2021 Ratings: Chippewa Hills Regional (30, 10)

(Yes, I realize I skipped Portage.  For whatever reason, all day I had it in my head that Chippewa Hills was next)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 30 Preview
Region 10 Preview

30 Girls Adjustment: -8
10 Girls Adjustment: -6
30 Boys Adjustment: -8
10 Boys Adjustment: -7

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Abigail Davis, Vestaburg: Consider this – a week ago Abigail ran the same course, under better conditions.  She ran 22:58. Friday, she finished in 22:21.

Eddie Lavere, Hale: Eddie hasn’t raced much, missing 6 weeks from early September to late October.  But in his return, it’s been a precipitous drop.  20:29 to 19:18 to 19:02, the latter resulting in a 12th place finish.

Kaitriss DeGroft, Chippewa Hills: According to Coach Hatfield, she ran the “race of her life”.  I guess Kaitriss wanted her career to continue for one more week.  The Warriors major upset was sealed by her 40 sec. season best. 

Riley Buys, Whitehall: Riley had a great junior year in 2020, running in the 16’s qualifying for State, finishing 4th at GMAA.  But this season hadn’t gone the same way.  Never broke 17:00, 7th at GMAA – until Friday.  10th place here clinched his second straight MIS appearance and his career extends for one more week.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 5/6 Boys, 4/6 Girls; 27/30 Boys Overall, 26/30 Girls OverallAthletic: 5/6 Boys, 4/6 Girls; 27/30 Boys Overall, 25/30 Girls Overall

12Nicole Olivieri19:59.7Mt. Pleasant Sacred …124.1
10Amelia Thompson20:28.4Big Rapids Crossroad…114.5
12Riley Hacker21:15.2Mt. Pleasant Sacred …98.9
12Rachal Weber21:31.2Beal City93.6
9Avery Westall22:09.1Breckenridge81.0
11Kaylee Locke22:17.5Beal City78.2
9Abigail Davis22:21.6Vestaburg76.8
11Olivia Ervin22:35.3Mt. Pleasant Sacred …72.2
10Jacqueline Morton22:41.4Mt. Pleasant Sacred …70.2
9Mickiah Allbee22:45.2Vestaburg68.9
9Lauryn Licari22:51.9Beal City66.7
10Megan Goward22:54.1Breckenridge66.0
9Nataly Vine22:55.6Breckenridge65.5
11Hadyn Armstrong23:05.1Beal City62.3
9Jessica Penrod23:07.0Vestaburg61.7
12Allison Wichert23:23.8Vestaburg56.1
12Abby Spencer23:27.9Mt. Pleasant Sacred …54.7
11Sadie Quackenbush23:39.0Montabella51.0
11Lily Deja23:59.1Mt. Pleasant Sacred …44.3
12Katie McDonald24:07.3Mt. Pleasant Sacred …41.6
10Tori Most24:15.7Breckenridge38.8
11Kaylee Aultman24:18.6Coleman37.8
11Selena Quintero24:54.7Marion25.8
11Lilly Backus25:09.4Beal City20.9
9Kayla Goward25:10.2Breckenridge20.6
10Kate Krick25:23.6McBain Northern Mich…16.1
10Alivia Talcott25:32.9Vestaburg13.0
10Kaitlin Buys25:34.7Big Rapids Crossroad…12.4
10Jackie Cole25:35.7Big Rapids Crossroad…12.1
11Addyson Zuker25:51.9Beal City6.7
10Genevieve Pappas25:56.8Beal City5.1
11Erin Stevens26:08.6Merrill1.1

