Regional Previews: Division 4, Region 30

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Where: Chippewa Hills. I have data from a few years of their Late Season Warrior Invite and it tends to run a little SLOW come October. Maybe it’s the hills in the woods, maybe it just hasn’t been blowdozed. Anyway, it’ll be more of a challenge than most regional courses. Which is good!

2020 Boys: Breckenridge, Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart, White Cloud

2020 Girls: Beal City, Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart, White Cloud

Top 25 Boys Teams: Breckenridge (Top 10), Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart (Top 10), Montabella (11)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Beal City (Top 10), Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart (Top 10), Breckenridge (17)

Top 50 Boys (Division 4): Mason Sumner (1), Brock Lynch (8), Trent Carter (9), Alex Wanty (12), Dakota Dykhuis (14), Luke Pettengill (31), Owen Patton (46), Jonas Lanser (47), Noah Haskell (50)

Top 50 Girls (Division 4): Amelia Thompson (7), Kaylee Locke (8), Rachal Weber (14), Tailor Onstott (19), Riley Hacker (22), Olivia Ervin (31), Lily Deja (34), Avery Westall (37)

(There are a few girls that aren’t listed below that are running this season and could place in the top 20. I’ve found the best predictor of someone running cross is having run the previous season. Obviously there are exceptions, but in fairness when making these, I aim to apply the same standard for every school. In conclusion, Breckenridge, Sacred Heart, and Beal City are already very good, and with additions, could be better than their already high standard.)


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