0
9Grace Bullock23:17.4Grass Lake55.5
10Madelyn Norman23:17.9Napoleon55.4
9Lauren McLain23:21.3Napoleon54.2
10Julianna Debozy23:24.8Hanover-Horton53.1
10Jalynn Schmelter23:25.5Leslie52.8
9Keegan Shaffer23:27.4Hudson52.2
9Jordyn Taylor23:29.0Onsted51.7
11Lydia Meckley23:29.1Sand Creek51.6
10Kayla Creisher23:38.6Leslie48.5
10Maria Mandrelle23:45.4Jonesville46.2
12Korah Daniels23:45.8Sand Creek46.1
10Alexis Flint23:49.8Hanover-Horton44.7
12Elise Wright23:51.4Quincy44.2
10Lily Mason23:53.0Hanover-Horton43.7
11Kyla Burdick23:53.4Union City43.5
11Liz Hill23:54.7Onsted43.1
12Kamren Steward23:59.0Springport41.7
10Alexa Burgess24:09.7Napoleon38.1
12Molly Klemmer24:11.5Leslie37.5
11Chelsi Zyla24:11.7Sand Creek37.4
10Kate Paterson24:24.0Michigan Center33.3
11Audrey Allard24:32.8Leslie30.4
12Emily Smilowski24:34.4Napoleon29.9
10Libby Butchart24:58.5Quincy21.8
11Marissa Benn25:00.7Napoleon21.1
12Amelia June25:05.7Union City19.4
12Mollie Butchart25:12.2Quincy17.3
11Alexandra Garcia25:12.8Napoleon17.1
9Madeline Jenks25:15.5Grass Lake16.2
12Aubree Fox25:30.1Sand Creek11.3
12Olivia Darnell25:31.7Napoleon10.8
12Kady Stoddard25:32.8Leslie10.4
12Abby Ware25:36.0Bronson9.3
9Pierce Pibbles25:45.5Hudson6.2
10Grace Lindsley25:49.2Quincy4.9
11Anna Olson26:03.6Sand Creek0.1

12Jonathan Mikovits17:13.3Concord185.6
12Joe Bulko17:30.6Concord179.8
12Emil Schlueter17:36.0Hillsdale Academy178.0
11Adair Artis17:58.2Concord170.6
11Evan Suydam18:15.0Petersburg-Summerfield165.0
11Tyler Bays18:23.8Reading162.1
11Kade Spahr18:24.7Pittsford161.8
8Grayson Rorick18:40.5Hillsdale Academy156.5
11Grant Long18:41.3Adrian Lenawee Chris…156.2
11Isaac Waldron18:42.0Concord156.0
11Lucas Lange18:43.6Adrian Lenawee Chris…155.5
12Paul Whalen18:43.8Hillsdale Academy155.4
11Bryson Bachelder18:44.8Morenci155.1
9Vincent Reagle18:46.1Hillsdale Academy154.6
10Thomas Holm18:46.8Hillsdale Academy154.4
10Nathan Daniels18:53.2Adrian Lenawee Chris…152.3
8Cole Bates18:57.9Hillsdale Academy150.7
10Kutter Vanaken19:04.2Reading148.6
12David Loomis19:16.3East Jackson144.6
11Caleb Diener19:20.5Hillsdale Academy143.2
10Michael Allen19:43.3East Jackson135.6
10Xavier Sumner19:44.1East Jackson135.3
12Nolan Korman19:56.9Concord131.0
9Joel Lange20:03.4Adrian Lenawee Chris…128.9
11Josh Jensen20:06.9Petersburg-Summerfield127.7
12Robbie Michalowski20:23.4Addison122.2
9Michael Rising20:43.9Morenci115.4
12Ryan Reynolds20:55.1Camden-Frontier111.6
10Javin Mericle20:57.6East Jackson110.8
11Jesse Cabrera21:05.2Reading108.3
9Zachary Martinez21:06.8Morenci107.7
9Kevin Kaufman21:08.3Morenci107.2
9Beau Shaffer21:25.3Morenci101.6
10Josh Green21:31.5Adrian Lenawee Chris…99.5
12Logan Hensley21:38.1Pittsford97.3
