Region 30 Preview

Win it for Trent.

Where: Chippewa Hills HS, Remus

The Course: Groomed and blowdozed to perfection. From what I hear, it’s a true cross country course. Hills, woods, trails, fields. It ran a little fast last weekend, but my intuition tells me that was a bit off. I’d expect this to be one of the tougher regional courses.

What to Watch For: The traditional powers. Sacred Heart, Breckenridge, Beal City will all be at the forefront in some capacity.

Can mid-distance star Nicole Olivieri capture her first XC regional title in her first regional attempt? Or will Amelia Thompson spoil that?

Can Coach Bohannon capture some of Dave King’s magic? I’ve heard for years of the miraculous Beal City regional days.

The others: Coleman boys, Alex Wanty, Owen Patton, Dakota Dykhuis – can they break up the traditional hegemony?




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart3112610121317
2Beal City4835811212324

Ranked Teams: Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart (6), Beal City (12), Breckenridge (18)

110Amelia ThompsonBig Rapids Crossroads Academy119.8
212Nicole OlivieriMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart112.7
312Riley HackerMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart95.4
411Kaylee LockeBeal City95.1
59Avery WestallBreckenridge89.6
612Rachal WeberBeal City87.0
711Kaylee AultmanColeman74.3
811Olivia ErvinMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart69.7
99Nataly VineBreckenridge64.7
1011Hadyn ArmstrongBeal City63.2
1110Megan GowardBreckenridge61.4
1212Abby SpencerMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart61.2
139Lauryn LicariBeal City58.3
1410Jacqueline MortonMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart53.7
1511Anna PlumMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart53.1
169Abigail DavisVestaburg50.0
1712Allison WichertVestaburg48.5
189Mickiah AllbeeVestaburg47.4
1912Katie McDonaldMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart45.6
209Jessica PenrodVestaburg45.3
2111Sadie QuackenbushMontabella44.2
2210Tori MostBreckenridge43.2
2310Jackie ColeBig Rapids Crossroads Academy29.6
249Layla AddisVestaburg26.9
2510Kaitlin BuysBig Rapids Crossroads Academy21.7
2611Lilly BackusBeal City21.6
279Kayla GowardBreckenridge18.2
2810Genevieve PappasBeal City14.8
2910Kiera HarshBeal City13.2
3010Mary StarkeMerrill3.5

Predicted Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Kind of far back in 21st. With very little full teams and a few highly ranked teams, this should get pushed back.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart812111822284147
5McBain Northern Michigan Christian110
7Beal City140

Ranked Teams: Breckenridge (4)

112Mason SumnerBreckenridge197.0
212Brock LynchMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart184.8
310Owen PattonVestaburg171.6
410Alex WantyHale169.5
511Dakota DykhuisMontabella167.8
612Noah HaskellColeman167.3
712Jonas LanserMcBain Northern Michigan Christian161.3
810Sawyer StonemanBreckenridge159.9
911Owen GrossBeal City159.0
1010Isaac HummBreckenridge157.1
1111James WilsonMontabella147.8
1210Nik MooreMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart146.7
1310Jaden OstranderBreckenridge143.9
149Luke PettengillMcBain Northern Michigan Christian136.6
1512Riley DailyMontabella133.9
1610Ryan TinsonBreckenridge133.3
1712Logan MishlerBeal City128.7
1810Eddie LavereHale126.5
1911Jesse JonesMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart121.9
208Sean BernardHale116.8
2111Bryce AultmanColeman115.3
2211Cole AultmanColeman112.3
2311Carter FollettMerrill111.3
249Joseph LikavecMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart110.9
2511Landon OchampaughMcBain Northern Michigan Christian110.5
269Logan DudleyColeman100.5
2712Eric WilliamsMarion97.8
2812Shane TemplemanColeman96.2
2911Andrew KelseyMontabella88.4
3011Jacob PickensMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart81.0
319Aimon HummBreckenridge81.0
3212Jordan WoodMarion77.2
3311Colin DeKamMcBain Northern Michigan Christian76.8
3411Chris TallmanColeman76.0
3511Aidan TimkoMarion75.7
369Austin GrossBeal City71.1
3710Thomas CochranBreckenridge71.0
3810Brady MccadieHale69.4
3910Elijah KimbelMcBain Northern Michigan Christian66.9
4012Lorenzo MilazzoMcBain Northern Michigan Christian66.2
418Paxton DowningHale64.9
429Eli ZeienBeal City60.5
4311Roman AddisonMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart53.3
4410Oliver ZeienBeal City45.6
4512Landon HendricksonMontabella42.4
4612Logan RomatzMarion38.3
4711Branson WalkerMerrill37.1
4812AJ SimonColeman33.1
4911Jacob BooherMcBain Northern Michigan Christian30.7
5011Sergey CollingsMt. Pleasant Sacred Heart30.3

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Sort of depends on who makes it between Montabella and Coleman. If Montabella, it’ll be a bit further back, if Coleman a bit further forward. Either way, top 15 and you’re in!

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

Okay, we’ll just pretend Chippewa Hills is NOT there.


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