12Noel Vanderwall19:09.9Petoskey138.7
12Sarah Storey19:32.8Remus Chippewa Hills131.1
10CamBrie Corey19:52.4Petoskey124.5
12Kendall Schopieray19:52.9Cadillac124.4
9Madeline Loe20:01.1Petoskey121.6
11Emma Janesak20:08.8Sparta119.1
9Summer Brower20:09.8Ludington118.7
12Caroline Farley20:15.6Petoskey116.8
10Remington Arney20:16.9Newaygo116.4
10Sydney Hoffman20:17.4Petoskey116.2
9Allison Nobis20:21.1Clare115.0
10Ava Hollandsworth20:26.1Remus Chippewa Hills113.3
11Regan Hill20:29.8Cadillac112.1
11Madyson Oudbier20:33.4Sparta110.9
10Nora O’Leary20:36.4Petoskey109.9
12Taava Johnson20:43.7Fremont107.4
9Autumn Brower20:54.2Ludington103.9
9Skylee Ames21:02.7Gaylord101.1
12Chloe Jones21:05.0Ogemaw Heights100.3
12Hayli Fagan21:10.0Whitehall98.7
12Lauren Wooer21:11.9Kingsley98.0
12Hattie Veenkant21:13.0Clare97.7
10Kennedi Wood21:18.6Sparta95.8
12Meghan McGiverin21:32.4Howard City-Tri-County91.2
10Reece Clark21:32.7Remus Chippewa Hills91.1
10Avery Mickelson21:39.8Cadillac88.7
10Olivia Andersen21:40.3Ludington88.6
9Abby Robinson21:40.6Gladwin88.5
12Abby Leigh21:44.7Clare87.1
11Ariana Treat21:45.4Whitehall86.9
9Natalie Gibson21:47.0Remus Chippewa Hills86.3
10Mackenzie Keillor21:54.5Ludington83.8
9Corina Mitteer21:55.3Whitehall83.6
11Allison Tate22:00.5Whitehall81.8
9Kaleigh Swiger22:02.3Cadillac81.2
12Kate Langworthy22:04.0Big Rapids80.7
9Adalyn Britton22:04.4Whitehall80.5
10Marisa Mazza22:06.7Cadillac79.8
9Nadia Grierson22:11.0Ludington78.4
11Eleanor Cool22:14.8Cadillac77.1
10Jade Ryerson22:19.3Sparta75.6
10Oliviah Malloy22:23.8Big Rapids74.1
9Ella Spanding22:28.9Gaylord72.4
11Isabell Peltier22:33.0Kingsley71.0
10Lucy Johnson22:33.9Gaylord70.7
12Kaitriss Degroft22:36.0Remus Chippewa Hills70.0
10Anna Burton22:36.7Ludington69.8
10Kelsey Saxton22:37.9Kingsley69.4
11Grace Hillier22:38.7Kingsley69.1
12Elise Book22:43.1Gaylord67.6
10Hadley Hilt22:43.6Cadillac67.5
12Saturia Daykin22:53.8Gaylord64.1
11Mary Webb23:04.1Kingsley60.6
10Haylee Livermore23:04.7Remus Chippewa Hills60.4
9Augusta Bowman23:06.1Remus Chippewa Hills60.0
12Racheal Nyarko23:07.6Gladwin59.5
9Taylor Seibt23:08.3Clare59.2
12Trinity Skowronek23:15.1Sparta57.0
10Gwendalynn Rickard23:15.7Big Rapids56.8
12Neva Hundt23:18.6Whitehall55.8
10Kara Forsberg23:22.4Clare54.5
11Kelly Huis23:26.0Kingsley53.3
12Dana Cole23:26.8Petoskey53.1
10Megan Veitengruber23:34.3Clare50.6
10Bailey Seibt23:40.9Clare48.4
11Lily Hardenburgh23:42.7Sparta47.8
11Haylie Haner23:44.0Big Rapids47.3
11Kaylee Schelich23:45.5Kingsley46.8
9Zoey Walerczyk23:56.7Newaygo43.1
9Brooke Methner24:06.0Gladwin40.0
12Megan Knuth24:08.7Big Rapids39.1
9Amelia Smith24:10.4Gaylord38.5
10Elise Pfeiffer24:13.4Fremont37.5
10Olivia DeJohn24:14.6Newaygo37.1
12Zoey Deam24:15.1Big Rapids37.0
11Elisabeth Bragg24:22.4Ogemaw Heights34.5
11Elizabeth Chaffee24:30.0Newaygo32.0
10Sami Keiser24:31.6Gaylord31.5
11Michelle Baltruczak24:37.5Sparta29.5
11Madison Parmley24:52.8Whitehall24.4
12Paige Devos25:05.4Grant20.2
10Tricia Pyrzewski25:06.6Gladwin19.8
10Alexia McCarthy25:21.1Cheboygan15.0
10Natalie Schulz25:25.7Howard City-Tri-County13.4
12Amber VanGoethem25:31.5Ogemaw Heights11.5
11Lyda Lathrop25:31.9Newaygo11.4
9Shyann Callison25:32.9Fremont11.0
10Tessa Cameron25:38.5Gladwin9.2
9Rachel Maddox25:39.7Fremont8.8
9Katie Rangel25:42.3Ludington7.9
10Aamori Paz25:47.2Newaygo6.3
9Samantha Harke25:57.2Cheboygan2.9