12John Yarbrough21:54.4Jackson Preparatory91.9
9Theodore Gault21:55.7Petersburg-Summerfield91.4
9Liam Shaner21:57.6Petersburg-Summerfield90.8
11Joe Dubnicki21:58.2Jackson Preparatory90.6
11Stephen Hertzfeld22:07.2East Jackson87.6
9Jordan Watkins22:07.2Morenci87.6
11Nolund Perry22:13.3Addison85.6
11Nick Isaly22:14.1Britton Deerfield85.3
11Bowen Baumgartner22:14.4Morenci85.2
9Lucas Morse22:15.1Addison85.0
9Blake Bever22:19.8Camden-Frontier83.4
Ryan Anderson22:23.9Waldron82.0
11Alvin Hedrick22:34.5Addison78.5
12Cameron Gramm22:41.6Addison76.1
9Lleyton Bauman22:46.8Concord74.4
12Micah Ortell23:12.4Jackson Preparatory65.9
12Hasan Ahmad23:12.6Jackson Preparatory65.8
9Everett UpHaus23:30.5Addison59.8
9Jameson Watson23:35.9Britton Deerfield58.0
9Kaleb Richardson23:38.5Adrian Lenawee Chris…57.2
9Brandan Edmunds23:42.6Adrian Lenawee Chris…55.8
12Derek Lake23:50.1Britton Deerfield53.3
10Colton Raffensberger23:57.6East Jackson50.8
10James Vancamp24:07.4Hillsdale Will Carle…47.5
10Alex Draper24:12.6Hillsdale Will Carle…45.8
9Logan Mishaw24:49.2Jackson Preparatory33.6
9Brady Parker24:51.9Reading32.7
9Donovan Myers25:14.8Jackson Preparatory25.1
9Clayton Thomas25:27.8Addison20.7
9Julius Farrell25:48.0East Jackson14.0
11Gage Fee26:23.1Camden-Frontier2.3
9Aiden Williams26:26.5Waldron1.2

11Rogan Melling16:37.5Hanover-Horton188.8
11Rhett Reif16:45.8Quincy186.1
12Jacob Walker17:04.8Brooklyn Columbia Ce…179.7
10Alex Czeiszperger17:20.5Hudson174.5
11Ashton Wells17:32.4Bronson170.5
12Tyler Hile17:41.1Leslie167.6
12Matthew Rankin17:44.1Grass Lake166.6
12Reagan Mayer17:45.7Bronson166.1
11Austin Brown17:45.7Hanover-Horton166.1
10Evan Shepherd17:49.1Hanover-Horton165.0
11Aden Hathaway17:56.6Bronson162.5
12Matt Hoop17:57.9Jackson Lumen Christi162.0
11Brody Amthor18:08.3Onsted158.6
10Gavin VanKampen18:09.4Jonesville158.2
11Cameron Pierce18:12.4Leslie157.2
9Isaac St. John18:13.8Hudson156.7
12Jonah Richards18:18.4Hillsdale155.2
11Tanner Norton18:23.7Bronson153.4
11Ethan Lubahn18:26.1Leslie152.6
12Tristan Bolenbaugh18:27.1Hudson152.3
10Gannon Shore18:28.5Jackson Lumen Christi151.8
12Alan Knowles18:29.7Jonesville151.4
10Kyler Pequet18:30.3Napoleon151.2
12Brayden Ransbottom18:30.4Bronson151.2
9Isaiah Dinverno18:31.1Jackson Lumen Christi151.0
9Jose Domecq18:44.5Leslie146.5
11Joshua Deline18:45.0Hudson146.3
10Nolan Grant18:45.1Hillsdale146.3
9Miles Brown18:50.2Hillsdale144.6
12Caden Hoyt18:55.5Homer142.8
12Noah Dinverno18:56.8Jackson Lumen Christi142.4
9Zander Stormont19:05.0Grass Lake139.7
10Mytchal Morrison19:09.0Jonesville138.3
9Zachery Childress19:12.8Jonesville137.1
12Ian Albert19:13.1Napoleon137.0
10Caleb Dickinson19:13.8Homer136.7
