Region 3 Preview

As I said earlier in the year, “It’s Caledonia and West Ottawa’s world, we’re just living in it”.

Where: Portage West MS, Portage

The Course: Once again, a fairly fair course. Got a little grief a few weeks ago for rating it a bit slow even though it ran faster than previous years. Minor hill, wide sweeping turns, and about as efficient a meet management you’ll find.

What to Watch For: West Ottawa and Caledonia vs. The Field. Seriously, if you score it like a dual, I think West Ottawa or Caledonia would win.

Minor subplot I like: Portage Central’s boys are hilarious in their trash talk. Can they put a dent into Caledonia’s dominance?

St. Joseph’s girls have been a bit of a surprise this year, aided by freshman Elena Figueroa. But the other teams are coming in hot, especially a Portage Central squad motivated by last year’s narrow miss.

Jonas Fraley-Burgett’s return. Is it enough to push Kalamazoo Central over the top? It was during the SMAC Championship, where they knocked off Lakeview and Portage Central.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Holland West Ottawa281239131421
2St. Joseph1155112529455080
4Zeeland West1444102746577376
5Portage Central1538223138545671
8Kalamazoo Central216
9Byron Center220
10Battle Creek Lakeview267
11Kalamazoo Loy Norrix268
13Portage Northern326

Ranked Teams: Holland West Ottawa (2), St. Joseph (21), Jenison (23)

111Arianne OlsonHolland West Ottawa179.8
29Helen SachsHolland West Ottawa169.2
312Abby BonnemaHolland West Ottawa148.8
49Jordyn KlaasenZeeland West142.6
59Elena FigueroaSt. Joseph135.5
611Maya GuikemaJenison134.1
710Emilee RudlaffKalamazoo Central133.1
812Eliza PharesPortage Central131.6
912Sophie BonnemaHolland West Ottawa131.2
1011Bella HofferZeeland West126.9
1112Riley MullenSt. Joseph125.4
1212Lily StreleckiJenison125.0
1312Kaia DenhofHolland West Ottawa124.4
1411Megan PostmaHolland West Ottawa124.4
1511Mary EnglandKalamazoo Central121.1
1612Tatum VerburgCaledonia119.7
179Klea VerstrateHudsonville118.5
1812Emily ReevesMattawan118.0
1911Maggie OttoJenison117.9
2011Ana DunfeeKalamazoo Loy Norrix117.2
219Emma GunnettHolland West Ottawa117.2
2210Amanda WilliamsPortage Central116.9
2312Samantha KillmerPortage Northern116.4
249Emma MargaronHolland116.3
2510Grace KelleySt. Joseph116.0
2612Savanna CoulterCaledonia114.5
2712Hannah RoarkZeeland West114.4
289Annalise AlkemaKalamazoo Central114.1
2912Jillian TunnicliffSt. Joseph113.6
3012Barbara DeGoodCaledonia113.5
319Alanna ClaguePortage Central112.8
3210Alyssa HintonBattle Creek Lakeview112.7
3311Abby MartinHudsonville111.2
3412Avery ZeinstraByron Center110.6
359Abbey ScholmaHudsonville109.9
3611Elise ConkelHudsonville107.1
3712Rachael BaroneJenison106.3
389Lauren TooleyPortage Central106.2
3910Kate WayneHudsonville105.9
4011Natalia QuigleyCaledonia105.9
419Natalie FormsmaByron Center105.7
4212Kaitlyn ThomasBattle Creek Lakeview105.1
439Sydney LawByron Center104.3
449Sofia BogardKalamazoo Loy Norrix104.1
4510Cecilia RuchtiSt. Joseph102.5
4612Samantha WellsZeeland West101.3
4711Dinara DomeierByron Center99.7
489Ambria DePoyHolland99.4
4911Paige RatliffBattle Creek Lakeview98.9
5011Olivia IppelSt. Joseph98.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 18th with either Zeeland West or Jenison nabbing that third spot.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Portage Central969172223253843
3Battle Creek Lakeview1131142030486589
4Kalamazoo Central126683637394041
6Zeeland West177
7Portage Northern190
8Byron Center217
10Holland West Ottawa257
11Kalamazoo Loy Norrix314
12St. Joseph338

Ranked Teams: Caledonia (2), Portage Central (14), Battle Creek Lakeview (20)

112Parker LaGroBattle Creek Lakeview201.2
212Josh OomCaledonia197.9
311Jordan DomanyCaledonia194.6
412Caden DixonCaledonia192.6
512Donavan MattsonCaledonia192.0
612Jonas Fraley-BurgettKalamazoo Central191.5
712Jason FredricksByron Center190.6
810Jasper CaneKalamazoo Central190.5
911Joshua GormleyPortage Central189.8
1011Logan PostPortage Northern189.2
1112Cooper SorsenCaledonia188.6
1212Drew GonzalezPortage Northern187.9
1311Brett GuzmanCaledonia186.7
1411Caleb BostBattle Creek Lakeview186.2
1511Adrian CastilloHolland186.1
1610Cole VisserJenison186.1
1712Caleb HeidPortage Central185.8
1812Nathan HolwerdaByron Center185.4
1911Chase HolwerdaZeeland West185.2
2010Aiden MooreBattle Creek Lakeview185.0
2112Benjamin DeGoodCaledonia184.3
2211Ben HunterPortage Central182.2
2310Logan BegemanPortage Central181.5
2411Connor WooleyHolland West Ottawa181.4
2511Gavin VoetbergPortage Central181.0
2612Nolan TribuKalamazoo Loy Norrix180.3
2711Caleb SmithZeeland West180.1
2812Connor LubbertsJenison179.3
299Seth ConnerJenison179.1
3012Kevin GradyBattle Creek Lakeview177.7
3111Ethan SmithJenison177.0
3212Carston ColeHolland West Ottawa176.9
3311Nathan GoldingZeeland West175.7
3411Brendan WanglerJenison175.5
3511Will FiesbeckSt. Joseph173.9
3611Bryce SoissonKalamazoo Central173.6
379Joseph SpadaKalamazoo Central173.5
3810Nick CabreraPortage Central171.8
3911Andre SoissonKalamazoo Central171.2
4012Charles BlairKalamazoo Central169.8
4110Michael KloostermanKalamazoo Central169.3
4212Joey ShottsJenison168.7
4311Mathieu NorthuisPortage Central168.3
4410Shay WhiteSt. Joseph167.9
4511Jacob RottierHudsonville167.8
4611Colton RusterZeeland West167.5
4712Hunter TrippHolland166.6
4812Devon NjonjoBattle Creek Lakeview166.6
4910Justin ClementJenison166.0
5011Dylan ChmuraHolland165.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: I think you’re safe if you’re in the top 16.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

Have I mentioned that I hate it when we match?


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