2021 Ratings: Portage Regional (Friday – 32, 3)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 32 Preview
Region 3 Preview

32 Girls Adjustment: +20
3 Girls Adjustment: +18
32 Boys Adjustment: +24
3 Boys Adjustment: +9

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Alaina Klooster, Kalamazoo Christian: It’s gonna be quite the battle between Kalamazoo Christian and Muskegon WMC next week.  Comet girls have improved in the past few weeks and laid down some times – two consecutive 20:08s for Alaina.

Ryan Casterline, Battle Creek St. Philip: His 18:49 was a season best and a far cry from the 20+ minute times he put up earlier in the year.

Olivia Ippel, St. Joseph: Season best and *this* close to a personal best, but that’s not an important thing.  St. Joseph was not having a great day and she stepped in as their 3rd runner.  Her effort saved the day as many teams were clamoring for those 3 spots. 

Kevin Grady, Battle Creek Lakeview: Things looked grim for Lakeview last week as Kalamazoo Central swooped in to capture the SMAC crown, but they came back in a major way Friday.  Grady’s 16:46 almost matched his 16:41 at Otsego and ensured the pledge the Lakeview group made in 2018 – that they would run at MIS in November as seniors.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
IXCSR: 6/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 33/36 Boys Overall, 31/36 Girls OverallAthletic: 6/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 33/36 Boys Overall, 30/36 Girls Overall

9Presley Allen19:02.1Mendon132.6
9Alaina Klooster20:08.9Kalamazoo Christian110.4
11Dani VanLente20:52.2Tekonsha95.9
11Sydney Van Es21:04.4Kalamazoo Hackett91.9
11Aubrey Herder21:09.4Kalamazoo Christian90.2
11Annika Sytsma21:12.7Kalamazoo Christian89.1
12Lauren Anderson21:23.3Cassopolis Ross Beatty85.6
10Macey Burgess21:25.1Colon85.0
12Therese Campos21:32.8St Philip Catholic C…82.4
11Rachel Allabaugh21:42.6Kalamazoo Christian79.1
11Hope Zichterman21:45.1Kalamazoo Christian78.3
10Addie Curtis21:53.9Marcellus75.4
12Amber Hostetler22:01.6Mendon72.8
9Lucy Bray22:08.4Kalamazoo Christian70.5
12Emma Shugars22:10.9St Philip Catholic C…69.7
10Mimi Hibbard22:33.2St Philip Catholic C…62.3
12Claire Pschigoda22:56.2Kalamazoo Christian54.6
12Mckenzie Miller23:02.5Athens52.5
12Alex Kersten23:16.0St Philip Catholic C…48.0
12Merle Muntefering23:22.9Marcellus45.7
11Breanna Franks23:25.1Decatur45.0
12Azealia Lafler23:27.7Colon44.1
11Lauren Schabes24:03.5Mendon32.2
10Clare Flory24:07.3Marcellus30.9
10Alexae Hall24:23.8Decatur25.4
12Hayley Strawser24:29.2White Pigeon23.6
9Jamielynn Delarye24:29.2White Pigeon23.6
9Lena Miner24:37.0Heritage Christian A…21.0
10Reese Williams24:53.8Colon15.4
9Abby Ulbrich25:04.5Kalamazoo Hackett11.8
10Theresa Keyte25:06.6Kalamazoo Hackett11.1
9Rachel Schelstraete25:10.0White Pigeon10.0
12Sophia Latimer25:11.9St Philip Catholic C…9.4
12Alivia Stuart25:15.4Mendon8.2
11Caylee Bishop25:19.3Marcellus6.9
11Abigail Chabitch25:21.0Decatur6.3