12Jackson Miller19:14.5Hudson136.5
10Aiden Monroe19:15.0Hillsdale136.3
11Henry Arnett19:19.1Hudson135.0
11Perry Lake19:19.2Bronson134.9
11Nathan Padbury19:20.2Jackson Lumen Christi134.6
12Ben Childs19:26.3Hanover-Horton132.6
12Rhys Mitchell19:32.6Hudson130.5
9James Bayes19:33.6Onsted130.1
11Brady Harper19:36.4Quincy129.2
11Andrew Reese19:38.0Jackson Lumen Christi128.7
9Tyler Wilber19:46.1Bronson126.0
10Joshua Postuma19:52.1Grass Lake124.0
9Jason Shoop19:52.8Union City123.7
9Wyatt Boteler19:53.3Grass Lake123.6
11Nick Schuette19:55.1Hanover-Horton123.0
10Gavin Zuver19:56.7Brooklyn Columbia Ce…122.4
11Brenden Yob19:58.9Napoleon121.7
9Mitchell Hiatt20:02.9Onsted120.4
10Elijah Dyer20:04.1Springport120.0
9Malachi Payne20:08.0Union City118.7
12Dylan Sanford20:16.8Springport115.7
12Joshua Darling20:20.5Napoleon114.5
10Maddox Miller20:22.0Union City114.0
10Nathan Paddock20:23.3Michigan Center113.6
10Anthony Clark20:26.0Homer112.7
10Cameron Barry20:26.1Quincy112.6
10Landon Jordon20:27.0Hanover-Horton112.3
9Kyan Isham20:28.6Leslie111.8
12Andrew Ferguson20:32.6Jackson Lumen Christi110.5
10Austin Warner20:34.7Homer109.8
10Haden McLain20:46.6Napoleon105.8
12David Maynard20:47.8Grass Lake105.4
12Caleb Wilson20:49.6Homer104.8
12Jackson Byers20:51.0Grass Lake104.3
9Aidan Taylor20:52.9Union City103.7
9Jack Gorton20:54.2Brooklyn Columbia Ce…103.3
9Hunter Betz20:54.2Homer103.3
10Jacob Norman20:56.0Jonesville102.7
12Bryce Blackledge20:57.4Hanover-Horton102.2
11Xander Manzer21:12.6Michigan Center97.1
9Benjamin Eros21:19.7Grass Lake94.8
11Ty Gaddy21:26.9Michigan Center92.4
11Erik Dexter21:30.7Leslie91.1
11Nathan Russell21:30.7Sand Creek91.1
12Reese McRobert21:38.7Onsted88.4
11Aiden Thorne21:39.5Napoleon88.2
11Caden Troxtle21:40.0Quincy88.0
11Bradley Wright21:43.6Jonesville86.8
12Trevor Weaver21:46.4Napoleon85.9
10Barrett Bradley21:51.4Michigan Center84.2
10Ethan Grulke22:01.7Onsted80.8
10Nathan Richer22:07.8Quincy78.7
10Logan Hile22:23.4Leslie73.5
9Caleb Johnson22:25.4Sand Creek72.9
9Collin Wade22:28.6Quincy71.8
9Braden Lige22:30.3Hillsdale71.2
12Jack McNew22:49.3Jonesville64.9
11Landon Root22:53.0Springport63.7
10Mykel Dykstra22:54.0Springport63.3
10Matthew Hayes23:07.2Brooklyn Columbia Ce…58.9
10Josh Russell23:09.5Sand Creek58.2
10William Wallen23:30.2Union City51.3
10Sam Hallenbeck23:38.3Onsted48.6
12Luke Bigelow23:58.5Union City41.8
10Hunter Sinke23:59.9Union City41.4
12Jackson Thatcher24:02.9Homer40.4
10Wyatt VanRiper24:28.0Michigan Center32.0
9Rick Zuver24:42.5Brooklyn Columbia Ce…27.2
10Timmy Reimers24:58.9Michigan Center21.7
12Jack Tanner24:59.5Sand Creek21.5
11Clark Cook25:10.4Sand Creek17.9

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