12Brock Lynch16:56.6Mt. Pleasant Sacred …183.8
12Mason Sumner17:22.1Breckenridge175.3
10Owen Patton17:26.8Vestaburg173.7
10Alex Wanty17:34.7Hale171.1
12Noah Haskell18:03.8Coleman161.4
12Jonas Lanser18:08.9McBain Northern Mich…159.7
11Owen Gross18:13.2Beal City158.3
11Dakota Dykhuis18:20.2Montabella155.9
11James Wilson18:35.4Montabella150.9
10Isaac Humm18:45.7Breckenridge147.4
10Jaden Ostrander18:56.3Breckenridge143.9
10Eddie Lavere19:02.4Hale141.9
9Luke Pettengill19:10.1McBain Northern Mich…139.3
12Riley Daily19:11.6Montabella138.8
10Sawyer Stoneman19:18.6Breckenridge136.5
12Logan Mishler19:46.4Beal City127.2
10Nik Moore19:48.3Mt. Pleasant Sacred …126.6
8Sean Bernard20:01.1Hale122.3
11Jesse Jones20:03.1Mt. Pleasant Sacred …121.6
10Ryan Tinson20:08.4Breckenridge119.9
11Bryce Aultman20:21.5Coleman115.5
12Eric Williams20:35.0Marion111.0
11Cole Aultman20:53.0Coleman105.0
9Logan Dudley20:56.0Coleman104.0
12Shane Templeman20:59.0Coleman103.0
10Carter Follett21:08.5Merrill99.8
12Nick Stephens21:18.6Charlton Heston Acad…96.5
11Colin DeKam21:30.9McBain Northern Mich…92.4
9Austin Gross21:43.1Beal City88.3
12Lorenzo Milazzo21:53.4McBain Northern Mich…84.9
8Paxton Downing21:54.8Hale84.4
11Jacob Pickens22:11.2Mt. Pleasant Sacred …78.9
9Aimon Humm22:24.7Breckenridge74.4
11Aidan Timko22:36.7Marion70.4
11Ethan Sharrow22:43.8Charlton Heston Acad…68.1
11Chris Tallman22:45.3Coleman67.6
10Brady McCadie22:47.1Hale67.0
10Elijah Kimbel22:54.5McBain Northern Mich…64.5
12Jordan Wood23:00.1Marion62.6
10Thomas Cochran23:13.3Breckenridge58.3
12Logan Romatz23:18.1Marion56.6
9Eli Zeien23:19.9Beal City56.0
11Andrew Kelsey23:27.4Montabella53.5
11Sergey Collings23:27.9Mt. Pleasant Sacred …53.4
10Oliver Zeien23:31.6Beal City52.1
11Richard Duynslager23:38.7Beal City49.8
9Joseph Wernette23:48.1Beal City46.6
11Roman Addison24:23.0Mt. Pleasant Sacred …35.0
10Lawrence Mullins24:44.0Hale28.0
11Jacob Booher24:46.0McBain Northern Mich…27.3
10Trenton Gladu24:55.6McBain Northern Mich…24.1
10Reece Ready25:26.3Hale13.9
11Branson Walker25:57.7Merrill3.4