11Arianne Olson17:12.3Holland West Ottawa169.9
9Helen Sachs18:39.0Holland West Ottawa141.0
12Abby Bonnema18:39.5Holland West Ottawa140.8
9Jordyn Klaasen18:51.1Zeeland West137.0
11Maya Guikema18:54.4Jenison135.9
10Emilee Rudlaff19:06.8Kalamazoo Central131.7
11Ana Dunfee19:14.6Kalamazoo Loy Norrix129.1
11Mary England19:15.2Kalamazoo Central128.9
11Bella Hoffer19:19.6Zeeland West127.5
12Eliza Phares19:24.2Portage Central125.9
12Riley Mullen19:25.1St. Joseph125.6
11Megan Postma19:25.5Holland West Ottawa125.5
12Lily Strelecki19:30.4Jenison123.9
12Tatum Verburg19:35.1Caledonia122.3
12Barbara DeGood19:35.3Caledonia122.2
9Elena Figueroa19:40.4St. Joseph120.5
12Emily Reeves19:41.4Mattawan120.2
12Hannah Roark19:46.6Zeeland West118.5
9Klea Verstrate19:47.4Hudsonville118.2
12Avery Zeinstra19:52.5Byron Center116.5
11Maggie Otto19:52.8Jenison116.4
9Alanna Clague19:53.1Portage Central116.3
10Amanda Williams19:53.4Portage Central116.2
12Samantha Killmer19:54.7Portage Northern115.8
9Emma Gunnett19:55.1Holland West Ottawa115.6
9Natalie Formsma19:57.6Byron Center114.8
11Elise Conkel19:59.5Hudsonville114.2
10Alyssa Hinton20:00.0Battle Creek Lakeview114.0
11Natalia Quigley20:00.9Caledonia113.7
11Olivia Ippel20:01.3St. Joseph113.6
11Paige Ratliff20:03.1Battle Creek Lakeview113.0
9Emma Margaron20:03.4Holland112.9
12Kaitlyn Thomas20:06.1Battle Creek Lakeview112.0
12Jillian Tunnicliff20:09.9St. Joseph110.7
9Ella Harlow20:13.6Portage Northern109.5
9Abbey Scholma20:14.8Hudsonville109.1
9Jane Olney20:17.9Holland West Ottawa108.0
10Cecilia Ruchti20:19.4St. Joseph107.5
9Lauren Tooley20:24.4Portage Central105.9
12Taylor Fairchild20:25.3Caledonia105.6
12Samantha Wells20:29.4Zeeland West104.2
9Sofia Bogard20:29.9Kalamazoo Loy Norrix104.0
10Grace Kelley20:30.7St. Joseph103.8
12Savanna Coulter20:30.8Caledonia103.7
12Rachael Barone20:30.8Jenison103.7
12Ariana Bruininks20:31.5Portage Central103.5
10Kate Wayne20:35.1Hudsonville102.3
11Abby Martin20:36.5Hudsonville101.8
10Addison Begeman20:40.9Portage Central100.4
11Anna Rachowicz20:41.4Portage Central100.2
12McKenna Hinkle20:43.3Byron Center99.6
12Kaitlynn Robotham20:44.1Caledonia99.3
12Gracie Erdman20:49.1Zeeland West97.6
10Amelia Isackson20:49.4Kalamazoo Loy Norrix97.5
9Ambria DePoy20:50.4Holland97.2
10Alyssa Wisener20:52.0Byron Center96.7
11Dinara Domeier20:52.0Byron Center96.7
9Naomi Diekman20:55.3Jenison95.6
12Haniya Frayer20:55.4Kalamazoo Loy Norrix95.5
9Olivia VerBeek20:55.6Jenison95.5
9Reese Meyers20:55.9Hudsonville95.4
12Korin Whitcomb20:56.4Sturgis95.2
10Abby Wilson20:59.6Holland94.1
9Macy Daniels21:02.8Kalamazoo Loy Norrix93.1
10Cameron Miller21:05.3Kalamazoo Loy Norrix92.2
12Paige Glass21:08.4Hudsonville91.2
9Kaitlyn Harris21:09.6St. Joseph90.8
9Daphne Ball21:09.7Byron Center90.8
9Celia Pollock21:10.3Byron Center90.6
12Claire Johnson21:11.7Mattawan90.1
10Greta Hondorp21:16.0Zeeland West88.7
12Faye Scott Farnswo…21:21.0Portage Northern87.0
9Lauren Molag21:27.1Zeeland West85.0
11Reaghan Babrick21:28.2Kalamazoo Loy Norrix84.6
12Maya Alkema21:31.4Kalamazoo Central83.5
11Madelyn Fennema21:34.0Caledonia82.7
9Ava Vergara21:43.1Mattawan79.6
10Abby VanIngen21:49.4Holland77.5
9Randi Pennington22:09.2Jenison70.9
12Julia Kooyer22:09.5Holland70.8
10Madeline Herringa22:12.5Portage Northern69.8
11Emma Kerschbaum22:13.5Battle Creek Lakeview69.5
10Tahira Gjukis22:14.7Portage Northern69.1
12Emily Jo Buysse22:18.2Portage Northern67.9
12Caroline Lever22:21.6Portage Northern66.8
11Meredith Walters22:22.0Holland66.7
12Bailey McCulloch22:46.3BC Central58.6
10Paityn Modert23:03.4Sturgis52.9
11Alisa Mason23:14.0Holland49.3
12Alexia Muzik23:19.4Battle Creek Lakeview47.5
9KayLynn Smith23:24.6Mattawan45.8
12Alyssa Bloomfield23:50.8Mattawan37.1
10Naideline Luna-Bucio24:35.0Sturgis22.3
11Eliana Ruhrup24:46.2Mattawan18.6
12Christine Fields25:21.1Mattawan7.0