12Conor Somers15:52.0Fremont205.0
12Samuel Smith16:31.4Petoskey191.9
12Jackson Jones16:51.1Sparta185.3
11Jake O’Neil16:55.2Remus Chippewa Hills183.9
10Shane Izzard17:00.1Petoskey182.3
10Nolan Nixon17:01.2Cadillac181.9
12Ryan Ososki17:03.3Big Rapids181.3
10Brad White17:03.8Clare181.1
11Andre Richmond17:05.4Whitehall180.5
12Riley Buys17:06.7Whitehall180.1
10Gregory Janesak17:09.7Sparta179.1
11Carter McIlroy17:12.3Whitehall178.2
10Caleb Palmreuter17:14.1Gladwin177.6
12Brennan Schuler17:18.7Fremont176.1
9Seth Mead17:23.3Gladwin174.6
12Cooper Rokop17:27.1Petoskey173.3
12Gavin Schuler17:30.5Fremont172.2
11Jax Wilson17:47.5Sparta166.5
10Brady Odenbach17:49.7Petoskey165.8
10Brodie Delamater17:50.9Grant165.4
10Dylan Odenbach17:55.4Petoskey163.9
9Carter Sherman17:56.6Fremont163.5
9Cole Lowery17:57.6Fremont163.2
10Sean Pettis17:58.5Fremont162.8
10Trey Keson18:00.3Ludington162.2
10John Christensen18:01.4Fremont161.9
10Tommy Farley18:02.8Petoskey161.4
11Noah Momber18:05.8Sparta160.4
11Ben Knuth18:09.7Big Rapids159.1
12Ty Pichan18:11.2Gaylord158.6
11Gavin Towner18:12.9Petoskey158.0
11Jackson Hilt18:17.3Cadillac156.6
10Gabe Outman18:17.6Cadillac156.5
9Elijah Christensen18:20.5Gladwin155.5
10Matthew Stilson18:23.2Cadillac154.6
9Ayden Barcia18:24.4Clare154.2
10Gavin Rykse18:29.4Howard City-Tri-County152.5
11Dakota Leddy18:31.7Gladwin151.8
12Christopher Landry18:32.2Sparta151.6
10Andrew Klaus18:32.7Clare151.4
10Nic Porter18:33.2Clare151.3
12Ted Bell18:34.3Clare150.9
10Isaiah Skowronek18:36.7Sparta150.1
9David Reisterer18:37.5Ludington149.9
10Bjorn Tracy18:48.6Cadillac146.1
11Adam Ogg18:50.8Sparta145.4
10Matthew Brownell18:53.8Remus Chippewa Hills144.4
11Avery Jura18:54.4Whitehall144.2
10Nevin Slater19:03.3Ludington141.2
12Owen Palmer19:04.7Gaylord140.8
10JJ Mahan19:08.3Cadillac139.6
11Kaden Kolarik19:11.1Kingsley138.6
11Logan Ames19:11.4Gaylord138.5
12Evan Bennett19:12.6Ludington138.1
12Anthony Martin19:17.9Ogemaw Heights136.4
9Andrew Elmore19:18.5Cadillac136.2
10Branden Stock19:18.9Kingsley136.0
10Joel Hardesty19:24.7Big Rapids134.1
12Trenton Laskey19:27.7Howard City-Tri-County133.1
11Ethan Edgar19:29.1Gladwin132.6
9Caidan Gaskill19:29.6Clare132.5
11Micah Witham19:35.2Whitehall130.6
9Zachary Hyatt19:38.5Whitehall129.5
10Braxton Zenner19:39.4Kingsley129.2
12Cohen Young19:39.8Clare129.1
10Jack Jubar19:47.7Ludington126.4
10Curtis Fuller19:48.0Ludington126.3
9Andrew Boeringa19:54.6Whitehall124.1
12Gavin Grabill19:55.9Big Rapids123.7
11Jack Noble19:58.8Grant122.7
9Kyan Deam20:00.6Big Rapids122.1
11Winston Pelloski20:01.8Kingsley121.7
12Shaun Biller20:02.8Remus Chippewa Hills121.4
9Jaxon Lumbert20:05.2Howard City-Tri-County120.6
12Hunter Mossel20:06.6Big Rapids120.1
12Clay Oosterhouse20:07.4Big Rapids119.9
11Ethan Underwood20:17.8Gladwin116.4
10Lucas Hines20:18.9Ogemaw Heights116.0
10Rylan Matelski20:19.2Gaylord115.9
11Luke Patrick20:27.3Cheboygan113.2
12Michael Murray20:36.7Newaygo110.1
11Matthew Cross20:38.3Kingsley109.6
9Jacob Simon20:50.6Remus Chippewa Hills105.5
9Landon Moore20:54.5Howard City-Tri-County104.2
12Will Siegert20:56.8Ludington103.4
11Brandon Gates21:01.6Grant101.8
11Otwen Norberg21:05.5Grant100.5
11Ethan Olds21:07.0Howard City-Tri-County100.0
12Martin Grinnell21:11.2Remus Chippewa Hills98.6
12Kyle Brege21:12.9Grant98.0
12Tanner Bissonette21:18.8Gladwin96.1
12Lewis Young21:25.0Remus Chippewa Hills94.0
12Preston Lewis21:26.4Howard City-Tri-County93.5
9Oscar Mendez21:34.4Grant90.9
9Peyton Thomasma21:35.5Gaylord90.5
11Bryce Grugett21:43.5Newaygo87.8
10Mathew Miedema22:10.3Newaygo78.9
12Braylon Freeland22:31.5Grant71.8
11Tyler Maurice22:44.8Howard City-Tri-County67.4
9Logan Face23:02.4Kingsley61.5
12Logan Neubecker23:10.5Ogemaw Heights58.8
11Zach Keiser23:21.3Gaylord55.2
10Luke Acton23:26.0Newaygo53.7
11Chaz Cole23:49.8Ogemaw Heights45.7
12Michael Pyszora24:00.0Ogemaw Heights42.3
10Steven Ramsby24:45.9Cheboygan27.0
10Hunter Mabe24:47.7Ogemaw Heights26.4

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