12Isaac Bos16:46.7Kalamazoo Christian176.4
10Luke Sprague17:32.5St Philip Catholic C…161.2
11Isaac Bogard17:32.7Kalamazoo Christian161.1
12Marco Barron18:11.9Tekonsha148.0
11Nick Mitchell18:16.8Kalamazoo Christian146.4
12Adam Blankenship18:37.0Eau Claire139.7
10Max Shugars18:37.4St Philip Catholic C…139.5
10Ryan Casterline18:49.0St Philip Catholic C…135.7
9Ryan Blankenship18:53.5Eau Claire134.2
11Edward Lopez19:02.6Eau Claire131.2
12Mitchell Eastman19:13.9Kalamazoo Hackett127.4
9James VanderDussen19:24.6Kalamazoo Christian123.8
10Gavin Sehy19:32.7Kalamazoo Hackett121.1
12Jacob Thome19:35.0St Philip Catholic C…120.3
9Zack Mitchell19:48.1Kalamazoo Christian116.0
11Jaren Waldschmidt19:54.6Cassopolis Ross Beatty113.8
11Dawson Lute20:04.1Kalamazoo Christian110.6
9Ben Iobe20:05.0Mendon110.3
12Andrew Confer20:07.4Decatur109.6
9Chandler Lafler20:08.4Colon109.2
9Landon Vanwormer20:09.3Mendon108.9
11Cole VanderDussen20:10.7Kalamazoo Christian108.4
12Elijah Fenstermaker20:15.9Heritage Christian A…106.7
12Stephen Smith20:18.9Tekonsha105.7
9Quinton Tone20:48.3Marcellus95.9
10Ryan Dehaan20:50.3Climax-Scotts95.2
11Jacob Bower20:51.6Colon94.8
10Sean Pierucci20:53.1Kalamazoo Hackett94.3
12Alex Morgensai20:57.3Tekonsha92.9
9Jerome Bastian21:05.9St Philip Catholic C…90.0
9Jack Williams22:08.8White Pigeon69.1
12Colton Andrews22:12.4Bellevue67.9
10Emile Bastian22:15.3St Philip Catholic C…66.9
11Josh Jackson22:25.8Marcellus63.4
12Aiden Crooks22:27.9Mendon62.7
9Owen Nofs22:38.5St Philip Catholic C…59.2
12Ben Swegles22:44.8Tekonsha57.1
10Ezekiel Fenstermaker22:54.4Heritage Christian A…53.9
9Brodie Daam23:11.4Heritage Christian A…48.2
11Cole Jackson23:13.3White Pigeon47.6
12Preston Delarye23:15.1White Pigeon47.0
9Brody Severin23:28.9Eau Claire42.4
10Blake Stuart23:34.4Mendon40.5
9Dru Slater23:42.8Athens37.7
11Christian Klusman23:45.3Marcellus36.9
9Jalen Cole24:04.0Kalamazoo Hackett30.7
11Jayce Arend24:23.9Eau Claire24.0
12Galen Stahl24:46.7Cassopolis Ross Beatty16.4
10Joe Creagan25:03.8Decatur10.7
12Karl Overton25:10.0Eau Claire8.7

12Josh Oom15:55.7Caledonia198.4
12Parker LaGro16:12.0Battle Creek Lakeview193.0
12Caden Dixon16:19.9Caledonia190.4
10Jasper Cane16:20.1Kalamazoo Central190.3
12Donavan Mattson16:20.3Caledonia190.2
11Jordan Domany16:20.8Caledonia190.1
11Caleb Bost16:24.0Battle Creek Lakeview189.0
11Joshua Gormley16:25.1Portage Central188.6
12Jonas Fraley-Burgett16:26.2Kalamazoo Central188.3
12Caleb Heid16:27.5Portage Central187.8
12Drew Gonzalez16:29.2Portage Northern187.3
12Jason Fredricks16:31.3Byron Center186.6
12Benjamin DeGood16:35.2Caledonia185.3
12Nathan Holwerda16:36.6Byron Center184.8
11Ben Hunter16:37.7Portage Central184.4
12Carston Cole16:37.8Holland West Ottawa184.4
10Aiden Moore16:39.6Battle Creek Lakeview183.8
11Gavin Voetberg16:43.4Portage Central182.5
12Kevin Grady16:46.4Battle Creek Lakeview181.6
11Adrian Castillo16:47.7Holland181.1
10Noah Lambers16:50.7Holland180.1
11Chase Holwerda16:54.9Zeeland West178.7
12Connor Lubberts16:55.0Jenison178.7
10Logan Begeman16:55.6Portage Central178.5
10Shay White16:56.8St. Joseph178.1
11Brett Guzman16:57.7Caledonia177.8
10Cole Visser16:58.1Jenison177.6
11Logan Post16:58.9Portage Northern177.4
9Joseph Spada16:59.0Kalamazoo Central177.3
10Nick Cabrera16:59.1Portage Central177.3
11Bryce Soisson17:04.5Kalamazoo Central175.5
11Sam Allen17:07.3Kalamazoo Loy Norrix174.6
11Brendan Wangler17:08.6Jenison174.1
11Caleb Smith17:09.8Zeeland West173.7
12Charles Blair17:10.8Kalamazoo Central173.4
12Jacob Simmons17:13.4Portage Central172.5
11Oskar Wiedenhoeft17:13.8Kalamazoo Loy Norrix172.4
11Andre Soisson17:14.1Kalamazoo Central172.3
11Nathan Golding17:15.2Zeeland West171.9
12Cooper Sorsen17:18.0Caledonia171.0
10Jack DeKruyter17:20.5Zeeland West170.2
12Nolan Tribu17:21.6Kalamazoo Loy Norrix169.8
9Mason Lucas17:21.7Jenison169.8
11Dylan Chmura17:22.9Holland169.4
9Seth Conner17:24.3Jenison168.9
11Connor Wooley17:26.8Holland West Ottawa168.1
11Luke Lehner17:30.7St. Joseph166.8
9Aeson Gonzalez17:31.2Portage Northern166.6
12Nick Redmond17:35.5Portage Northern165.2
11Ethan Smith17:36.6Jenison164.8
10Carson Hauch17:37.9Zeeland West164.4
11Conor Sullivan17:38.1Portage Northern164.3
10Justin Clement17:40.3Jenison163.6
11Zach Piercy17:44.0Battle Creek Lakeview162.3
11Jacob Rottier17:44.5Hudsonville162.2
10Michael Kloosterman17:45.4Kalamazoo Central161.9
11Will Fiesbeck17:47.0St. Joseph161.3
12Hunter Tripp17:52.0Holland159.7
12Mayson Levandoski17:53.6Holland West Ottawa159.1
10Zachary Green18:01.4Sturgis156.5
11Levi Huseby18:02.8Byron Center156.1
12Will Beeson18:03.2Mattawan155.9
10Mark Millard18:03.5Byron Center155.8
9Nolan Park18:04.8Sturgis155.4
12Isaac Easter18:04.9Holland West Ottawa155.4
10Harrison Kooyer18:06.3Holland154.9
10Chace Laarman18:10.5Zeeland West153.5
11Evan Stacy18:18.9Portage Northern150.7
12Joshua Cole18:22.2Byron Center149.6
10Cole Mitchell18:23.3Byron Center149.2
12Matthew Carlisle18:23.6Portage Northern149.1
12Jared Yetter18:26.3Mattawan148.2
11Jackson Voss18:28.4Holland147.5
10Alex Moyer18:29.2St. Joseph147.3
11Ben Monger18:29.8Holland West Ottawa147.1
12Devon Njonjo18:30.2Battle Creek Lakeview146.9
10Levi Green18:31.0Byron Center146.7
10Danny Ewing18:33.8Kalamazoo Loy Norrix145.7
10Jason Van Dyken18:34.8Hudsonville145.4
11Jack Novotny18:43.6Kalamazoo Loy Norrix142.5
10Josh Hennessy18:44.2Battle Creek Lakeview142.3
11Jaben Bakker18:44.5Hudsonville142.2
12Cristian Huerta18:46.9Kalamazoo Loy Norrix141.4
10Luke Duncan18:47.6Mattawan141.1
9Eli Johansen18:49.7St. Joseph140.4
11Wyatt Putman18:55.4Holland West Ottawa138.5
9Garrett Smith18:55.6Hudsonville138.5
11Luke Martin18:59.0Hudsonville137.3
11Jacob Atteberry19:09.5Mattawan133.8
11Brayden Snyder19:10.5Holland133.5
11Owen Foster19:11.7Holland West Ottawa133.1
11Colton Ruster19:11.9Zeeland West133.0
10Evan Ball19:18.2Hudsonville130.9
12Jake Salvano19:20.9St. Joseph130.0
9Tommy Lobbezoo19:29.6Hudsonville127.1
10Adrian Gariepy19:46.4Mattawan121.5
11Owen Quayle20:09.5Kalamazoo Loy Norrix113.9
11Silas Lorenz20:18.9St. Joseph110.7
10Jackson Stewart20:28.3Mattawan107.6
11Wyatt Reed21:09.6Sturgis93.8
10Vladyslav Hnitsa24:18.8Sturgis30.7

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